davidbisset, to bluesky
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At this point, if you go to just to document bad things happening to that particular social network or to report back to what people on a social network say about people here… I envy the time you have at your disposal.

mackuba, to bluesky
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I sometimes wonder how things would've looked on if the first beta had been ready just 6 months earlier, if all those people who left Twitter for Mastodon could have gone there…

I've just checked the hashtag feed for and apparently there were 19 posts in total… (and 9 of those from me) 😕

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Bluesky now allows you to unpin or even remove the default "Following" feed and make any other custom feed the default one.

The "Following" feed is the chronological one by Bluesky but there's thousands of other custom algorithmic feeds created by other users and generated by federated third party servers.


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Come va? È un po' che non bazzico da queste parti. Devo dire che, come contenuti, non mi dispiace affatto. Dopo un po' di tweak, l'algoritmo (sì, proprio lui) sembra funzionare piuttosto bene.
Spero di riuscire prima o poi ad usare un solo client per entrambi i social. So che sta lavorando ad un’integrazione con le API di Threads: vediamo.

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@lucamondini e' un po come parlare bene della Sinclair in casa della Commodore 😎

Qui va benissimo, c'e' piu' gente di quanta ne riesco a leggere e, essendo tutto open source e standard, mi sembra il centro dell'innovazione.

Da phanpy, l'interfaccia web (e mobile) fatta meglio tra tutti i social, ai bridge con #nostr e, ora , anche con #bluesky

Ho appena finito di leggere che su threads hanno messo una vista multi colonne tipo tweetdeck, wow, avanguardia pura !

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@lucamondini a breve threads sarà federato per intero e quindi ti basterà usare l'app mastodon 😉
Mastodon è federabile pure con bluesky ( basta seguire @bsky.brid.gy@bsky.brid.gy 😉 ) ed è federato pure con nostr dove puoi seguire snowden, quello vero, non i farlocchi del fediverso:


#threads #fediverso #mastodon #nostr #mostr #bluesky #MastodonUno

migratory, to bluesky Spanish
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I clicked a toot or whatever they're called and it turns out they've implemented the most critical twitter feature: in-page loading spinners that make you wait several seconds for no fucking reason before you can read less than a kilobyte of text

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New: Video, audio and blogging: Japanese is building in the ATmosphere

I take a look at 3 new products build on

Blogging with whtwnd.com
Video with bluemotion.app
Audio spaces with bluecast.app

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/video-audio-and-blogging-japanese-bluesky-is-building-in-the-atmosphere/

LaurensHof, to bluesky
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Video, audio and blogging: Japanese Bluesky is building in the ATmosphere

When Bluesky dropped the invite code requirement early in 2024, it led to a big inflow of the Japanese community into Bluesky. At some point, they became the biggest community on Bluesky, with 43% of the posts being made in Japanese, compared to 34% in English. Over the last few months, the Japanese Bluesky community has build a variety of cool new tools, projects and platforms for the ATmosphere. Let’s take a look at three of them: Whitewind, a blogging platform, Bluecast, a social audio app, and Bluemotion, a video hosting platform.

Video with Bluemotion

Bluemotion is a video platform that integrates with your Bluesky/ATmosphere account. You log in with your Bluesky handle and (app)password, and get an overview of the videos hosted on the platform:

front page of bluemotion showing 3 cat videosThe basics of a video hosting platform are all there: you can browse through categories, see what other people have posted, and post your own videos. Where it gets really interesting is that the accounts that post the videos are easily recognisable as Bluesky handles.

Now let’s take a look at a video. On the left is the video on Bluemotion, on the right is the same video, but now as a post on the official Bluesky app.

2 screenshots of the same video, on the left of bluemotion and on the right of bluesky. it shows the same video and engagement numbersWhat is worth noting here is that this is the exact same post, as visible by the engagement numbers. You can interact with the post from the Bluesky app, but you can also boost and like it directly from Bluemotion itself. Now, the only difference here is that the official Bluesky app cannot play videos, so it is a link to the Bluemotion site instead. Still, its a great example of what you can build on top of the AT Proto. Bluemotion is made by developer So Asano.

