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DC Live: Yoshi’s Island, part 3 livestream tonight at 8pm ET
We're halfway through, except for the hidden levels. So I can also say we're halfway through next time.
#Livestream #Videogames #Nintendo #SNES #SuperMarioWorld2YoshisIsland

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Sand Land - Sandstorm Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

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@lashman OHhh. It's a FOOT.

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Yet another book I'm really looking forward to later this year❗

"The History of the Gothic Video Game" showcases some of the most prominent and enduring examples of #VideoGames with #Gothic

Learn more here:

#GothicGames #VideoGame #Gamer #Game #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #Bayonetta #Bloodborne #Castlevania #DarkSouls #DieByTheSword #LegacyOfKain #Primal #Severance #NightmareCreatures #MediEvil #HunterTheReckoning #TheImmortal #DemonsSouls

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Cruising along on my Chapter 1s in 2, Hikari done! - anyone else play this game??


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@renwillis yes, Great game, great music!

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@tashasounart yay! I’m enjoying it. My only 2 complaints are the use of random battles and when doing Throne’s chapter 2, the use of the other characters felt weird and disjointed. But, goodness, it’s a gorgeous game and the battles are fun! Heavy stories!

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A merry chase across another dimension.

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Going to be streaming Mega Man Royale Revival (by Red1) NOW. #MegaMan #MegaManClassic #Fangame #VideoGames #Gaming

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Fellow #german speakers who play and talk about #videogames in german. I'm in the process of translating a mod right now and I think I need some opinions.

Would you translate "host" (as in someone who hosts a lobby or server) as "Gastgeber" or does it sound "too german"? Is "host" enough of a common word that you wouldn't question it in a german sentence?


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Do you consider borrowing the same as pirating them? If not, then what do you think the negative effect of pirating is?

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@RemeJuan to be completely honest I do not want to have a screen 1 centimeter from my eye for 10+ hours per day. Right now I have two monitors at home and two at work. If I ever need a third one or more of them .. I will simply add them, no big deal.

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@darth We used to just do "borrowing", it was called going to hollywood video and renting a game, $5 for 5 days with it.

As for pirating, I think at least enough people have to crack for archival due to bad DRM, but only partake in piracy after a game is no longer being sold anywhere and has become effectively abandonware, where it becomes fair to play free.

Unless you're streaming services, where you chop up one series across 5 different services, each worse than the last, in which case, F U.

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On today's episode of Offhand and Offbeat, the skeleton takes a look on Voodoo Detective, and reflects upon the genre of games

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I wrote a post about 10 of my favourite video games. Go and take a look!

#blogger #videogames #gaming #blogging

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@LifeToldByStacey cool list! Even the ones I'm not into/aren't my thing, I totally get. 🤣 love Sonic, that original Doom, Sim games (City and Ant - my kid loves the Sims ones) and he LOVES Pokémon - he's 17 now and has for many years.

Wolf 3D is my favorite fps, but that original Doom is a close second. It's so interesting when you grew up with a game or play it a ton, you fall in love with it and a PART of you, a part of your BRAIN like, LIVES there. I love that.

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A video explaining how I first got into gaming and how I started being a retro gamer

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Last year, FF XVI was a flop (according to "industry analysts"), now #FF7Rebirth is "under performing" when compared with a game that released in the middle of a lockdown and before a cost of living crisis. Then there is the fact Remake released at the end of the PS4 lifecycle when the install base was at its peak, where Rebirth released in 2024 on PS5 only when the install base still hasn't caught up with the previous generation.

Let's be honest, there are indie companies who would jump at the chance to make Rebirth numbers. Yeah these "industry analysts" can suck the big one. #VideoGames

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is "underperforming", says industry analyst

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@paulthenerd Square Enix is desperate to find an excuse to stop making jRPGs and focus on… I dunno, NFTs, AI, whatever the tech buzzword is this time around.

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A quick look at a Megadrive Genesis game not everyone might know about Boogie Woogie Bowling

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This is my favorite allrounder #Cyberpunk2077 built that can (a) get you passed every Tech and Int check, (b) is both a Katana warrior, as well as (c) a pistol and (Tech) rifle sharpshooter, (d) can go quiet as fck or loud as fck. It needs some additional cyberware to push up health and melee damage, but then it's unbeatable. Bonus: with 20 Int and Tech you get a lot of the deeper lore stuff in Cyberpunk. What's your fav built? #VideoGames

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@jynersolives very similar approach! I spend less in Body and use Gorilla Arms to boost the Body points (+4 with epic arms). 💪
Edit: oops! +6!

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@AbsolutelyDerek I did Gorilla arms in my first go but then decided against them in my consecutive playthroughs. Just don't want to cut off my arms 😅 The boxing subquest is still doable, it mainly comes down to your own health and how fast you can smash dat button!

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You know what’s hilarious about people complaining so much about digital only games purchases? Those same people keep buying them.

If the income is still incoming, the complaints become just noise.

If you truly hate online only digital only games purchases, stop buying them. Publishers don’t measure game popularity in how noisy people complain. They measure popularity in dollars.

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Okay. I know I poopooed AI and all that, BUT I just discovered an end use that’s actually helpful! — Asking it how to win boss fights in video games!

Finally. All those billions and billions invested by tech venture capitalists paying off.

Though… I do worry how this will affect Big Videogame Guides. But maybe it’s time to knock those hoity toity guide makers down a peg, eh?

#videogames #artificialintelligence #ai #chatgpt #microsoft #gaming #games #bossfight

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@fskornia Haha!

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@bazkie 😲


Of course, you’ve actually just described the future of the internet. Woof. Regurgitated AI content.

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My review of Shinobi 3, is it really two years since I made this review

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This past weekend, we stopped at a tiny arcade at the hotel I stayed at with the family. They have one of the two greatest arcade games of all time - Ms. Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat II.

Don't argue with me...that's totally a fact.

Regardless, as the main screens cycled through I took this picture. There was a screen that showed up with details on how to order the soundtrack as well as two different Mortal Kombat comic books back when this dropped in 1993.

I you think that's still valid? And if not, do you think there's folks out there who still have copies of these comics / the CD? Cause...I kind of want them.

Also, who stood around in an arcade in 1993 with a pen and paper to write down all this information? Cause I want to meet those people too...

...And borrow the soundtrack from them.

#VideoGames #MortalKombatII #MortalKombat2 #Arcade #ArcadeCabinet #Music #VGM #VideoGameMusic #ComicBooks #MortalKombat #FightingGames #ArcadeGame #ArcadeGames #Photo

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Welcome Sulley and Mike!
Sulley came right away and Mike wanted to beat the all-time laugh record before joining so I let him do that.

Me and Mike

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I'm still really sad that Westwood Studios was dissolved ❤️ just me?

It's heeeere! Really on a Dune binge at the moment.

#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamers #RetroGaming #retro #ps1

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@PixelBandits No, they made some great games for a while. There are a bunch of studios that I miss from those days...

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What's a game called, or what is the genre of a game, with detailed interactivity and interesting worldbuilding without RPG progression systems or mechanics? 🤔

You might say "immersive sim" but these often also have that, for me at least, RPG baggage attached. Although not always, as Dishonored arguably sheds much of that in its design.

Still, unsure how to search for these sorts of games.

#VideoGames #Gaming #AskGaming #AskGames

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Cognition Dissemination: Aria of the Solar Eclipse
I wonder why I’ve been thinking about Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow recently.
#Editorials #Videogames #CastlevaniaAriaOfSorrow #CognitionDissemination #konami #VideoGames

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