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Is One Year Old: Here’s AI’s Next Attack on , and What to Do About It - this is getting serious...

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Really dumb, - and getting dumber. If you missed this.

"34.2% of the scrutinized files were shared with external contacts outside the company’s domain. Equally concerning was the revelation that over 350,000 files (0.5%) were publicly accessible, allowing unrestricted entry to anyone possessing the document link."

Report: More Than 40% of Google Drive Files Contain Sensitive Info

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The Think Family Education system is ‘a form of digital police in schools.’

We joined Fair Trials and 20+ civil society groups to write to the Mayor of Bristol (UK) and MPs about the app that profiles children and families, ‘predicts’ criminality and shares sensitive data.

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What right do the "teams" have to do this?

“We trawl through your photos, looking at their tags and locations to identify a meaningful moment.”

“When we step back and understand your life in its entirety, your overarching story becomes clear.”

This LLM can "infer that this is Jack’s birth, and that he’s James and Gemma’s first and only child.”

uses phone data, photos to tell people's stories @cnbc

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Meta’s new image generator was trained on 1.1 billion and photos

Just remember, even if you don’t have or don’t actively use either, friends or family members could have posted photos including you… which may have been included in this training data.

Then again, it’s not like they ask consent or notify you if your image/likeness is used. :acongablob:

According to , if your instagram or Facebook photos are set to private then they weren’t included in training. No way to really verify (that I am aware of) and this policy could change at any time.

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Vulnerability in Microsoft Edge allows code smuggling

Also, Microsoft snuck in a change in their release notes that turns on a feature to share your search history with outside sites by default. You've got to manually turn it off if you don't want it.

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The ignores a critical concern for privacy: the rise of biometrics.

It leaves surveillance tech like facial recognition and CCTV open for police and local authorities to use unhindered by effective oversight or data rights.

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: "The older ToS also required users to waive rights to a class action, asking users to agree that "any arbitration shall be conducted in our respective individual capacities only and not as a class action, and you and we each expressly waive our respective right to file a class action or seek relief on a class basis." But the previous version also included a now-omitted stipulation that following arbitration, 23andMe users could turn to a federal or state court to "adjudicate the party’s claim or prayer for 'public injunctive relief.'"

This language has now been updated, drastically cut down, and positioned much more prominently."

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“But while for is good for Android users, it's also very good for customers, who can now get the and security guarantees of iMessage for all their contacts, not just the ones who bought the same kind of phone as they did. The stakes for communications breaches have never been higher, and antitrust scrutiny on Big Tech companies has never been so intense.” – Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic)

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👁️ Britain is an 'omni-surveillance society' 👁️

The words of the Biometrics and Surveillance Commissioner – a post that’ll be abolished by the #DataGrabBill.

Advances in #facialrecognition tech without proper oversight and a political will to double its use in policing means innocent people will be subjected to authoritarian biometric #surveillance and discredited predictive #policing.

#HandsOffOurData #DataGrab #GDPR #DPDIBill #dataprotection #privacy #ukpolitics

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The latest version of Tuta is packed with tons of great new calendar features! 🎊🎉

We've released the long awaited weekly calendar view for the mobile app and a day selector you can use to navigate through months and weeks easily while in agenda/day/week view mode! 💪

Keeping your organized and encrypted has never been this easy!🔒

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Following the breach of 6.9 million 23andMe users, the DNA and ancestry company has changed its terms of service. Axios asks a law expert whether the change will protect them from customers who might wish to take legal action.

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Join Michael, Ryan and Jill for an insightful conversation with Alexis Noetinger, COO at Murena, as he takes center stage in the latest episode of the @DestinationLinux podcast. In this engaging interview, Alexis delves into Murena’s vision and sheds light on the pro-privacy /e/OS. Tune in to discover more about Murena’s journey and gain insights into better protecting your digital privacy.

Watch the episode 👉

@e_mydata @gael

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Anyone know a more private way of using whatsapp.

The default whatsapp has inbuilt trackers and requires a lot of permissions. (google analytics)

Any way to run maybe whatsapp web in the browser (maybe using tampermonkey)?

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Unidentified governments are surveilling smartphone users via their apps' push notifications for incoming messages, breaking news and other updates, a U.S. senator has warned, with foreign officials demanding the data from Alphabet's Google and Apple.

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My privacy settings prevent a certain website from protecting my privacy. Who would've thought 🤔

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Only Firefox can overcome YouTube ads and the ever watchful eye of Google and Microsoft

  • Install Firefox

  • In the address bar, type: about:addons

  • Search for and install the extension "uBlock Origin"

  • Install Privacy Badger

  • Install Local CDN

  • Click the 3 dots next to uBlock select preferences

  • Uncheck ignore cosmetic filters

  • Check all sources

  • In Local CDN, select Advance, copy rules for uBlock

  • Apply the rules to uBlock (save and commit)


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Perfectly normal for a public utility to roll out new that revoke class action lawsuits from the public, limit the liability of the public utility, collect more data that may or may not include data on children, etc. Top it that all off with no ability to opt out, unless you cancel your electricity. This is fine.

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My theory is that websites are trying to be as obnoxious as possible about cookie popups so we’ll demand the law be changed. Instead, maybe we can fight back:

skry, avatar

Here is an extension that does this job, possibly in a different way.

I use it with Cookie AutoDelete, so that even if I say “sure, hit me” to a cookie banner, I still get no cookies.

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🔒 's Messenger gets a major security boost. End-to-end 🗝️ is now default for personal calls and messages.

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Did you know? Your app notifications could reveal sensitive information.

Governments are seeking push notification records from & to track specific individuals, as stated by U.S. Senator Ron Wyden.

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Some of us decorate differently.

Also trenchcoats never go out of style.

#holidays #ornaments #spy #spying #tech #infosec #safety #privacy

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Them: What creds do you have to do OSINT?
Me: Absolutely none. I just wander around the internet for funsies.
Them: I meant credentials.
Me: I'm aware.

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