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Via internet hall of fame @InternetH0F
literal hero

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@emarktaylor Not all heros wear capes. 🤣

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Who got two thumbs and a cool ride? Dis bitch! #Cyberpunk2077 #VideoGames

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@CarbonCatalyst I stole it in front of the cops. Then it's cool.

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While its good to see that books still hold their own (in revenue generating terms) with films & music (they outperform both), the big news is that video games generated more revenue globally than books & music combined.

As someone who has never played a video game, but reads a lot of books, I'm not sure how I feel about this... but it tells us something about where the globe's creative & receptive energies seem to be spent.

#videogames #music #films

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@diazona @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon other factors that may skew the stats:

Libraries. While awesome in many ways, the revenue per book is less than from sales to individuals.

Free games include ads, so revenue is generated even there.

Second hand books are a thing still, even with ebooks becoming more popular, and won't be counted. Game downloads have all but killed the second hand game market.

Indie gaming is huge, with several major platforms. Indie books are controlled by Amazon.


@ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon Computer based visual novels (a genre I only recently discovered (when I bought a cheap 2nd hand PS4 last year!)) probably get counted as Video games, but perhaps should count more as a book, and there's a significant story element to a lot of video games.

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Hate watching reviews for a game I’ll never play. How’s your Sunday?

(The game is Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes)

#videogames #jrpg #eiyudenchronicle #games #gaming

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@renwillis ah alright! I can just say that I don't really agree with all of them, and at least my experience with the original SMT V was a lot more unpleasant than with Eiyuden - but everybody has a different taste. Maybe you'll give it a shot when it's on sale at some point☺️

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@buerviper Maybe! I’m also hoping the Vengeance update will be the “Royal” version of SMTV, we’ll see.

It’s all good. So many games and absolutely no rush.

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Ciri has found her way into #Cyberpunk2077! #VideoGames

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Also: come here, daddy! #Cyberpunk2077 #VideoGames

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I have mixed feelings about working on UI: on one hand it's both surprisingly complex and tedious. One the other hand when things do work, it's super rewarding.

Anyway, everything is still pretty ugly, so nothing to show yet. Here's a GIF instead for #screenshotsaturday

#videogames #steam

GIF of an isometric city builder game set during the industrial revolution where carriages, steam trains and steam boats travel around delivering goods.

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@todwest yes definitely! I’m giving priority to UX now, i’ll make it pretty later

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@elmowilk this is cool as hell! Sim City vibes, I love it 😍 Wishlisted!

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Yo no entiendo nada de distribuidoras, publishers y traducciones de videojuegos. Pero hay algo que me sorprende mucho y es que un mismo videojuego, tiene 200 localizaciones en Steam o Gog y en la eshop de Nintendo únicamente aparece en inglés o japonés 🤔¿Esto a qué se debe? Os Leo👀👀

#videogames #Videojuegos #nintendoswitch

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Puede ser el caso para este juego que mencionas y puede que no. Nintendo tiene una historia ya manteniendo posturas bastante cerradas por decirlo suavemente, pero puede que el asunto este se deba a otra cosa, como que el juego se estrenase primero en Switch y más tarde en otras plataformas como Steam y GOG en las que la revisión para publicar actualizaciones es menos tediosa.
Recuerdo muchas quejas de devs también con estos retrasos en revisiones de parches por parte de Microsoft.

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@tuneintodetuned Pues vaya...

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I normally don't do MMOs, but this game is really chill. Meet my child of light ✨️

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Video games, LeBron James, tattoos, and copyright law, in one story? The internet is really spoiling us today. @polygon reports on a long-drawn-out case in which tattoo artist Jimmy Hayden is suing Take-Two Interactive Software, makers of the NBA 2K video games, over the use of tattoos he made for LeBron James that were reproduced in games from 2016 to 2020. Hayden's attorney argues that Take-Two "painstakingly copied" the designs. Take-Two's team says that James' tattoos are a very small part of NBA 2K, and that James has licensed his own likeness to Take-Two, so a ruling in favor of Hayden would mean James would have to ask Hayden for permission to license his own being. Here are all the details, plus background on other cases in which tattoo artists have sued video game companies. What do you think?

For more stories like this, follow @polygon's Gaming Magazine, @gaming.

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@overholt @dancingtreefrog @dfrancis We learn so much in the fediverse! Seems like that particular law applies only to Europe and under certain conditions, but interesting to see that there is a precedent!

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@CultureDesk @overholt @dancingtreefrog @dfrancis Here is an overview of Artist's Resale Right ("droit de suite") and the jurisdictions where it applies. It was a hot topic a few years ago when technologies to support it gained mainstream attention.

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don't forget the director of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a proponent of gamergate. imo, you should side-eye any journalist covering the game who doesn't mention that :blobcatfingerguns: #VideoGames

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@littleampersand anytime people bring the game up and praise it online this comes to mind

people really don't care how the sausage is made until it negatively affects their particular experience

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So, what 2024 games have you been playing? There's got to be something out there that released this year that's holding your attention. What say you?

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What was your first online PvP experience? For me, it was C&C Tiberian Sun, on a 56k modem some time in 1999. After that I had a long gap until Splinter Cell double Agent in 2006!

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@PixelBandits I can't remember which was first but it was either Half-Life Deathmatch or Age of Empires. I think that was sometime around the turn of the century as well.

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@sudoaptgetlife both super strong choices! I adore Age of Empires 😍

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While I am personally against the idea of achievements, I recognize that some of you play for that reason primarily, so this might be interesting news for you:

“While playing the game, you can earn PlayStation Trophies just like on PlayStation consoles. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC shares the same Trophy set as the game on PlayStation 5 consoles. In addition, the PC version also has full support for Achievements on Steam and the Epic Games Store.”

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@darth this is an awesome edition. I was pretty sure Sony would add trophies to their PC games at some point. It makes sense with them shifting their focus to multi platform.

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@natejung I was wondering if Sony would create their own PC Store / Launcher. But apparently they found a better way.

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