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Want a machine, want to play with it, but not to live with it

Hello! I am a former anycubic mega s victim, got it gifted by a friend(because he didn’t use it) and got sucked into the rabbithole of 3d printing. Printed a few parts after calibrating and cleaning it up, but then got punched in the face with onslaught of problems that dont make sense. Tried to fix 'em all, but in result just...

First glass bed failure with PETG

I have been printing with PETG on glass for a little while now, and have gone through almost an entire roll. Yesterday I had my first print stick so hard that it delaminated the glass :(. I stopped using hairspray as it made the prints not stick at all, and printing bare glass was just fine. But something about yesterdays print...

Dry Box Feeder From a Kitty Litter Tub (www.printables.com)

Want to keep your filament dry while you print, but too cheap to shell out for a dry box? Make your own! My house goes through Tidy Cat tubs at a rapid rate, and they seal pretty well. I was using a PVC pipe structure on the inside, but I think these skate bearing roller stands will work better. Throw in a few desiccant...

my models keep getting knocked off. what to do?

Hi, I’m new to printing. I got myself a Kobra 2 and it was printing fine when I got it. But recently it started to knock the prints off at random times. I have done several recalibrations, adjusted the Z offset up and down. What I have noticed is that all of these models seem to have a small overflow of material which I’m...

Trying to print with SLA, can I make more then these coin slugs?

Right, so at a glance alot of the posts here are for FDM printing, and while I love my Ender 3 and have no problems with it (anymore…) I really want to get into resin printing. I have a 2 year old Elegoo Mars 2 Mono that I’ve used a handful of times, because each time I try to print a test model instead of something that...

DIY FPV ROCKET LEAGUE (analog) (youtu.be)

“Get ready to leave the virtual world behind, because your analog FPV Rocket League is about to zoom into action, turning your living room into a racetrack of riotous revelry! Who needs digital copies when you can have a rocket-powered extravaganza taking up space, time, and your neighbor’s attention, all while making your...

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