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I do like a good meatball sub

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Indie game devs going 10+ years strong. We make deep, highly-replayable RPGs.

Steam | Android | iOS | Our Site | Mastodon

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Reddit was awesome. It’s sad what became of it.
Started in Lemmy but kbin's reputation system woo'd me over!

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Nerd culture. Older-generation gamers bringing you contemporary news and reviews, and retrospective PS1 and PS2 era Flashbacks. Also lots of Discworld, Wales and Welsh culture, and daily gamer-parent life. avatar


A Canadian 🇨🇦 millennial ♀️♉️ living with Autism. ♾️

Blogger, Wattpad fanfiction author, and daydreamer writing about all sorts of things while playing video games and listening to rock 'n' roll and heavy metal every day. ✒️🎮🎶🤘

Also in love with countless fictional characters and musicians. 💖 avatar



Customer Support Manager:
Engage Team: Branch Metrics

I've been playing video games since the early 70's. ColecoVision and the Commodore 64 are my jams!

I love all things tech and all things that go BEEP!

If it's tech related in any way, you can count me in as far as being interested.

My main interests are: #AllThingsTech #VideoGames, #iOS, #Android, #News, #Music #Photography, #Food #MastoAdmin #fedi22 #searchable avatar


40+ German living in Germany 🇩🇪🇪🇺, pronouns he/they, posting about nerd stuff (sci-fi in movies, TV, and games) & sometimes politics (green politics, eco-socialism, solarpunk). Oh and #TransRights are human rights. Achtung: kann Spuren von #Deutsch enthalten! avatar


life, love, music, art, jrpgs, and a soupçon of existential dread! 💕

  • one of them there they-them bisexuals, dagnabbit!

🌈 bi/pan non-binary
✊ very lefty atheist
🎵 my music: fairy 🧚 eyelashes
🎨 my art (instagram): renwillisart
🦩 baltimore, hon avatar


All about Magic: the Gathering, video games, LGBT rights, and writing about the above. She/her.

Currently playing: nothing! avatar


The official Mastodon account for Damage Control Blog. We are a group of writers dedicated to featuring the finest video game, anime, and geek culture news. Some of us also stream games on Twitch. Find us on #fedi22! #PFP by | Discord: #Blogging #VideoGames #Anime #GeekNews #Livestreamer #Twitch avatar


He/him, previously design lead on GOV.UK Prototype Kit and other GDS projects.

Looks after plants and animals. Anxiety and depression avatar


game/film #composer • does daily #PixelArt • #VFX/motion graphic artist • occasionally #gamedev • posts gaming and gamedev news, and new steam store pages • he/him 🏳️‍🌈

#Fedi22 #Music #PixelArt avatar


Level 14 Dad of 4. Christian. Left. Xennial. Enginerd. He/Him. 2006 TIME POTY. Enviromancer. Amateur Pokémon Trainer. Animal Crossing Island: Moduland. Opinions 🗑.

Staff / Mastodon Admin:

Tags: #fedi22 #Parenting #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #DadJokes #Jokes #Humor #Silly #Anime #Manga #OnePiece #KPop #Music #ACNHInspo #Christian #Faith

PFP: Balding, bearded white man in a pink polo shirt.

Header: Black and white manga screenshot showing a bearded man in sunglasses popping out of the ceiling. A nervous person whose face is partially in view yells, "Dad?!" avatar


The Video Game Library is the definitive site for video game literature. New books from around the world are added every single day. A free resource for historians, academics, fans and fellow writers.


Against DRM (spy) tools
Against Google / Alphabet
For Freedom of Tech.
Supporter of Right To Repair
#Linux (Fedora) user
Game Developer
Retro Gamer / Collector

I'm not here to save the world, but we can all work together to make it better.

I make posts relating mostly to retro games and privacy awareness.

Feel free to follow me to show your support for the things I post. But even if you don't follow, thanks for visiting. :-)


Blogger and Video Producer at
Opinions expressed are my own and not the views of anyone who employs me. avatar


30s • 🍁 pnw • library technician •
STG/puzzle head • board gaming • certified Hater •
癒し系 • CGDCT appreciator •
shaped like a friend • he/him

may not approve follows if you have no bio/intro/posts avatar


Blog about gamedev
🗃️ programming experience 21 years
🎮 game development 6 years
🧶 programmer Erra: Exordium
🎫 porting to the consoles
🛠️ unity, unreal engine

#gamedev #indiedev #videogames #programming #gamedesign

🏠🇺🇦 Ukraine, Kyiv avatar


I play games and write about them.
Learning to code Amiga games. 🕹️ admin.
I discuss :linux: Linux topics.
I boost gaming posts.
penso positivo.

