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Eight young people are suing the government of Alaska – the nation’s fastest-warming state – claiming a major new fossil fuel project violates their state constitutional rights.
The state-owned Alaska Gasline Development Corporation has proposed a $38.7bn gas export project that would roughly triple the state’s greenhouse gas emissions for decades, the lawsuit says. Scientists have long warned that fossil fuel extraction must be swiftly curbed to secure a livable future. I did some fieldwork on previous climate litigation in Alaska

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Meanwhile - Alaskan rivers turning orange due to climate change, study finds
As frozen ground below the surface melts, exposed minerals such as iron are giving streams a rusty color that pose a risk to wildlife

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'In 2020, Tom Lehrer put out a statement saying that he had placed everything he ever wrote in the public domain. His lyrics and sheet music are now available for anyone to use or perform without paying royalties. The statement ended: “Don’t send me any money.” This is unheard-of. Famous performers usually maximise their royalties income.'

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Wiley's 'fake science' scandal is just the latest chapter in a broader crisis of trust universities must address

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Red-hot Swans fire on all cylinders to outclass fast-starting Blues Top of the ladder!

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Liverpool's 'Heavy Metal' Football has been thrilling to watch. My favourite moment was seeing the miracle comeback win against Barcelona in the company of fellow Liverpool supporting African diplomats in a Vienna sports bar.

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Experts condemn US tobacco firm’s sponsorship of doctor training as ‘grotesque’ The World Health Organization (WHO) said there was a risk that public health efforts could be undermined and called for partnerships of this kind to be banned.

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The world’s big banks have handed nearly $7 trillion in funding to the fossil fuel industry since the Paris agreement on carbon emissions, according to research. #climate #finance

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‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services Ownership rights are buried in the fine print and downloading or buying physical copies may be the only ways to keep your favourites .

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Former military lawyer David McBride sentenced to more than five years in jail for sharing classified information with journalists via @ABCaustralia

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I am pleased to share my Submission on the Tobacco and Vapes Bill 2023-24 (UK) - which has now been published by the Public Bill Committee in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom Parliament The Smokefree Generation policy provides a public health blueprint for other nations around the world to follow and emulate.

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Some say it’s ‘genetic discrimination’, but insurance companies are fighting for access to these test results

‘I’m being discriminated against purely based on the genes I was born with’, says a Queensland man who couldn’t update his life insurance policy

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High Court rules director of national parks criminally liable for alleged sacred site violation at Kakadu's Gunlom Falls via @ABCaustralia

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Big oil privately acknowledged efforts to downplay climate crisis, joint committee investigation finds
Internal documents revealed by committee show companies lobbied against climate laws they publicly claimed to support.

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‘My country would disappear’: climate crisis could force Torres Strait Islanders from homes within 30 years

Large parts of islands could be uninhabitable by 2050, federal court told in first climate class action taken by Australian First Nations people

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Gun reform advocate Walter Mikac celebrates 'bittersweet' win on 28th anniversary of family's death at Port Arthur

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One of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, UniSuper, stands accused of “greenwashing” some of its investment products by mislabelling them “sustainable”.

UniSuper member Dr Christopher Standen has, through the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO), lodged a complaint with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Two of the funds that UniSuper markets as “sustainable” have significant investments in the Transurban Group, one of the world’s largest toll road operators.

“Transurban Group’s business model relies on increasing road traffic, which increases climate and other pollution,” Dr Standen said.

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@liampomfret There is a real problem with their 'sustainable' definition given that TransUrban - a toll operator - pops up under it.

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Sydney man wrongly named as Bondi Junction stabbings murderer settles defamation claim with Seven
Seven withdraws false allegation against Benjamin Cohen and ‘apologises for the harm you and your family have suffered’. #defamation #auslaw #auspol

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Hundreds of the Pacific's ancestral remains are kept in Australian institutions. Many have no plans to return them

Dr Vunidilo has called for the Australian government to help return Pacific remains with "the same energy" it gives to repatriating Aboriginal ancestral remains back to country from overseas.

"Our neighbouring countries of Australia and New Zealand can learn from European countries too, like Germany and France as they are opening up their vaults to return ancestral remains to where they truly belong," she said.

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McKinsey reportedly under US criminal investigation over opioid industry work

Federal prosecutors looking at relationship with Purdue Pharma and other drug manufacturers, and its role in US opioid crisis.

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