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$15 T-SHIRTS on my Threadless store right now. Including my Vote design:

get stuff here: https://davidaugust.threadless.com

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"Russians Attack with Motorcycles and Chinese Golf Carts, Infantry Gains Ground at Chasiv Yar

As Kyiv’s troops suffer from shortages of artillery and air defense ammunition, Ukrainian FPV pilots continue to rack up impressive numbers of kills."



ManyRoads, to Bulgaria
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"Ukraine Strikes Russian Command Post in Crimea

Kyiv Post sources in Ukrainian intelligence confirmed that Ukrainian missiles struck a Russian command post on the Crimean peninsula with high-ranking Russian officers."



mzedp, to Venezuela
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Elections are coming up in Venezuela, and there's a lot of people registering to vote. A lot of young people for whom this will be their first time voting.

This is what the line to register in one center in my city looks like.

Dealing with a dictatorial state is suffering a long series of indignities, small and large, in every aspect of your life.

#Venezuela #Democracy #Elections

thejapantimes, to Japan
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One year after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was attacked, the National Police Agency is intensifying surveillance of potential lone offenders and urging politicians to meticulously inspect the the baggage of those watching politicians speak. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/04/15/japan/crime-legal/police-attacks-politicians-kishida/

ManyRoads, to Bulgaria
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This is unacceptable... please tell your government(s).

Even in Vietnam they are saying:

"The risk of Ukraine collapsing its defense line"

#EU #Pentagon #Military #War #NATO #US #NAFO #News #Putin #Ukraine #Democrats #Elections #GOP #Republican, #MAGA #Russia #History


ManyRoads, to Bulgaria
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This is unacceptable... please tell your government(s).

"The possibility of Ukraine's army collapsing cannot be ruled out a US official has warned, report says"



ManyRoads, to Bulgaria
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“Dying isn’t as bad as being a Russian POW”: Freed Ukrainian soldiers speak out about their time in Russian captivity

“Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has returned more than three thousand people from Russian captivity as part of multiple exchanges. These are mostly soldiers, but not exclusively"

#EU #Pentagon #Military #War #NATO #US #NAFO #News #Putin #Ukraine #Democrats #Elections #GOP #Republican, #MAGA #Russia


ManyRoads, to Bulgaria
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"A losing battle?
Stalemate in Ukraine has been broken by Russia’s readiness to throw everything it has at the war.

Not long ago, the situation [...] could have been characterised as stalemate. Today, the situation for the defenders is worse, ... Russian troops are steadily advancing, and [..]they might be able to break through."



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Want to see how someone in the US is likely to vote based on their demographics? Check this out: economist.com/us-voter

#voting #vote #elections

paul_denton, to random French
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Attal ne veut pas être associé à la campagne des Européennes: "Je suis le Premier ministre, pas la tête de liste", s'agace "Gaby" en privé face aux chiffres faiblards de Valérie Hayer contre Bardella. "L'arme anti-RN" de Macron vantée par Renaissance n'a pas fait long feu...

thejapantimes, to Japan
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With Fumio Kishida's term as president of the ruling LDP scheduled to end in September, the results of the by-elections are expected to influence the fate of the administration. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/04/14/japan/politics/three-by-elections-set-start/

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'Radioactive for the Republican Party': Trump's 'woman problem' said to be worsening


deflockcom, to Russia
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br00t4c, to random
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'Radioactive for the Republican Party': Columnist says Trump's 'woman problem' is worsening


paul_denton, to random French
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Les Insoumis observent le naufrage des écolos en pleine bisbilles pour les Européennes: "Nous, on peut mobiliser tout le parti en 1/4h, eux, ils sont trop occupés à voter des motions", s'amuse un cadre LFI. "Tant pis pour eux mais quel gâchis". On ne peut pas leur donner tort...

JuanWild, to random
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Trump Says He Has Enough Votes to “Cancel” 2024 Presidential Election
Just as he did in 2020, Trump has claimed without evidence that there will be “cheating” in the 2024 presidential race......... https://truthout.org/articles/trump-says-he-has-enough-votes-to-cancel-2024-presidential-election/

slcw, to random
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is considering putting in charge of the despite his long history of incendiary statements, including but not limited to: Calling a c--t during the campaign; lamenting that who won this year "slipped the noose" by defeating primary challenges; and standing by supporter after he labeled former a "subhuman mongrel."


br00t4c, to random
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Warning voter ID could hurt May elections' turnout


davidaugust, to politics
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Title 8 and Title 18 already are active US laws that require citizenship for one to be allowed to vote. The Speaker of the House is failing all of us by focusing on problems solved in previous centuries instead of the problems we face today.

Call him and demand the bill supporting Ukraine get a vote: +1-202-225-4000

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