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Altered evidence list indicates Marion police kept illegal copy of evidence from Kansas newspaper - Kansas Reflector (

Police secretly copied one or more computers they seized from the Marion County Record and unlawfully failed to hand over the copy when they returned evidence last week, an attorney for the newspaper asserts.


and so far theyve done fuck all about it happening. lock this walking crime spree up already. hes a flight risk and hes attacking judges and intimidating witnesses.

Illegal raids contribute to death of newspaper co-owner (

Stressed beyond her limits and overwhelmed by hours of shock and grief after illegal police raids on her home and the Marion County Record newspaper office Friday, 98-year-old newspaper co-owner Joan Meyer, otherwise in good health for her age, collapsed Saturday afternoon and died at her home.

Police stage 'chilling' raid on Marion County newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones - Kansas Reflector (

In an unprecedented raid Friday, local law enforcement seized computers, cellphones and reporting materials from the Marion County Record office, the newspaper's reporters, and the publisher's home.

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930 years into the future, and they still can’t write themselves out of a wet paper bag, but to answer your question: no. I don’t want to see a S31 series, either. That’s the point of a clandestine, off-the-books organization is that you don’t see or hear anything about them. they’re supposed to operate n the shadows secretly, dammit, lol. The jokers writing DIS had them parading around like James Bond introducing himself t every pretty girl and shady character in a casino like, “Yo, I just ripped of your casino for millions because I’m a master card sharp, and, btw, I’m an elite British spy sent here to kill your boss. Take me to him, please? Also, make me a drink.”

Edit: S31 worked in DS9 because they were creepy and they are generally regarded as repugnant by the Starfleet characters we saw and as a massive and shocking hypocrisy by the non-Starfleet/Federation characters. And then the DS9 crew worked to take down the leader of S31, simply for existing as an existential threat, not because it had become a self-aware AI bent on the destruction of humanity and intergalactic domination. DS9 had standards.


In-N-Out is owned by Christian Nationalists.

A Kansas town is threatening again to kick out the public library unless it removes LGBTQ+ books (

Members of St. Marys five-person city commission, all of whom are members of an extreme Catholic religious sect, have threatened to pull the lease of the public library if they don't remove all LGBTQ+ and other "socially divisive" books from the shelves. Their efforts have drawn a warning from the ACLU of Kansas.

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