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I'm just an internet explorer.

日本語 OK • 中文 OK • tiếng việt OK


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Game developer and artist.

Spoken languages: Hu, En, some Jp

Programming languages: C, C++, D, C#, Java

Mastodon: @ZILtoid1991


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An Ottawa-based Ross who is inspired by people who have interests and pursue them.

Physics degreed, engineering careered. Enthusiastic about makerism, science, food, culture and art/design. Inordinately fond of breadmaking and chair design.

Trivialities, ephemera and daily activities.
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Longer hair than you.
Got the ⏻ symbol into #Unicode.
Open Standards / Source / Data geek.
Known as on most social platforms.
Did an MSc in using the Metaverse for analytics.
Bit obsessed with #SolarPower but not quite a #SolarPunk. avatar


'It's the motion, I'm in love with'
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addicted to #dotnet and open source, creator of @bot, admirer of the 80ies and 90ies

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I am a moslem from Indonesia, work as author at UbuntuBuzz, teach computing with Free Software at Teknoplasma, actively share about GNU/Linux here (see my pinned post for example).

Contact me:
Email ask me

Free software definition:

Why free software is important to us all:

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PhD linguist, serial migrant and curious mind ✨ Docked in Bärlin 🐻

I doodle big-headed cartoons in my spare time and toot mostly in EN, ES and DE about languages, cross-cultural mishaps, life abroad and whatever keeps me awake at night. 💭

This is a diverse and inclusive space. Make yourself at home! ☕️


ただいま! :blobcatboo:
:sootsprite: sleepy 30 yr old
:sootsprite: likes reading manga (occasionally dabbles in anime, danmei and dramas)
:blobcatknife: Ps: I boost a lot!

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