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Real Name: Jon O’Hare
Stage Name: Dgar - pronounced “Jar”

#𝙵𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠 liberally
#𝙱𝚘𝚘𝚜𝚝 often
#𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 the Fediverse

Thank you for dropping by, I’m so glad you could make it.

May be seen posting: stolen jokes, weird thoughts, original music.
I’ll usually try to make you laugh.
I may also send you in another direction.
This account is not one dimensional.

A favourite/like just means "Marked as read"


#Dgar #DgarMusic #DgarRadio #ToraTabby

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Three interesting hashtags I follow.


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It’s less than six hours until

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I'm retired.

I was tired yesterday and I am tired again today.

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@1link 🤗

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Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
to reveal today's one-liner!

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@elala 😂🤣

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A comb can be a great parting gift.

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I hope I understand this right -but to me it looks like voting for the will work by following this bot:

Voting will start Tomorrow at 1:00pm UTC (that should be 3:00PM here in Berlin).

More info at the fedivision2024 web page:

What I'm totally nervous about right now: Some musicians already publishing their voting code. How the hell did they get that?!
I didn't get anything :(

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likes watching the sun come up before going to sleep.

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Looking to get into but don’t know where to start?

Not sure which song is right for you?

Here’s a handy guide to help you choose your special track!

Looking for a good pub rock song with rip-your-face-off guitars and sing-along chorus? Try the heavy-rock sounds of “Proud Woman”.

Perhaps something more orchestral is to your liking? I offer you the instrumental “Icarus”.

If you enjoy a little synth in your rock, there’s the Mastodon Monday favourite “It’s Always Monday On The Moon”.

Maybe you’re in the mood for a good soppy love song? I’ve got you covered… in pure sop. Just me and a clean Fender Stratocaster with “Cilla”

How about a dark emotional bass number with “Only the Music”?

Or a poppin’ pop song might be what you’re craving. “Space Pop” even!

No? Ummm… oh! I know! Driving rock song! “Little Black Hatchback” with the synth solo and vroom vroom car sounds…

Still no? Okay then. Stoner rock!! You like that right? “Gettin’ Stoned”.

Rebellious grunge? There’s “Flat World” which has nothing to do with Flat Earth, in case anyone was thinking that.

Well okay, it does go a bit progressive-rock with “Splinter In The Minds Eye”.

Greek Mythology? There’s a bit of that with “Daedalus”.

Okay, how about an angry angsty thrashy breakup song? “Anymore”

Alright, I’m running out of songs here… surely I can find something for you… umm. The space-rock song that fails to answer that age old question of ‘what she said’ - “Airlock”

My ‘Indie Musician Anthem’ with rock guitar, two-note guitar solo, and mosh-dance bass? “Digital Busker”

Here’s my last hope. This is “Stupid”.

Well, there is one more. If you like punk rock songs about zombies, that is, but you’ll need to wait for Fedivision 2024 to start before you can listen to “All Zombies Go To Heaven”.

And if you didn’t like anything here, make sure you check out all the other contestants with their massive range of genres and styles of music. Check the hashtag for the latest updates!

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are you a rockstar developer? 🤔

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Ah, no. I’m a developing rockstar.

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Less than 24hrs to go before Fedivision 2024 kicks off!!

So many amazing and talented artists submitting 72 Original songs written specially for Fedivision and we are less than 24 hours away from hearing those submissions and voting for your favourites!

Each entrant was asked to provide a fictional faction to represent in the Fedivision Song Contest. Each of these factions has a four-letter code associated with it which will be your voting code. For example, my fictional faction is Dizzy Corp. and the four letter code is DIZZ.

Everyone who holds a Fediverse account is eligible to vote for three contestants. A full list of Factions represented, along with their four-letter codes is in the thread below.

Voting will be handled by the Fedivision Vote Bot (@vote) and instructions for how to vote are outlined on the profile page of the Vote Bot.

Be sure to follow the and hashtags, and follow the Fedivision @announce channel for updates!

dgar, (edited )
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Here is a complete list of fictional factions (not artist or user names) represented at , numbered in alphabetical order, with their four-letter voting codes.

