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It seems like the whole fediverse is having a lot of the same growing pains.

Discovery is still basically an impenetrable jungle. If you already know exactly what you're looking for it's fine. But I basically just wander around and happen upon neat stuff every so often lol.

And sorting content is another type of discovery problem. I'm subscribed to some interesting stuff but I need to remember to actually go check them because none of it shows up in feeds.

I'm not a programmer, so I don't know how long it takes to work out these types of issues. But I do know that I'm only still around because I'm hopeful, not because I'm actually finding it particularly useful or entertaining.

The fediverse currently feels like it might be competitive with webforums from 2010: The platform isn't doing much to help, but it's fine 'cause the people have spirit lol.

What do you think a solarpunk world would look like after all known fossil fuel reserves have been burned? (

Frankly, I think it would be foolish to expect any fossil fuel reserves to stay in the ground. Corporations are immortal, corporations own lots of drilling tools, and as long as there is profit to be made in mining and burning fossil fuels, corporations will do it, the Earth be damned....

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We probably should decide how much conflict we want to imagine happening here lol.

Wars from the 1700s-1800s (a couple hundred years ago from today) just aren't thought about much during my regular daily life, but none of those were global catastrophes right.

So if we can manage to avoid major nuclear destruction, then it could be pretty tame after 300 years!

Assuming we don't all destroy each other, then we mostly keep our knowledge base, so we don't need to restart from a basic agrarian culture lol. Someone saved wikipedia right??

There will still be an unbelievable amount of losses from starvation alone, so we're definitely restarting the population from small communities.

But 300 years of repopulation, and 300 years battery research might actually get us to something approaching the early 1900s again! (Around the 1930s is when about half of American households had electricity.) Cities are possible, we start getting back into shipping between countries or continents. If we add internet into this mix, we get even further!

Honestly, if we're talking about hundreds of years (and humans don't self-destruct) then I actually think we don't get set back too far on the grand scheme of things lol.

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There's an About section, saying the instance has just under 1,000 videos, and is using about 250 gigs right now. (If you include federated videos, then it's 63,000 videos though lol.)

I agree with you here, it sure looks like being a new video platform is a very difficult game to play. And asking for people to donate to MakerTube specifically rather than any of the myriad of other peertube platforms seems like a very uphill battle too lol.

I do think that it would be good for all of us to get used to contributing to the operations costs of platforms where the users aren't the product. But yeah, there's definitely going to be growing pains lol.

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Here's that write-up for future readers!

I was about to reply to that write up here but I'll reply in the correct comment section lol.

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Yeah, I'm on and for some reason we don't accept !community, only @community here. I just always link 'cause it's so hard to find stuff lmao.

One day we'll have truly seamless (non-janky) content conversion.

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Incredible results, and I really love seeing the progress pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Is there any advice you would give to someone following your footsteps here?

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Okay, so I'm here on And I see that it's only until 0.2.1 comes out.

Should I just come back in a bit to use my established account? Or is 0.2.1 going to take like 3-12 months so I might as well just make an account?

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Sure! I made an account account lol.

When I'm lounging, I've been opening up first always, and when the content runs out I rotate between youtube / instagram / reddit. I'll try out kbin -> artemis -> other for a bit, to give it a solid chance!

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I loved this book! But it's physically huge and not very commute friendly lol. I ended up switching to the audiobook to get it done.

The BBC on Mastodon: experimenting with distributed and decentralised social media (

As the social media landscape ebbs and flows, the team at BBC Research & Development are researching social technologies and exploring possibilities for the BBC. One part of our work is to establish a BBC presence in the distributed collection of social networks known as the Fediverse, a collection of social media applications...

BBC Launches A Mastodon Instance (

Hi! 👋 Here's our #introduction. We're BBC Research & Development; we explore and test new technology to discover how the BBC can best make use of it in the future. For 100 years our engineers have been at the forefront of developments in broadcasting. We're now researching how everyone could get TV & radio via the internet...

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I supported a pre-emptive Threads defederation, because I expect them to Embrace-Extend-Extinguish the fediverse for the sake of profit.

For the BBC, I don't feel as overtly opposed. They don't really have the user base to overextend us with, even if they tried to get their audience on mastodon lol. They haven't seemed blatantly profit driven in the past. And they're starting their own instance, using fediverse tech.

Does anyone think this is the BBC's Embrace step? It's not sparking any alarm bells for me, but can I get a sanity check?

