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working at #MNT in #Berlin these days

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liaizon, to berlin
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Currently at in watching @powersource announce @pzp, a new successor of !

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@powersource @pzp slides!

liaizon, (edited ) to random
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I just discovered that @dweb and @internetarchive are doing a "virtual dweb camp" tonight at 7pm CEST (Berlin time) hosted by @mai with presentations by:


liaizon, to random
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Both @jay.bsky.team@bsky.brid.gy and @pfrazee.com@bsky.brid.gy from Bluesky turned on the @bsky.brid.gy@bsky.brid.gy bridge now. And we have @3bf0c63fcb93463407af97a5e5ee64@mostr.pub from Nostr and @mosseri and @zuck from Threads too.

liaizon, (edited ) to fediverse
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Our names come in all shapes! Both #fediverse projects #Streams and #Kitsune now support Unicode usernames! This is something I have been talking about since I first joined the fedi in 2017 so I am very excited about this. I can't wait till I get a mention from someone with a username like @王李 or @դմիտրիԹբիլիսի@ժայռեր

https://joinkitsune.org/changelog/v0.0.1-pre.5/#:~:text=usernames%20can%20contain%20unicode (thanks @dev)

https://fediversity.site/item/3159f22c-0754-4eff-b9de-bcc52202fa2f (thanks @streams)

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hey @aumetra is #Kitsune able to follow @☮️❤️🎼@fediversity.site or https://fediversity.site/channel/xn--v4h66bj512h

liaizon, to random
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Lawns are virtual reality...

kaleb, to random
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This sounds like an opportunity for the @pixelfed extraordinaire @dansup

From: @liaizon

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@kaleb @pixelfed don't give @dansup anymore ideas!

sylvie, to random
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does anyone have any bagel advice ?

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@sylvie yes actually! https://www.shakespeareandsons.com makes incredible "Montreal style" bagels!

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@sylvie oh hell yeah

liaizon, to random
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Huge money pouring into decentralized social media.
Farcaster just got 150 million and Nostr got 12 million recently. Gonna be an interesting year. I don't think all this money is going to result in that much user growth of either network but it sure will bring in more eyes into the general space.

stefan, (edited ) to design
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I'm trying to get my personal site more organized, let me know what you think!


#PersonalWebsite #SideProjects #WebDesign #UXUI #design

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@stefan looks like all the links to posts on https://stefanbohacek.com/blog/ are broken atm

thomasfuchs, to random
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tag yourself

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dimillian, to random
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A feature I'm exploring for @IceCubesApp
Pin people at the top of your timeline (like Instagram stories, etc..), and whenever you refresh your timeline, you can tap on their pictures to see their most recent posts in your timeline context. You can also see their posts only, for example.

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@dimillian @IceCubesApp this is a super nice idea. I would like to see where this goes

keyboards, to random
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@keyboards EUIOA!

elilla, to random
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everybody's hyped for the new 1FAE9 FACE WITH BAGS UNDER EYES, which I mean, :big_mood:, but for you appreciators of text-presentation glyphs, might I draw your attention to the new range "Symbols for Legacy Computing Supplement" (1CC00–1CEBF) that includes several gaming sprites from retrocomputer codesets including Pac-Man, a full set of Space Invaders, 1CC96 FLAPPING BIRD and so on—as well as a full set of box characters for emulators?


Another section showing some old terminal drawing elements ("white lower left pointer", "two rings aligned horizontally", "inverse black diamond" etc.) and more game sprites (such as tanks and racing cars and fish in various positions).

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@elilla this is exciting...

glsbank, to random German
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Unser Blog und der Bankspiegel sind jetzt eins!

Ab sofort bündeln wir alle Vorzüge im neuen GLS Bank Magazin. Unser Magazin erstrahlt im neuen Corporate Design und lädt mit seiner klaren Struktur zum Entdecken ein. Dabei erzählen wir weiterhin Geschichten aus der GLS Bank und bieten Raum für Austausch.

Wir freuen uns über diesen Schritt und hoffen, Sie folgen uns 💚

Zum Magazin: 🔗 blog.gls.de

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@glsbank its confusing if you are coming from a place that doesn't need the https to be linkable. Saw you fixed it (: glad I could help

raucao, to random
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People following me on : you can zap my posts now!

I have implemented NIP-57 for @kosmos accounts, so if you host an lndhub.go instance, you could use this as well (for all of LNURL, Lightning Address, and Zaps). Or you could steal some of the Ruby/Rails code and add it to your own service.


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@raucao I saw you had a sign in with nostr button on the Kosmos dashboard you showed, do you have any documentation about that? I know a few people who will be interested in seeing this sort of fediverse/nostr integration and I would like to send them a link

mitra, to random
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  • Better support for Internationalized Domain Names.
  • Custom emojis can be added by providing name and URL (using add-emoji command).
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@mikedev @mitra ah wow! I finally have a streams account to test with @wakest so whenever this instance is updated with the newest code I will definitely play with this!

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@wakest @mikedev is there anyway that this can be backwards compatible with servers that don't support unicode usernames? is there a punycoded version of the name somewhere?

exegete, to hebrew
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I just stumbled onto something horrifying, neo-Nazi symbolism seemingly hidden away in #Unicode. The first Unicode #Hebrew codepoint, corresponding to א, is u05D0. The integer corresponding to the hex? 1488. You can't convince me that was a mere coincidence.

Who planned this??? #antisemitism

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offline, to fediverse
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Berlin Federated Network Exploration Circle
:win3_terminal: :flowersparkle: :bluesparkle:
a new [ meetup starting May 19th at 7pm]

  • @raucao will talk about how Kosmos co-operatively hosts all kinds of federated services.
  • @dantescanline will explore the anarchist media landscape in the fediverse.
  • @liaizon will discuss the semantic boundaries of the term ‘fediverse.'
  • @twilliability will give a presentation of a tool they built called RSS Parrot.


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Thank you @dantescanline, @raucao and @thisismissem for presenting at the first Berlin Federated Network Exploration Circle at @offline this past Sunday! And thanks to all the folks who came! I think it was quite a lovely evening. Will definitely plan another sometime soon!

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@gavcloud would have loved to have your presence there!

zichy, to random
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new shirt

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@zichy omg I need one! where did you get this!?

zichy, to random German
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Stickereien im @xHain_hackspace

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@zichy wow @xHain_hackspace has an embroidery machine?

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