01 [ABLS] A Borderless Liminal Space
02 [AFLA] The offshore island of Aflands
03 [ANDO] The Andorian Empire
04 [ASYN] Asyndetia
05 [ATLA] Atlantis, The Last Planet
06 [BELT] The Belt
07 [BINK] Bi Negar Krudo
08 [BKTH] Broop Kidron Thirteen
09 [BLAH] Blahaj Cuddle Coalition
10 [CABA] The Cabaret Republic
11 [CANA] canaDad
12 [CBMC] CBM class moon of da meditating amiga beauties
13 [CEPH] Cepheus-Draco
14 [COBA] Cobaltia
15 [CONF] Land of Confusion
16 [COSM] The Independent Enclave of Croydon-Sur-Mer
17 [CYBE] Cyberpunks
18 [DEEP] Deeppurpland
19 [DEEZ] Sacred Municipality of Deez Nuts
20 [DIZZ] Dizzy Corp.
21 [EALN] The Eternal Alliance of Linfan and Nepeta
22 [EAPO] East Pole
23 [EATW] Earth-That-Was
24 [ELAN] Elandia Republic
25 [EMPW] Empire Waste
26 [FOSS] Free Republic of Fossia
27 [FVIA] Fediversia
28 [GNOM] Gnomeland
29 [HET] The Hidden Empire of Joshua Tree
30 [HNCC] Harsh Noise Conservation Commission, Wetlands Division
31 [INTK] The Introverted Kingdom
32 [IPGW] The Island Paradise of Gender Wiggles
33 [KAST] Constellation of Kasterborous
34 [KRIS] The Princessipality of Kristiania
35 [LAPU] Laputa
36 [LUCA] Lunar Cats
37 [MIRR] The Mirror Universe
38 [MORZ] Morzania
40 [NBLT] The New Belt
41 [NEUT] Neutrosphere
42 [NNYO] New New York
43 [NOTH] The Island of Nothing
44 [NRCI] New Rage City
45 [OBTG] Obiektczesta Trylliorga Gromadów
46 [ODTH] Other Desert Towns & Hamlets
47 [OIMC] L'Ordre International des Musiciens Crasseux
48 [OSKY] The Overhanging Sky
49 [OSTF] The Other Side Of The Fence
50 [OWHM] Ostwurstheim
51 k[PRNY] The Peoples' Republic of Central New York
52 [QAAR] Qaarg Taverns Plc.
53 [QDOM] The Queerdom
54 [RAIL] Lost Railroad Valley
55 [RBHN] Republic of Broken-Hearted Nerds
56 [RIGE] De Rigueurstralia
57 [RUGG] Rugged scrublands
58 [SELE] Selenites
59 [SHED] shedStudio
60 [SNOR] The Duchy of Snork
61 [TASS] The Anti-Stairs Syndicate
62 [TAUS] Die Tausend Lande
63 [TBSC] The Black Star Collective
64 [TCRE] The campaign for the reduction of entropy
65 [TDRC] The Democratic Republic of the Confluence
66 [THRO] Thronaria
67 [TPSB] The perpetually slightly bewildered
68 [UDIL] Universaldilettanten
69 [UFOP] United Federation of Planets
70 [WCFA] World Council of Federated Aspects
71 [WILI] witch lieu
72 [WSAN] Western Sandlandia

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Not sure if the Eurovision rule that you can’t vote for your own country (fictional faction, in our case) is a thing in Fedivision, but I’m going to assume it is…

@futzle? 😁

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Here is the official URL for:
“How does voting for Fedivision work?”


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You can do both! Everyone gets three votes!! More info on the official Fedivision site: https://fedivision.party/vote/

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Due to brexit related supply issues and heavy budget cuts, funding for the royal portrait can only supply the artist with a single colour.

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@Kahte 😘

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@davethepitt it’s red. It’s a lot of red.

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I was considering a mountain climbing trip in France, but I don't have a great Pyrenees anymore.

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@chestas 😁

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@knightlie 😂

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Some songs just don’t sound great through mobile phone speakers.

This is one of those songs.

Only the Music (Keeps me Alive)
~ #Dgar


#DgarMusic #DgarRadio #Indie #Music #Bass #NewSong #MusiciansOfMastodon #SingerSongwriter

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Thank you for listening!

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Thank you so much! So glad you enjoy it!!

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The envelope to the stamp said:

“Stick with me and we’ll go places!”

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@darthdzl 😂

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