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Looking at the votes it seems we'll have our hands full in upcoming months 🫣. Anyone interested in contributing around 8.4 support? Asking for a friend.

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#PHP Deptrac v2.0.0 beta released:

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Congrats @Crell and @ilutov on getting the Property Hooks RFC passed unanimously! 👏🏽

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@ramsey does this really mean that Debian has patched PHP 7.4 for it's binary packages? 👀

"CVE-2023-3823 CVE-2023-3824 CVE-2024-2756 CVE-2024-3096"

#PHP #Security #CVE

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The by @ilutov and @Crell for .4 has just been unanimously accepted 🎉

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Who ever states that is slow lives in the past.

PHP has great libraries for async and/or co-routines.

It's even way faster than NodeJS.


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We have made it!

🥳 One. Billion. Downloads. 🥳

Our story:

RT = ❤️

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Planning a workcation? 😉 Explore our calendar page for upcoming PHP development events.

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Faites tourner !

Chez MC2IT (Montpellier, France), nous sommes à la recherche d'un développeur Web PHP/TypeScript (i.e. un dev "Full Stack", double compétence Front End + Back End) pour renforcer notre service Développement.

On a un environnement assez complexe, et on souhaite une personne qui soit opérationnelle assez rapidement : débutants s'abstenir...

Plus d'infos ici :

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Just spent TWO HOURS debugging PHP code because I relied on my IDE and github Copilot which both didn't catch the bug in the code below:

if (array_key_exists("error", $response){
$return_value = [];

Error message was: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token ";" in <file> on line 3

Yes, it's on me, but I'm supposed to test this tech for my employer and results are not looking favorably.

Edit: added proper line number for my example

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I am seeking speakers for my @phpugffm & @phpugmrn meetups. We prefer in-person presentations in Frankfurt or the Mannheim area, but remote talks are also an option. If you have anything interesting to share with us, let us know. We'd be more than happy to have you! Thx!

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2.0 for has been released! The premiere stand-alone event dispatcher now features near-instant listener lookups, a simplified API (with full backward compatibility), more automation, more robust ordering, better attribute support, and more!

Give it a try today.

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Reimagining how to deploy my applications to . Turn between sub chart and Operator style. Requirements:

  • A way to pick up configuration from the code (cronjobs, queue workers/vhosts so deployments etc) and transform that to to resource changes
  • No Helm plugins etc
  • The possibility to run things either all in one pod or to split them out into different deployments/cronjobs depending on the project needs

It's about time we do some actual native

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Considering that every year we have a new ambitious replacement for #npm in the JavaScript world, @naderman and @seldaek apparently did a very good job when building and maintaining #composer for #php. Thanks a lot to you two and everyone else involved.

linc, avatar

@muhdiekuh Agreed! I also like to believe the ecosystem aged out of the "prove how clever & right you are" phase. 😅 We're all out here like,
"amazing, thank you, now I can work faster" not "huh, bet I can do better, hold my beer".

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Using #PHP arrays as pseudo-objects is almost never the right answer. They're less self-documenting, slower, worse on memory, and more bug prone.

davidbisset, to php

Is dead?

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I never actually made an post on my old account, but now seems like a good time. A beiger time, if you will.

I'm giantweevil, I use he/him pronouns, I like and occasionally I'll do something other people call but I call " hurting computers with "

Sometimes I make memes. Sometimes I make images that are just a long winded pun.

Lately my time has been mostly consumed by

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Er... PHP/8.3.6 released last Thursday? What happened with 8.3.5??

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I was asked to upgrade/update an old (5.3) project to the latest version of laravel and . I’ve already seen the code and let’s say it’s going to be interesting. A lot of customizations 😱 Not calling parent constructors which contain dependencies for example (probably not necessary). And also not even following certain Laravel standards. What did they use of the Laravel framework? Facades and helper functions 😑 (I really don’t like them, just use constructor DI 😉)

chipswithfries, to php

Bad day for the geniuses who put nul bytes in their passwords

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HTML is 31 years old.

JavaScript is 28 years old.

CSS is 27 years old.


@nixCraft If you ever like you aren't making progress, remember that #HTML is 31 years old and it still depends on #PHP and #SSR to have a navbar in every page, something that websites have had since forever.

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