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Given a random domain name, is there any reliable way to find the shared inbox?

That is, how do I go from example.social to example.social/inboxes/shared ?

If I had a user, I could use to get their details and find an inbox. But if I have no user…?

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Jak donosi


(zwróćcie uwagę na domenę, to forum) tutaj [EN]:


(adres z forum wbity w szukajke mastodona wyświetli się)

"Dziś jest dzień, w którym nasze forum społeczności łączy się z . Zaktualizowaliśmy kod i przełączyliśmy się na gałąź , a także włączyliśmy federację w dwóch kategoriach, kategorii Development (która jest tylko do odczytu dla wszystkich oprócz staff NodeBB) oraz Testing Ground, która jest przeznaczona dla treści bez znaczenia."

Tak więc nowa wersja NodeBB ma federację profili i publicznych postów, komentarze z fedi "widzi" i uwzględnia 🚀 🎉

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🆕 blog! “Updates to ActivityPub in a single PHP file”

A few weeks ago, I built an ActivityPub Server in a Single PHP File. It's a proof of concept showing how easy it is to turn a website into a full-featured Fediverse participant. After a bunch of feedback and testing, I've added a some features to make it slightly more useful. A single PHP file […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/03/updates-to-activitypub-in-a-single-php-file/

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Updates to ActivityPub in a single PHP file

A few weeks ago, I built an ActivityPub Server in a Single PHP File. It's a proof of concept showing how easy it is to turn a website into a full-featured Fediverse participant.

After a bunch of feedback and testing, I've added a some features to make it slightly more useful.

  • A single PHP file - 45KB of no-library goodness. Just add your details, upload, and done.
  • No databases. Everything stored as JSON files on disk.
  • Be followed. External users can discover and follow you.
  • Send messages. You can send messages to all your followers.
  • 🆕 Follow users. You can follow other Fediverse actors.
  • 🆕 Read messages. You can read the messages sent to your Inbox. If media is attached, those will be displayed.
  • 🆕 Verify signatures. ActivityPub messages can by cryptographically signed. This now verifies those signatures.

You can grab the code here - pull requests welcome. If you want to see what it looks like in action, visit https://example.viii.fi/ or follow @example@example.viii.fi.

Again, to re-emphasise what it says in the README - this is not suitable for production use. This is primarily a way to explain all the different functions of an ActivityPub server. It is adequately commented and I hope a moderately competent programmer could follow what's going on. It is almost certainly insecure and is considered harmful to aquatic life.

I would be delighted if you took the code and did something interesting with it. Perhaps create a single-file server in your favourite language?


A few random things which I might add - or which you might consider making and sending a Pull Request:

  • Better UI. It is deliberately bare-bones, see the https://example.viii.fi/read. But perhaps there's a simpler way to make it look nice?
  • No threading in the UI - and no ability to reply to messages.
  • Support for reading hashtagged posts on the site.
  • Reply highlighting - at the moment you can't see if a message was sent to you.
  • Some Fediverse posts contain polls, content warnings, and other extended features. That could be fun to support - both for reading and writing.
  • Support for reading custom emoji.
  • Deletes, Updates, and Undos are received - but it currently doesn't remove the previously saved file.
  • There's no way to unfollow a user - except for manually deleting data from the file-system.
  • Only supports one image upload. Could support more? Or even other media?
  • I don't think CC works properly.
  • Message visibility could be useful.
  • Boring stuff like better error handling.

If you have opinions, please let me know!


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I've got to be doin this / / thing wrong, cuz I don't see any of this shit everyone else bitches about. I follow a few tags (mostly and stuff, the interest topics) and mostly just refresh the feed occasionally and read posts until I realize I'm doom scrolling and then go off and do something else. Clearly I need to follow some controversial topics and invite some of that drama into my life.

So I ask you, what topics am I missing?

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I've contributed a few bytes to the ActivityPub-Single-PHP-File codebase the past week. Adding microformats, some basic styling and even a few bug fixes!

The ActivityPub code is so much easier to understand here than trying to look through a giant multi tiered system like Mastodon.

If you're interested in understanding the basics of AP and fiddling with the code, this is a good option!


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It's taking longer than expected to finish the account migration feature (take your Pixelfed followers to another PF or Mastodon server)

I'm like 90% done though, and hope to wrap it up and ship v0.12.13 later this weekend!

PR: https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/pull/4968

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Just had to design an API for work, and thanks to the painful lessons of ActivityPub, we made sure that specializations of a base type occupied different fields on a wrapper object so it will be easy to deserialize.

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Another passionate enthusiast for an open, federated social web!

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This is also why artists have been begging you to engage with them via Bandcamp, especially on , where they can make the most profit they will directly make with their own music.

It’s also why we are all holding our breath as Bandcamp changes owners… one of the last, real, viable ways of making money might disappear at any time.


From: @Hapbt

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@GhostOnTheHalfShell @rlcw @ErickaSimone @Hapbt
Maybe @mirlo can integrate in their new platform? If it isn 't already..
Or jam.coop
Not sure if will, since it's static

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Crap, are we under another spam attack? I've never seen the weekly signup number that high. :ablobpeek:


#fediverse #activitypub #mastodon

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The Activity Streams Question activity is puzzling. The word "question" can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun, it can exist independently of posing the question to a subject. The AS2 spec classifies it as an IntransitiveActivity. However, the spec examples include no actor, which implies it's being used as a noun. It seems like there should be a (transitive) Activity like "Ask" with an object (Question) and a target (the thing being asked the question).

