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'The dealer couldn't find anything': Car expert warns against using this fuel grade after Hyundai needed repair

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'This is really scary': Customer warns doing this one thing could get your Carnival cruise canceled without consent--and you won't get refunded

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'Bro that's actually decent': Chipotle customer walks out mid-order after worker 'skimped' on steak. Not everyone agrees

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Time for this week's and News video!

In this one, we have adding some data collection (but it's fine, IMO), we have a ton of stuff happening around AI, and it's still an absolute nightmare, we have the Linux Kernel 6.9 (nice), and banning in one of its territories, which alarmed a bunch of human rights / freedom associations:

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“Facts are irrelevant to the truth of the experience OpenAI sells, which is grounded in the fantasy of having someone you can always talk to and boss around without having to worry about managing their performance. The chatbot performs “assistance” in a way that makes its actually doing anything more and more beside the point”

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@FrankPasquale Thank you for the link. A very interesting read about , and the of life. I like "experience of parasociality" as a description of this "society of the spectacle". In the future, we will have even greater problems with loneliness.

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We have literally no words for this inescapable, freaky new dog song

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'I need to talk to the manager': HVAC expert dines at Olive Garden. Then he pulls out his thermometer

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'I'm not donating, OK?': Taco Bell customer says drive-thru worker still rounded up after she said 'no' to donating

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'They couldn't have told you BEFORE you ordered?': Chili's customers have to eat rice with their hands after being told there is no silverware

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Kanaks (the indigenous peoples of New Caledonia) are revolting against French colonialism, and the French govt is blocking access to tiktok in an attempt to stop them organising and posting about what's happening.

"Why did France ban TikTok?

As we mentioned, France gave an order to block access to TikTok across the island as part of a state of emergency declaration. Other measures also include the deployment of French troops to secure ports and international airports, alongside a national curfew.

This harsh response came as a reaction to three days of violent clashes that left four dead (including a French gendarme) and hundreds wounded. As Politico reported, protests erupted as French lawmakers passed a bill to change the voting system by allowing all citizens residing on the island for more than 10 years to vote in local elections. New Caledonia's indigenous population, the Kanaks, believes this law will ultimately weaken their representation."

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'Can I get a refund? I don't want that': Woman gets refund for Chipotle bowl after it's already made

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'So I'm not gonna get the $31 off?': Shopper slams T.J. Maxx worker for tricking her into signing up for a credit card

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The Race to Buy TikTok Is On--but There Might Not Be a Winner

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When TikTok therapy is more lucrative than seeing clients

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'Stores or chains are trash for doing that!': Customer slams Chick-fil-A for advertising free deal, having to pay $12 for lunch

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Article Clubic :

> En ce qui concerne le blocage d'un service de communication au public en ligne de type TikTok, il est exigé qu'un lien soit fait avec le terrorisme, soit par les actes, soit par l'apologie. Il est aujourd'hui difficile d'établir ce lien. Le gouvernement semble s'être octroyé une petite extension de pouvoir, en interprétant les textes légaux.

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Intelligence chief warns Canadians that China can use to spy on them

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La Nouvelle-Calédonie "plus calme" sauf dans certains quartiers, les pénuries inquiètent
En Nouvelle-Calédonie, le réseau social , utilisé par les émeutiers, est banni jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

L'association La Quadrature du Net a annoncé avoir demandé au Conseil d'Etat la suspension de ce blocage.

via @metapress

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En Nouvelle-Calédonie, le blocage de Tiktok fait exploser l'utilisation des VPN.

> Deux des principaux services VPN, des outils légaux permettant de simuler une connexion depuis un pays tiers, font face à des hausses très importantes d'utilisateurs, suite à l'interdiction de Tiktok dans l'archipel.

#TikTok #France #Censure #Kanak #VPN

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