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Oooh, I'm excited to try this out! But later, 'cause I'm just on mobile, and kbin doesn't have a save function yet lol.

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Okay, yeah that all seems correct to me lol. It sure does make us sound crazy though!

I'm pretty happy to have non-zero competency in all the systems lol. I'm a regular hobby crafter, and honestly some projects just work better in metric, some are better in imperial.

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Oooh! What are they made from??

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Ohh, like they're kind of a foam material? That makes sense.

Somehow I was imagining you'd found round sponges hahah. Show us more of your stuff! : )

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Wow, I'm pretty impressed with BC for this.

Having font support really legitimizes a language. It's basically impossible to make digital content if you can't type in your language, so this is really unlocking a lot for the readers and writers of all those languages!

This is an old topic from Reddit, sorry about that, but I think the community would benefit from separating porn and other types of nsfw by adding the nsfl tag.

I've seen several posts lately of people complaining about porn showing up in their feeds and the posters say that they don't want to block all nsfw posts because they follow other things, like news from the war in Ukraine, that gets tagged nsfw because of graphic imagery. I think they have a reasonable complaint and that the...

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Just tagging things as Porn or Gore is a great idea! Let's mark stuff as what it is, not where it's... supposedly unsafe? lmao. Yes, you shouldn't be looking at porn while working, but there are plenty of non-work places where it's still not really appropriate.

I think there could be an argument for Gore being called like "Trauma" or something instead. Porn is broad, and I'd like another tag for "Viewer Beware" even if there isn't specifically Gore in it. A Gore tag feels more like a Sex tag, yes porn is sex but there's plenty of porn that isn't specifically sex.

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Lol I thought there was a filter on the image before I read about the print lines.

This looks great! I love how much terrain is around, the setting really tells a story. Keep doing what you're doing!

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Magazine ->Community

Strong agreement.

Link -> Article

Maybe Link -> Website even, 'cause it's not always an actual news article.

Thread -> Post

Agree, mainly because I think most of us would say "I'm going to post this on kbin" but I haven't found a verb I like for ...starting? a new 'thread' lol. "I'm going to thread this on kbin"??

And also for branding issues lol, vs that big company.

Post (In microblog) -> Blog

Room for improvement here, but good start I think.

Commented -> Discussed

I think Comments is fine. Discussion is fine. I actually think this is where "threads" could have been used lol, but let's not.

Badges -> Labels
Labels is good. Badges isn't quite right. Stamp? Banner? Flag?

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Okay, yeah. I do slightly prefer 'website' but I'm having trouble disagreeing with you here lmao. I'm willing to leave 'link' alone, if we make the other ones less ambiguous!

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Huh. We can basically assume none of these profiles are "balanced" because otherwise they would just be tournament legal.

And I expect the vast majority of it to be strong. Why do all this work just for people to be disappointed the few times they try it?

So... this is for specifically pre-10th players facing other pre-10th players, or for pre-10th players facing opponents who don't know or care about game balance lol. Eh.

I would have preferred they release tournament legal profiles with a prescribed proxy list.

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Lmao that's hilarious. I see the switch, what's he playing??

How much of this is printed vs your conversion? It's really creative lol.

Ohh, just realized you're the guy that posted the yellow meganobz the other week! Okay, I'm gonna plug (!orks/@orks) here 'cause I'd love to see more of your stuff!

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Idk if lemmy does this, but lets you edit the post title!

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I vote both!

There's a lot of situations where shared bikes are a great idea, so to me that's a default "Yes!" answer lol.

But my own bike can be better suited to my needs and preferences, so that also becomes a "Yes!" to me too lol. For example, I usually prefer my bike's seat to the ones on shared bikes.

But! If I've walked to my friend's house, and we get invited to a game across town, I'll gladly pick up a shared bike rather than detour home lol.

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I agree with the intent but not the method here. I think the fediverse usually waits for activity before proceeding with its usual systems and that should probably apply here.

I say, if a magazine has zero activity after the first month, it should have a public flag on it "Inactive" when someone visits. If someone wants to take over, they'll automatically get control. But I think it's okay to leave the space for people to post there, without necessarily assuming they want control over it too.

I think inactive moderators should be handled slightly differently. One month seems too short to demote them. I say if a magazine has had no moderator log in for 3 months, the magazine is marked "No Leadership" and anyone who asks gets promoted, but let's leave the demoting or deletions to real humans to review and commit to.

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