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Hacker, activist, free-softie ◈ techie luddite ◈ formerly information security and infrastructure at https://isnic.is/ and https://occrp.org/ ◈ my opinions are my own etc.


profile image: drawing of a head and shoulders of a cat-person, in a space suit.

banner image: long-exposure photo of a large tent, brightly illuminated from inside, looking as if it is made of lava

#foss #libre #privacy #infosec #fedi22

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@256 K3B is the shit.

karafuto, to fediverse
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WorMP3, to ai
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In case you didn’t know, apparently has powered by .

:quotesL: Because we leverage Microsoft’s technology to power some parts of this feature, the Microsoft Privacy Statement will apply to any personal data you may input into the input box for the AI-powered takeaways feature, as well as any personal data included in any Bing provided results :quotesR:


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@andrew this is the level of quality and professionalism we came to love and expect of Microsoft, after all.


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@andrew and steadfastly respecting users' choices and preferences, obviously.


rysiek, to random
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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as PC, is in fact, a Windows laptop, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Copilot plus PC.

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Microsoft Cop-I-Lot+PC

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so I am hearing microsoft finally announced a windows recall?

long time coming, this shit is buggy a.f..


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If Microsoft Copilot Recall for WorkGroups is so amazingly phenomenally great for users, why not make it opt-in?

Like, if it is so amazing, users will want to enable it, right? That would also be some meaningful validation of the idea!

Surely with such a wonderfully useful technology there is no reason to cram it down people's throats via opt-out, right?


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> from UX perspective, people suck at turning on opt-in things, no matter how good they might be or how much they might actually want/need it.

Why is this considered a problem? If the users are happy without them turned on, why meddle?

> A lot of "normal" users just don't want to meddle with any settings of their computer (or phone).

Exactly! So you are either making the users who want the feature to have to enable it – or forcing the users who do not want it to disable it.

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@marmarta I'll go further, even!

If the feature is not good enough that you are certain users would actually enable it en-masse if it was rolled out as opt-in, it is simply not okay to roll it out as opt-out.

And if it is that good, just roll it out as opt-in anyway, since users will enable it. No harm done, and people keep their agency.

rysiek, to random
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Something tells me once she's done with Sam, he's going to be pretty scarlet himself.

GossiTheDog, to random
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For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft have decided to bake essentially an infostealer into base Windows OS and enable by default.

From the Microsoft FAQ: “Note that Recall does not perform content moderation. It will not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers."

Info is stored locally - but rather than something like Redline stealing your local browser password vault, now they can just steal the last 3 months of everything you’ve typed and viewed in one database.


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@tokyo_0 It's not available in Home edition.



rysiek, to random
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tired: smoky back-rooms
wired: tight signal groups

rysiek, to random
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It's so weird watching The Dropout – a TV series about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes – while also watching OpenAI and Sam Altman happen IRL. :blobcat0_0:

Wondering who's going to play Sam Altman in the series about the implosion of OpenAI. 🤔

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@daisy55 not wrong!

stux, to random
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It was a rough couple of days, on Saturday at 00:00 I started the migration of mstdn.social to a new main server and all went smooth untl the reimport of the database on the new system

Because we upgraded our database software big time there was a change that lead to missing indexes on a table that caused our database software to go nuts, it even crashed the server at some point

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@stux @renchap thank you both. :blobcathug:

I've been there before, dealing with a b0rked upgrade of a mission-critical system affecting people, and it is not fun.

Hope you get a chance to rest and recover now.

brennx0r, to random
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We need to stop kicking the can down the road and start making decisive actions to reduce climate change. This means not engaging with AI. It means taking fewer air flights. It means stopping engagements in the oil and gas sector.

I know some of you will respond with quoting the top 100 emitters, citing it as a reason why we're helpless.

But we can make impactful, positive change too. To me, it feels better than shrugging and doing nothing.


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@brennx0r agreed!

Obviously we also need regulation and strong action against the biggest polluters, but making these changes in our own lives helps to motivate ourselves to fight for these bigger changes as well.

adarsh, to random
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An overly thorough, emotional rollercoastery, exceedingly “Andy”, and genuinely amazing insiders view from one of the co-chairs of RailsConf 2024 in Detroit a few weeks ago.

The first paragraph I don’t care for whatsoever, but the rest is very good.

Thanks Andy, you’re a gem ❤️.


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@adarsh image description:

Black text on white background.


I also performed my regular (Brighton Ruby) explanation of why codes of conduct are a thing and breaking down behaviour that's fine and what is not. As always a significant handful of people, some often quite emotional, sidled up to me in the days following and thanked me specifically for that. Which is why I keep doing it.

jalcine, to random
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What is data colonialism?

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@jalcine anything Sam Altman is in any way attached to.

OpenAI exploiting low-wage moderators in Kenya while making billions.

WorldCoin scamming people in the Global South to provide high-resolution retina scans for a pittance.

rysiek, to random
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I am now verifying a @QubesOS installation ISO I am going to use very soon, and I need a trusted source of their master signing key fingerprint.

/me looks at the 10-year anniversary t-shirt I physically got from QubesOS team at :blobcateyes:

Right. :blobcatcoffee:

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@hanemile t-shirt injection :oh_no:


becha, to Trains
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I love ! & I love !! These are impressions from today’s trip to : tea ceremony in the Dutch train, German clouds (with notation electricity lines! ), brunch with additional Indonesian snacks, while reading a book about Native language: collectivist culture & animism grammer ! (There is no word for please: food is meant to be shared )

Clouds with depth & electricity wires
Emping , beer, omelet, book
There is no word for please: food is meant to be shared

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@becha it's really remarkable how much WARS (the on-board restaurant on Polish long-distance trains) has improved over the last 20 years.

It used to be a butt of many a joke back in the day! Today, I look forward to eating there whenever I get the chance.

stux, to random
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And it seems we are back online! :blobcheerwitch: Still got some fixes to do..

Unfort glitch-soc didnt work out so we're on the latest vanilla code for now!

This didn't really went as planned unfort, I'm sorry for that :sadlinux:

Currently just over 12 hours in the migration oof

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@stux oh man I was so excite for glitch :sadcat1:

ah well. thank you for your effort! :blobcat:

drq, to random Russian
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The radio signals we broadcast are escaping into outer space, creating a radio layer, that's ever expanding at the speed of light.

Meaning, some alien somewhere somewhen is watching our TV.

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@jackyan nice! Thanks for sharing!


suearcher, to random
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Dw i wedi gwneud clawr i'r batri. A, rhywle i rhoi'r lifebelt.

I've made a cover for the battery. And, somewhere to put the lifebelt.


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@suearcher wow that is one giant pencil!

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