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New in the network and it seems to be empty? Try these steps.

(Note: I'm using as an example.)

  1. Create three lists: "CUR: All", "CUR: Flipboard", "CUR: Newsmast".

(CUR = CURated / CURation)

  1. Search for "Flipboard" and "Newsmast" (Flipboard accounts share the same icon, Newsmast accounts share the same icon as well.)

  2. Follow the accounts you're interested in. (It's by topic.)

  3. Add each of those accounts to your "CUR: All" list. And to its respective platform list: "CUR: Flipboard" or "CUR: Newsmast".

  4. Switch your "Home" view to "CUR: All", "CUR: Flipboard", or "CUR: Newsmast".

Another way of doing it is by topic:

  • CUR: Nature
  • CUR: Current Events
  • CUR: Programming

Or, by region:

  • CUR: Local
  • CUR: Asia-Pacific
  • CUR: Africa

Adjust it to your needs.

In the Mastodon family, you can set the list to not show up in your "Home" timeline. This way, you can still see the posts from other people you follow without it being filled with curated content boosts.

Benefits of following curation accounts:

  1. You don't have to follow every single account.

> Usually, accounts share other topics which you probably are not interested in. Curated lists filter these topics for you.

  1. You will discover content and people to follow.

> Both Flipboard and Newsmast boosts/reshares the original post. You see the original source/account and interact with them directly.

> You can then choose who you want to follow directly so you can see more of their content and interests, and build a friendly relationship with them.

It becomes possible to only follow 10 accounts ever, yet consume hundreds of content and information.

This way, you can avoid following hundreds of accounts which will only make your "Home" timeline confusing; and more likely, you'll miss what matters most for you because of so many posts from so many accounts.

I hope it helps you! Welcome to the Fediverse !

P.s. If you're using an awesome Fediverse software or platform besides Mastodon, the steps are similar, if not exactly the same.


Additional tags:

Screenshot of my "CUR: All" list.
Screenshot of my "CUR: Newsmast" list.

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A question for scholars.
Why do some activities have a published timestamp and not others?

Creates and Announces have "published" properties.

Likes, Follows, Undos, and Deletes don't seem to have them.

Anyone know why that is?

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hello world!

i'm romina killpack santos, i'm a salvadoran american nonbinary polyam transfemme lesbian living in socal. i've moved around a lot pretty much my whole life, but i'm trying to put down some roots lately.

I wanna do co-op stuff and critical I have way too many hobbies , but on this page I will mostly post about tech and unfortunately and . I do a little osdev too ^^

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Manton from Micro.blog intends to enable the service as an ATProtocol PDS:

The long-term plan for Micro.blog is to fully support AT’s PDS — Personal Data Servers. Any blog hosted on Micro.blog would plug into Bluesky seamlessly, with data portable to other AT Protocol hosting providers.

Micro.blog already functions as an ActivityPub server, and currently supports cross-posting to Bluesky.
#Bluesky #ATProtocol #pds #ActivityPub https://bmannconsulting.com/journal/2024-02-23-1138/

nadiaalbelushi, to mastodon
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As a Middle Easterner, I'd like to thank for this wonderful anxiety-free social media experience. I wish Bluesky/ATProto follows in the footsteps of /Mastodon in this new era of decentralized, federated social media.

Also as a Middle Easterner, I hope one day we could forgive each other, & that there'd be peace between the peoples of & , as well as between & . Justice, reparations, & coexistence are important.

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Hey there @dajb 👋

I remember your toots musing about setting up a federated tracker. Dunno where you got with that, but I just bumped into this nice MIT-licensed project that I thought to give a heads-up to. It is not supporting but may provide a basis to work from. Implemented in it compiles to a single binary.



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It saddens me that the people/developers over on have decided to intertwine the fate of their protocol with that of and other currencies. One day, bitcoin will be banned almost everywhere, including in the US, and its downfall will lead to the fall of Nostr as well. How can they not see thru bitcoin's ponziness?

I'm so grateful that / and / didn't go down that slippery route.

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Glad is here but the integration is still not great. I wonder how many people used it and then decided to join a native server once they realized they could keep/recreate the social graph they had over there.

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For all of my fans (fans?!), is making a comeback. ^_^

Currently, by invite only, but you can sign up for the waitlist. I wonder if it's powered by the protocol (a.k.a. network). Hmm…


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Today (2024-02-29), https://chirp.social closed its doors.

Thank you for providing a good service!

#ChirpSocial #FediGroups #Fediverse #ActivityPub

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I just shipped an update to the @pixelfed Admin Dashboard, you can now review and handle Remote Reports!


(Soon we will federate local reports of remote posts)

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🆕 blog! “ActivityPub Server in a Single PHP File”

Any computer program can be designed to run from a single file if you architect it wrong enough! I wanted to create the simplest possible Fediverse server which can be used as an educational tool to show how ActivityPub / Mastodon works. The design goals were: Upload a single PHP file to the server. No […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/02/activitypub-server-in-a-single-file/

Edent, (edited )
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OK! My tiny server can now follow users from other instances!

Still under 40KB of adequately documented PHP.


You can follow and message the test user at @example

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