Proud to be Slav!

:amiga: Amiga fan.
:startrek: Trekkie.
:warframe: Tenno.

#Amiga #Linux #Gaming #VideoGames #Warframe #SeaOfThieves #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #OpenSource #SteamDeck #SciFi #StarTrek #GameDev #Emacs avatar


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar


(ey/em) Xennial Chaotic Neutral INFP

Oregon <- California <- Arkansas

Web Developer HTML JavaScript CSS Web Components Custom Elements Progressive Web Apps PWAs Service Workers ShadowDOM ReactJS Lit GraphQL Cypress Playwright

Classic Cars Air-Cooled Volkswagens EVs Bicycles eBikes

Video Games Retro Gaming Emulation Anbernic Handhelds VR Unreal Sega

Serverless AWS ActivityPub FOSS Open Source Linux

Coffee Mushrooms Gardening Pumpkins avatar


Streamer, host of the Literate Pixel Podcast, Tabletop RPG Designer and stay-at-home father of two. avatar


#WaitWait Stats Person, Release Manager, Background in IT/DevOps, #TBTL Ten, and sometimes a photographer. Pronouns: he/him/they/them

#WaitWaitDontTellMe #WWDTM #Python #DoctorWho #Whovian #StarTrek #BAONPDX #RCTID #COYS #Oregon #BSD #Linux #Photography #fedi22

Profile image: vectorized image of a Moopsy in a conference room

Header image: #xkcd 353 by Randall Munroe. Source: (CC BY-NC 2.5)


Co-Owner of Pincade

We provide the local fighting game, arcade / virtual pinball community with a range of parts and accessories for their projects.

I also work in DevOps, Infosec & Managed Service Provision. avatar


I live in New York. I get paid to write about databases. I don’t get paid to write about other stuff, but I do it anyway.

Tech writer at Google; Co-founder of IFTF, an interactive-fiction nonprofit; Liker of coffee, cats, open web technologies, et cetera. Co-admin of

All views I express in my personal posts are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Five Borough Fedi Project. avatar


Author of Chikorita157's Anime Blog. Comptia CySA+ and Security+ certified.

Yuri/Idolmaster/Magia Record/Uma Musume/Nintendo/Information Technology/CGDCT/Progressive Democrat/Japanese Music .

My Oshi (推し) Seiyuus/Seiyuu Units: 水瀬いのり/TrySail/内田真礼/東山奈央/上田麗奈/鬼頭明里


Admin/Owner of Sakurajima, Asian-American run.

Sakurajima Social (Alt) :
Avatar: Yoshida Yuko (Shamiko) from Machikado Mazoku (game artwork from the now defunct Kirara Fantasia)

#animeblogger #anime #yuri #informationtechology avatar


We are the samurai, the keyboard cowboys. avatar

stefan avatar


CS professor, game designer, and fire dancer ordinaire. avatar


I love videogames and chatting about them. When I'm not gaming, I read and play with my cats, sometimes simultaneously.

I may toot a lot about #FireEmblem avatar


Living legend, possibly the first #bosnian in vast wastelands of #fediverse. Middle-aged punk rock journalist, musician and podcaster. Also finishing third draft of my debut novel. Talks #wrestling #productivity #horror #punkrock in #bosnian and #english

tootfinder ON avatar


Queer Asian-Canadian geek girl.