Blogging with WhiteWind

WhiteWind (stylized as whtwnd.com) is a blogging platform build on top of ATProto. As with all the products in this article, you simply login with your Bluesky/ATProto handle and (app) password.

https://fediversereport.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/image-4-1024x568.pngLogging into WhiteWind shows you a front page with the latest and popular blog entries, as well as the ability to write your own blog posts. The integration with ATProto is visible in two different ways: first of all, your WhiteWind account is your ATProto/Bluesky account. Secondly, you can comment on blog posts with your account, and these are visible as a post on Bluesky as well. WhiteWind is developed by @K.

Audio with Bluecast

Bluecast is an audio app build on top of ATProto. The idea is fairly simple, but well executed. Log in with your ATProto/Bluesky account, and browse the current live audio streams. You can also host your own live audio stream as well.

https://fediversereport.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/image-5-1024x495.pngThe interface of a live audio stream comes with a chat channel as well:

https://fediversereport.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/image-6-1024x748.pngWhat impresses me most about Bluecast is that it has managed to build up an active audience of users. By far the hardest part of building a social app is getting people to consistently use it. Audio apps build on top other other protocols (such as audon.space for the fediverse) have struggled to get people to use them, even though they work perfectly fine. For Bluecast however, every time I have checked over the last week I have seen active audio rooms and people using the app. Part of it is that developer So Asano has been running events with multiple streams after each other, with some 60 people tuning in.

Integrating ATProto into Bluesky

The developers have made some impressive new products. At the same time, their work also showcases some struggles for new developers building on top of ATProto. The developer of WhiteWind wrote a blog recently about their experience developing WhiteWind, and write: “My service’s data should be reaching Bluesky, but Bluesky doesn’t understand it and simply discards it. It’s true that I can improve the quality of the service by for example making the UI more beautiful, without relying on atproto. But if it is the only way, what is the point of using atproto in the first place?”

To understand the point they are making, first a quick and oversimplified explanation: A lexicon is part of the protocol, and defines what a post does and how it looks. The official Bluesky app has defined the lexicon for posts to be short posts, limited to 300 characters. Anyone can build their on app on top of ATProto, and define their own lexicon. You can create a Lexicon for long-form blogging, videos, or whatever you want. Importantly however, the official Bluesky app does not process posts with a different lexicon well.

This is the problem that the WhiteWind developer is referring to: WhiteWind has their own lexicon for long-form writing, which does not get processed by the Bluesky app. This is quite different from the fediverse, where long-form posts (from WordPress/Discourse/WriteFreely/etc) can show up in your microblogging app, such as Mastodon. I connected my WordPress blog to the fediverse, and now my blogs show up as full text in the feed of people who follow me, in turn gaining me quite some extra organic reach. This is not possible with AT Proto,new users will still have to visit your website to start using it, making growth for a new product that much harder.

At the same time, Bluesky developers are understandably wary of the Bluesky app becoming an ‘everything-app’. The goal of the Bluesky company is to build a decentralised protocol after all, and the Bluesky app is explicitly an app for microblogging. Bluesky users have regularly criticised the move by X to promote longer-form writing as well, indicating that native long-form writing in Bluesky might not even be appreciated by a part of the userbase.

Overall it points for an interesting point in time for the ATmosphere: Japanese Bluesky developers have build some impressive new products on AT Proto, but is the network interested in adopting other products beyond Bluesky’s own microblogging?



front page of bluemotion showing 3 cat videos
2 screenshots of the same video, on the left of bluemotion and on the right of bluesky. it shows the same video and engagement numbers

fenarinarsa, to bluesky
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Bridgy Fed: how to enable federation with Bluesky for your account.


I tried to keep it short and simple.

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I’ve made a cheat sheet for between the and using .

