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Father. Husband. PHP-Nerd. Draughtsman. Soil-Scientist. Brewer. Rescue-Diver. OSS-Maintainer. Challenge-Accepter.

Homebase roughly 50N 8E

@ teamup.com, ingewikkeld.net & stella-maris.solutions

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heiglandreas, to random
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😕 Which conference do they want me to submit for?

I probably should submit a time-related talk. Perhaps I can still make it then...

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@maccath There are reasons why I am not submitting any more 😁

Still I get their "Friendly reminders" 😂

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@maccath Given that they are in fact making their money out of organizing conferences and such... 🙈

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@maccath @jessicamauerhan 😂

Can relate! Say Hi to Jessica and have fun you two (and whoever else joins in)

formschub, to random German
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»Auf Sylt war’s der Alkohol, beim Aiwanger war’s der Bruder, bei Höcke nur ein Missverständnis, Oma hat von nichts gewusst und Opa nur Befehle befolgt. Irgendwas ist halt immer in Deutschland.«
( via @paul_starzmann auf Twitter )

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🤔 Wenn ich also alkoholisiert einen Nazi überfahre....

Asking for a friend....

derickr, (edited ) to random
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One week ago, I watched "20 Days in Mariupol", a gripping film when Russia started the full scale invasion of Ukraine.

At times, I had to pause watching it as it way too much.

The extraordinary cruelty of targeting civilian infrastructure made it even clearer to me that we're doing way too little to help them. Restricting what the Ukrainians can hit is stupid policy.

Any strike on a civilian target MUST be able to result in an appropriate response. Make the suckers pay for it.


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@syntaxseed Sometimes that border needs to be crossed. Society is like a game with rules. But you can play "by the rules" as much as you want, when others just break the rules there is no fair game possible.

That's like the paradix of tolerance. Sometimes you HAVE to be intollerant to maintain tolerance...



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@syntaxseed Teaching that exception to the rule to children is hard. Especially the part when is it necessary to break the rule and when.

TBH: @rskuipers made me think about that when I heard him speak about decission making and realizing the point right now that will cause the future to change. In hindsight that is always easy to determine. But being able to see how a decission today can shape the future is a blessing. And a curse ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra )


Crell, to Java
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Oh. My. Fucking. God.

I have just learned that " Bean" has two completely different and incompatible definitions.

One is a dumb, badly designed data object with getters and setters.

The other is... a service object managed by the Spring framework IoC container.

Holy hell. This is 10x worse than "facades."

Am I wrong here? This is what I'm finding from online tutorials. Is there more nuance that is not coming through, because for now I just hate even more.

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@Crell That is about the only Java Bean that I will ever consider seriously.

andymckay, to random
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I gave Jira AI a try. So I typed this into AI to see what would happen. Was not disappointed. Well alright I was. Haven't found it give a useful or correct answer yet.

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@andymckay It's Jira. What'd you expect?

chrastecky, to RegEx
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Lo and behold, fellow mortals of the programmer variety! I find myself embarking upon a most arduous quest.

One that shall test the mettle of my coding prowess... Yes, thee heard right.

I dare to dance with the elusive and powerful entity known as... the !

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@chrastecky There's only one way to actually validate an email address. Send an email to it and let the recipient click a link in it.

Everything else is just pretend...

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@chrastecky All right! 3 step email verification:

  1. No '@', no email address
  2. No MX entry in DNS for the part *after" the '@', no email address
  3. No response to a link in an email to the email address, No email address.

Everything else might look like an email address, but it isn't.... 🤷

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@chrastecky And while


looks like a valid email-address (if it doesn't, check your algo) ir is about as valid as "hello world" as an email address.

But that might just be different expectations of what a valid email address is. 🤷

When your customer is happy with above string being considered a "valid email address", then everything is fine...

heiglandreas, to random
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Ich glaube ich habe heute abend Zeit zum lesen.... 😁

Muss ja fertig werden solange es noch legal ist....

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@psycodepath 🤔

Ab wann ist "andere Abhilfe nicht möglich"? Frage für einen Freund.... 😁

lovinurbanism, to random German
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"Weil die anderen nerven."

Das würde ich nicht mal bei einer Klassensprecherwahl in der Grundschule als Argument durchgehen lassen. Aber für die CSU reicht es offensichtlich für den Wahlkampf.

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Hey Martin von der #CSU: Vieleich freut es dich zu hören! Die Grünen wollen auch kein Schwarz Grün!

Und Besserwisser und Klugscheißer müssen schon schwarz sein, damit sie was taugen, gell? Am besten in schwarzen Uniformen, oder?

ramsey, to random
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So, why did Matrix decide to create a brand new federated communications spec over working with XMPP? https://autonomous.zone/@bamfic/112516709699999473

@heiglandreas@phpc.social avatar

@ramsey Do I really need to post the XKCD? 😁

afilina, to random
@afilina@phpc.social avatar

When did I get from "too young to be taken seriously as a programmer" to "I have a kid your age"?!

@heiglandreas@phpc.social avatar

@afilina wait... You mean... you're not? 🤯

ramsey, to random
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docker-compose on macOS vs. docker compose on Linux always throws me off for about 5 or 10 minutes.

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@ramsey Intersting. I'm running docker compose on my Mac like I previously did on Linux....

heiglandreas, to random
@heiglandreas@phpc.social avatar

"I'd rather listen to fuckin' paint dry"....

Some people can really be to the point 😂

csickendieck, to random German
@csickendieck@norden.social avatar

Der Nächste bitte:

Eklat an Elite-Internat im Norden: Schüler schmettern Nazi-Parolen – wie im „Pony“


50.000 Euro Schulgeld per Anno. Die Eltern, viele aus den noblen Stadtteilen Hamburgs, wissen, was sie bekommen.

Viele der Schüler:innen sollen auch Gäste des Pony auf Sylt sein.

(Ich bin sicher, Ihr wisst, wie Ihr den Artikel befreien könnt.)

@heiglandreas@phpc.social avatar

@csickendieck "Elite"...

Bloss weil jemand Geld hat, heisst das ja nicht automatisch, das die Person kein Arschloch ist.

maccath, to random
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On my way to the airport for this week in Berlin. I'll be delivering two talks - 🔐 Auth 101 and 🧅 Shrek, Onions and Architecture.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and indomitable @jrf_nl, @zzap, @michelle and @jessicamauerhan!

Will you be there? :)

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@heiglandreas@phpc.social avatar
@heiglandreas@phpc.social avatar

@maccath Good to know 😁!

(And I didn't expect anything else!)


/cc @michelle

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@michelle So do I!

But we'll run into each other at one point! 🫂

thomastospace, to php
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Making PDF's in makes me cry.

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@thomastospace Yes.

You'd need PDFlib+PDI

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