Owner of Escher Girls. she/her

also may or may not be a cat


Ko-Fi: avatar


Destiny Warlock. Pro at falling off cliffs while aiming. My nephew said I should start streaming, so here we are. I love to laugh. Gamertag of @chartier he/him #VideoGames #Destiny2 #BLM #TransRights #equity avatar


#Metal Music journalist. #HeavyMetal fan. Writer of reviews and interviews for Heavy Matters podcast and website. Posts probably about #DeathMetal #BlackMetal, beer and pizza. Liverpool. He/Him. I post a weekly round up of new releases under #FletchsFridayReleases #fedi22 avatar


A Nintendo Podcast for Grownups avatar


Career IT 👨‍💻 #Linux #CyberSecurity #IT #InfoSec
Video Games 🎮 #Xbox #PC #VideoGames #RetroGames #IndieGames
Space 🛰️ #Space #Science #Rockets
US Army Veteran 🇺🇸 #OIF avatar


Game developer, web developer, writer. I also talk politics and ballot access. I make games with #HaxeFlixel and like to release my stuff as open source. avatar


NFTs are an automatic block. I like pixel art, indie dev, video games, and nerd stuff. Tell me FFXIV stories please. #indiedev #pixelart #videogames #ffxiv avatar


Creative Analyst, Philosopher, Philanthropist, Humanist avatar


Programming, tech, gaming & other geeky topics from Sherri Wheeler.

Occasional business, handiwork, electronics, parenting and fitness content.

🐘 PHP/JS developer with miles to go before I sleep();

All posts are my own - never AI generated.

Ally & anti-racist. Bigoted or harassing replies get blocked & reported.

Available for part-time contract work.



#nobridge #nobot avatar


Just a guy who loves #Gaming in its many forms.

I play, record, and #Stream #VideoGames (mostly on the #PC) both for entertainment, and to spotlight smaller games.

As always, comments and feedback are appreciated. Feel free to suggest #Games, especially #IndieGames. avatar



I'm Dan. A 36 year old father of two who doesn't have nearly as much time as he needs to do half the things he wishes he had the time to do.

I mainly Toot about the following:



Indie game devs going 10+ years strong. We make deep, highly-replayable RPGs & strategy games for PC and mobile.

#Gaming #GameDev #PCGaming avatar


(She/Her) | Journalist | Sword lesbian | Antifascist | Transgender library witch | Tech whistleblower | Aspiring necromancer


Games Journalist 🎮📝
Completionist 🏆🏅
Critical Thinker 🤔
Encouraging kindness, informed opinions and a deeper look into video games avatar


"Age of Irata" is my passion project! SunPoweredGameDev: Crafting Worlds with Solar Sparks!⚡🎮 Wishlist Irata using the link below 👇I’m here to be apart of communities so if you are a relatively active user with positive content, I will follow back 😁🍻 avatar



Making and studying video games in my spare time.

Writings on different video game subjects:

Avatar: Portrait of a smiling teal cartoon frog.
BG: An underpass looking out on a city and river. avatar


Gardener from Germany who is into Sword & Sorcery, Space Opera, Cyberpunk, Neo-Noir, and Synthwave.
I started working on my own videogame in 2024, even though I have basically no prior experience with game development. avatar


Pixels and code. Also coffee. he/him avatar


Level 14 Dad of 4. Christian. Leftist. Xennial. Enginerd. He/Him. 2006 TIME POTY. Enviromancer. Opinions 🗑. ACNH Island: Moduland. avatar


Senior Technical Writer @ Opplane (Lisbon, Portugal). PhD in Communication Sciences (ISCTE-IUL). Past: technology journalist, blogger & communication researcher.

#TechnicalWriting #WebDev #WebDevelopment #OpenSource #FLOSS #SoftwareDevelopment #IP #PoliticalEconomy #Communication #Media #Copyright #Music #Cities #Urbanism


⁕ Computer Technician 🖥
⁕ Fan of Gnu/Linux :linux:
⁕ Debian user :debian:
⁕ Android user :android:
⁕ Lover of Minimalism
⁕ Urban Cyclist 🚴‍
⁕ Cinema lover 📽️
⁕ Retro Gamer 🎮

I am a shy guy but I can handle a good conversation with others. I am a Old School RuneScape player and I like play retro games also I ride a 2003 Kona Hahanna bike in urban environment.

I toot in English and Spanish.


Reader, writer, coder. Author of Bridge Daughter, A Man Named Baskerville, and According to Cain.

I currently divide my time between San Francisco and Tokyo.

Next novel is being edited. Next interactive fiction is being developed.

Professional Mastodon: @jim

Boosts & links != endorsement.

#IndiePublishing #Writing #InteractiveFiction

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