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ProPublica, to Illinois
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Ticketed at as a Teen, a Young Black Woman Is Suing an City for Violating Her Civil Rights

It took four years and a jury trial for Amara Harris to beat the ticket that accused her of stealing another girl’s AirPods.

Now she’s heading back to court in the hope of stopping from using to discipline .


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We've been following Amara's case for years. Here's our story from 2022 about her long-funning fight over the ticket:

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And here's our coverage from last August of Amara's 3-day trial, where the jury ruled in her favor:


ProPublica, to Michigan
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Scenes From a #MAGA Meltdown: Inside the “America First” Movement’s War Over Democracy

Across the country, the #Republican Party’s rank-and-file have turned on the #GOP establishment.

In #Michigan, this schism broke the party — and maybe #democracy itself.

#News #Elections #Voting #Midwest #Politics #Government


ProPublica, to random
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Marshall Allen, a Tenacious Health Care Journalist, Dies at 52

Allen, who spent 10 years of his career reporting for ProPublica, was a fierce advocate for transparency and fairness in health care, guided by his strong faith and belief in honesty and integrity.


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You can read all of Marshall's work for ProPublica here:

ProPublica, to DadBin
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Kristi Noem Said She Is Proud to “Support Babies, Moms, and Families.”

Her Record Shows Otherwise, Critics Say.

As governor, Noem has rejected programs and millions of dollars in federal funds that would have benefited and and provided care during .

Critics say her rhetoric is “all hat and no cattle.”


ProPublica, to Futurology
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Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Executives Convinced a Scientist the Forever Chemicals She Found in Human Blood Were Safe

Decades ago, Kris Hansen showed 3M that its PFAS chemicals were in people’s bodies.

Her bosses halted her work.

As the now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking , she wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.


ProPublica, to ethelcain
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#Segregation Academies Still Operate Across the South.

One Town Grapples With Its Divided #Schools.

70 years after Brown v. Board, Black and white residents, in this #Alabama town say they would like to see their #children schooled together.

But after so long apart, they aren’t sure how to make it happen.

#News #Education #Race #School #Teachers #Families #Kids #Parents


ProPublica, to Illinois
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School Districts Sent Kids to a For-Profit Out-of-State Facility That Isn’t Vetted or Monitored

A state was meant to help by allowing the use of public money to fund students’ tuition at special education boarding around the country.

But in solving one problem, lawmakers created another.


ProPublica, to Albuquerque
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Is Throwing Out the Belongings of People, Violating City Policy

The city has violated a court order and its own policies by discarding the personal property of thousands of homeless people, who have lost medications, birth certificates, IDs, treasured family photos and the ashes of loved ones.


ProPublica, to Texas
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She Campaigned for a #Texas School Board Seat as a #GOP Hard-Liner. Now She’s Rejecting Her Party’s Extremism.

Courtney Gore, a Granbury ISD school board member, has disavowed the far-right platform she campaigned on after finding no evidence that #students were being indoctrinated by the district’s curriculum. Her defiance has brought her backlash.

New, from @JeremySchwartz

#Dallas #Education #School #News #Republicans #SchoolBoard #Teachers #Books #Libraries


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Also from today:

Former Far-Right Hard-Liner Says Billionaires Are Using School Board Races to Sow Distrust in Public Education


ProPublica, to Minnesota
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AG Sues Contract-for-Deed Seller Who Allegedly Targeted Community

The complaint, which alleges violations of lending and religious discrimination, follows a ProPublica and Sahan Journal investigation.


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Read the full 2022 investigation that showed how, even though a contract-for-deed transaction seems like an easier path to homeownership, predatory practices and poor regulation can make it a financial trap:


ProPublica, to Law
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Even When a Is Killed With an Illegally Purchased Weapon, the Store’s Name Is Kept Secret

A 2003 pushed by the gun industry limits the information shared by federal agents and shields gun shops from public scrutiny.

But ProPublica was able to identify the store that sold the gun used in the shooting of a police officer.


ProPublica, to random
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New: #mississippi Lawmakers Move to Limit the Jail Detentions of People Awaiting Mental Health Treatment

Supporters say the measure is a step forward in curbing the number of people jailed during civil commitment. But some local officials say the impact will be limited unless the state makes other changes, including adding psychiatric beds.


ProPublica, to chicago
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NEW: IRS Audit of #Trump Could Cost Former President More Than $100 Million

The #tax agency concluded in its long-running investigation that Trump effectively claimed the same massive write-off twice on his failed #Chicago tower.

#News #Law #IRS #Taxes #RealEstate #Government


ProPublica, to Georgia
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Promised to Fix How Challenges Are Handled.
A New Law Could Make the Problem Worse.

SB 189, which goes into effect in July, will give Georgia residents more time to contest the eligibility of fellow citizens’ inclusion on voter rolls.

The will make it easier to use questionable evidence in those challenges.


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Last year, we revealed that almost all of the nearly 100,000 voter registrations challenged in Georgia had been filed by just 6 right-wing activists:


ProPublica, to news
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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere — Even at the UN’s “Plastic Free” Conference

At a conference meant to address the plastic crisis, pro-plastic messaging was inescapable.

Meanwhile, industry insiders — some positioned as government delegates — were given access to vital negotiations.


ProPublica, to news
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Looking Up an NYPD Officer’s Discipline Record?

Many Are There One Day, Gone the Next.

The department’s public site for tracking officers’ discipline is shockingly unreliable, a ProPublica analysis found.

Cases against officers frequently vanish for days — sometimes weeks — at a time.


ProPublica, to Israel
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Blinken Says Israeli Units Accused of Serious Violations Have Done Enough to Avoid Sanctions. Experts and Insiders Disagree.

The secretary of state told that had adequately punished a soldier who got community service for killing an unarmed .

Government officials call it a “mockery” and inconsistent with the .


ProPublica, to DadBin
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This for Youth Can Cost $573,200 a Year. It Operates With Little Oversight, and Students Have Suffered.

No state agency has authority over Shrub Oak, one of the country's most expensive therapeutic boarding .

As a result, and staff have nowhere to report bruised and medication mix-ups.


ProPublica, to news
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Facing Unchecked Syphilis , Great Plains Tribes Sought Federal Help.

Months Later, No One Has Responded.

The rate among people in the Great Plains is higher than at any point in 80 years of records.

More than 3% of American babies born in last year had the preventable and curable — but potentially fatal — disease.


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