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massive_bereavement, in Hey kbin, we're an indie studio working on our largest game yet, a squad tactics heist RPG called Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. We have a free demo up for Steam Strategy Fest; if you like games like XCOM 2, Shadowrun, or other strategy RPGs, give it a try?
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Templar Battleforce is my go-to game when I need to recommend squad strategy on a tablet, although I first played on a pc. I'm definitely looking forward to the demo.

Probably what I liked most of that game was how well it managed the learning curve, while always making you feel surounded and in danger.
I wished though there was a bit more in the graphic department though, which is serviceable.

Cyberknights looks right up my alley, my only complain is, like with Templar Battleforce, the art department is generic and I wish it had been more developed.

conciselyverbose, in What’s going on in your head, Microsoft?

If you get it via game pass, the friction to get your save to the steam version means that a significant number of users who want to continue their game buy their version instead of on steam. For a game that's more about extended exploration and hooking you in to a world, that might balance out with "lost sales". Or at least keep people hooked long enough to spend more than they would have on the game itself.

hbrgnarius, in Dragon's Dogma 2 - Developer Gameplay Overview | Capcom Showcase 2023

Looks very similar to the first game, I think? It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I liked the style of the first game.

I just hope they improve the quest system. I kept failing sidequests because there was no indication on which one would autofail another.

Supersonic, in Starfield Direct – Gameplay Deep Dive
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I was interested in Starfield before this, but from the sheer scope of everything shown here, along with the quality. I think I've officially switched over to being hyped about it.

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