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DrNeurohax, in Inside Digital Calipers
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There's a great teardown on Big Clive's YT channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKSSY1gzCEs
Really interesting just how accurate they are, and they don't require professional calibration over time (from what I understand).

Boinkage, in Generative AI-powered CAD software aims to bring functional 3D printing to the masses

Just waiting for a stable diffusion version where I can type in “classic fantasy dwarves in the style of games workshop” and run that straight to my resin printer.

RobotToaster, in Generative AI-powered CAD software aims to bring functional 3D printing to the masses
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> democratises

> not open source


RobotToaster, in Bambu Lab issues recall of A1 printers over heatbed cable
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Isn’t this the second time they’ve had “house burning down” level bugs?

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There was an issue a while back which caused their cloud service to be inoperable for several days, which broke many features but the printer still printed. I could be wrong but I think this is the first serious hardware problem, at least which necessitated a recall. Someone please correct me though if I got that wrong.

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IIRC they had an issue a while ago where their printers were just randomly turning on and printing because of some cloud bug, that was the first one I was referring to.

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You're right - I remember that now. That was before I got my X1 so I didn't experience that one directly.

HenryWong327, (edited ) in I Made Gandalf's Staff With a Face Melting Flashlight
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This is really cool, however, is it wise to incorporate a flashlight bright enough to blind people into a cosplay prop? Does scattering the light like that weaken it enough to be safe?

Edit: oh didn’t realise this post is 5 months old, I suppose any risks would have shown themselves by now.


I did build it a little extra tall so stray rays are not at eye level. The direct beam is broken up a bit at the top but you wouldn’t want to point it directly at people. So far nobody has been blinded, only lightly dazzled.

VanillaGorilla, in Me an hour ago: I hope this ASA print sticks to the bed. Me now: how do I get the purge lines off the bed?

On top I got errors posting this, so I ended up deleting five copies I sent accidentally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Plavatos, in Curious case of the nozzle leaving the extruder

Am I understanding that you found the nozzle IN the print itself? Like it unthreaded and left the heat block?

Have you tried threading another nozzle into the heat block just to see if there are still threads left?


Yes exactly this is.

After this I used a 0.8 nozzle. And could print with it. So threads are still there.

I suppose I mistakenly didn't fully screwed the 1.0 nozzle. With the large layer width Pla stuck on the nozzle, as the print was a rectangular shape on each turn that pla applied some tork and nozzle unscrewed.


That is pretty crazy, definitely a new one on me but I think you’re right how it happened. I’ve seen a video where someone used a torque wrench to set the nozzle just right but I can’t bother with all that…

clif, in Curious case of the nozzle leaving the extruder

Any chance you stripped the threads in the heater block and it yeeted the nozzle out?

Seems like a stretch, but the only explanation that comes to mind.


I was afraid of this but turns out threads are still there. As I explained in a previous comment I successfully printed with another 0.8 nozzle.


Especially if you attempted the nozzle change while cold. PLA is a hellacious thread locker. It WILL strip aluminum threads.


I changed the nozzle while the heat block was 200C.


OP could compare a thread gauge to the female/internal threads on the block to find out. Or, more simply, do two things.

  1. Throw a brand new nozzle in the block, grab it with pliers and apply strong, but not hulk, downward pressure (perpendicular to block) on the nozzle and see if it pops out. Don’t get too strong here because you’d just fuck things up if they aren’t already… you’re just trying to mimic filament pressure
  2. Melt the filament off the ejected nozzle, clean it up (brass wire brush, perhaps) and do the same test as number 1

If #1 pulls out a new nozzle… Yeah… replace or rethread (good luck) the block.

If #1 sticks strong but #2 pulls out, replace the nozzle and hope it was just a shitty, undersized, nozzle. I don’t expect this to be the case, but eliminate all simple problems before trying to remedy a (maybe non-existent) larger problem. Troubleshooting 101

overzeetop, in I Made Gandalf's Staff With a Face Melting Flashlight
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Looks amazing!

MxRemy, in PHA filament heat-resistance testing
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I remember reading your post on reddit! It was super useful, I was right in the middle of convincing my makerspace to switch to PHA at the time. Haven’t looked back since, ty!

solarbird, in 3d printing bug
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...wow. okay. wow. xD

Scereth, in Is the bambu P1P really all it's cracked up to be?

You can also head over to lemmy.world/c/bambulab to discuss the BambuLab stuff more.

terawatt, in Is the bambu P1P really all it's cracked up to be?

Maybe better off considering the P1S? At the original price of the P1P, the upgrades are worth it.

18107, in What 3d modeling software do you recommend in the year 2023?

Coming from a programming background, I love OpenSCAD. It’s just simple enough that I think I can easily do what I want, and powerful enough that I can do anything with it.
Unfortunately it’s usually more difficult than I expected, and when you start using nested loops to define polyhedron vertices, you should probably be using other software.

The main thing I love about it is the ability to define global constants that can be changed later. If done correctly, you can design a part first and take measurements later.

ragrum, in Heres the update on my short Voron. It is now printing.

Very nice! What were your motivations for the reduced build height?

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