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Sea of Thieves recently received a DX12 update, and performance has improved. At maximum graphics settings (higher than XSX), I am now getting 240 fps without frame generation. This is at FHD resolution, but at QHD it is around 160 fps, so I have adjusted it to the maximum resolution where I can keep it above 120 fps in every scenario. I am very happy with the update.

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Yes. Please stop killing games. Give them to the players. After all they paid for them.

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We'll try and get through the Medieval era tonight at 20:00 (GMT+1) in Microcivilization on Twitch!

Come join me and chat as we try and bring our #Microcivilization forwards!

Also get your super rare collectible stream card right here.


#gaming #pcgaming #twitch #twitchstreamer #stream #streaming #twitchstreaming #rts #strategy #civilization

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Assembled from developer interviews, "EVERYBODY SHAKE!" has just been catalogued❗️

This book follows @hengineer on his journey from creating shareware on the Apple Macintosh and attaining senior positions at and to the inception of .



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This is so cool, I am at a loss of words...
Age of Irata was included in this list of upcoming games!😁🎮

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Found a full Anno 1800 playthrough on my channel while spring cleaning.

I really forgot that I had done that. It's already 4 years ago, hard to believe. Figured I might as well share it, it is a good game - despite being published by #Ubisoft


#anno #anno1800 #rts #sim #pcgaming #strategy #youtube

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By now I think it is a bug, that in Crusader Kings 3 every "fondest memory" of someone who recently passed is the moment they passed.

But it was fun the first time around!

New DLC bugfixes wen?


#twitch #clip #crusaderkings3 #ck3 #grandstrategy #rts #pcgaming #stream #streaming

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Made it to Level 25 in Race The Sun! Apparently only a little over 6% have made it to that rank. Well... I may be at max rank, but I sense there is more to find, achievements/trophies fo-sho.

#Gaming #PCGaming #VideoGames #ShareYourGames #MastodonGaming #Indie #IndieGame #IndieGames #IndieGaming #RaceTheSun

Well well. It seems that you have accomplished all the tasks we have for you at this time. You have reached your maximum level. Be happy.
Soaring through a labyrinth.

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Oh, boy!

For those gamers out there that are fans of the Fallout franchise but was always hesitant to try Fallout 76 because of the bad reviews at launch....if it's not yet, it will be FREE to claim sometime this month for Amazon Prime members!

I know a LOT of you have Prime subs. May as well get some free games and give it a try! It's really fun multiplayer shenanigans, but if you'd rather a more story-focused game, there's LOTS of quests, not to mention the new Atlantic City update!!

What are you waiting for?!? Claim that game and rise to fame! Hope to see you in Appalachia!!

#Fallout #Fallout76 #PrimeGaming #AmazonPrime #Gaming #Games #Gamers #VideoGames #PCGaming #FreeGames #GameDeals

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Late night , put all your efforts on planet Maia and liberate it from the Automaton forces once and for all!

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Late night get to your post and liberate planet Maia! 1.5% Decay means Consolidation is the only way!

@pcgaming @pcgaming @pcgamer

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Just days away from starting the process for my first playtest!🎉
I will be conducting it through steam and will notify everyone that has signed up on my website! 😁🎮

my game protagonist, Irata, toggling switches to move large objects

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