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"Blockchain Rasputin over here is mad that moderation exists." — @jwz


"These guys only care about their assumed right to force people who aren't interested to listen. "Free speech" is when they can say awful stuff and you can't answer back. When Dorsey calls Twitter -- Twitter! -- "freedom technology," that's the freedom he means. They can't live without unwilling ears to bash."

#BlueSky #Nazis #FreezePeach

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Tried Threads a little bit, wanted to see if it would be easier to find some things, and also how's the movie community out there.

Either their search doesn't work at all, or the movie community is close to non-existent (at least regarding more cult movies and bluray releases)

I'm so happy that we have some cool people posting here on

@falcon@mastodon.social avatar

Made a BlueSky account just to check, and seems there's actually a nice* movie community there. Maybe now that Jack Dorsey left, they'll continue implementing more moderation and it'll be usable as a side social media for some quick checks?

*nice in terms on enough users/content, will see how users are

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I have tested @bsky.brid.gy@bsky.brid.gy and I really like the idea. However, now I would like to quit and delete my mirrored account on #Bluesky. How can I do it? I have blocked @bsky.brid.gy@bsky.brid.gy so that he can't follow me, but I still see my mirrored account on Bluesky.

mackuba, to bluesky
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Good (and very long) response by Mike Masnick to Jack Dorsey's interview about #Bluesky: https://www.techdirt.com/2024/05/13/bluesky-is-building-the-decentralized-social-media-jack-dorsey-wants-even-if-he-doesnt-realize-it/

"Bluesky has continued to build exactly what he has wanted. And it’s almost exactly what Jay promised when she interviewed for the job. I know this because, at Jack and Parag’s request, I sat in on a bunch of the interviews of the various people they were considering to lead Bluesky to provide feedback. And Jay’s pitch matches extraordinarily closely to what Bluesky has become"

hgrsd, to bluesky
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I'm trying to get a sense of what Bluesky is like. Do I have any followers who are active there, too? Would love to connect.

I'm at @hgrsd.bsky.social :)

Not leaving here, just exploring the world of social media.


SydPark, to Switzerland
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Happy Tuesday 💕

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.
🖊 JRR Tolkien

in the , 🇨🇭
©️ aventouro

jo, to mastodon
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Good morning everyone!

I'm enjoying #mastodon more and more every day. Compared to #bluesky, which only provides a limited amount of features, this instance has granular control of the algorithmic impact of my own posts, explicit opt-in read receipts, and even mini-picture reactions! (I'm still holding out for #memoji support)

The biggest social media transformation is happening in our lives right now, and we shouldn't waste it on inferior platforms who are holding out features and ignoring their principles.

I hope that this trend continues to push out industry forward into making better software, for humans!


  • Jonathan
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What is the point of #bluesky ? There is no engagement, and there is no joy.

informapirata, to fediverse Italian
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Il posto giusto per trovare e utilizzare gateway e bridge pubblici tra diversi servizi e protocolli


#fediverso #activitypub #bluesky #Nostr #matrix #xmpp


hello, to bluesky
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It's now possible to connect and accounts together, and talk across a bridge! We get into the nuts and bolts of how it works, and what you can do to get started!


wjmaggos, to fediverse
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I get that is popular with people who don't want to share a server with anybody (and their rules). But don't lots of people achieve that with a stripped down implementation of ?

@hamishcampbell@mastodon.social avatar

@wjmaggos nostr is not a bad project, but it's still using instances's just calling them relays and not promoting the community side of this. The conversations around this are not the best. People argue that #bluesky and #nostr are both spoilers on #activitypub there is some truth to this, though am more they are all #4opens and diversity is good, but please be honest path.

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I think I can now post on #Bluesky from my #Hcommons Mastodon account through the bot

jraedisch, to bluesky
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Major use case: “Is down?”.

josemurilo, to bluesky Portuguese
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" recently deleted his account on , once pitched—by him—as ’s decentralized solution to censorship, and left the company’s board. I reached out and asked him why, which is where our call began…what follows is a missing chapter of internet history that sheds light not only on Bluesky, but , X, and the past 5 years of censorship & backlash. The future will be decentralized, or it won’t be free."

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