kenblu24, (edited ) avatar
  • Best insertion: Displayport Locking
    • Runner-up: Ethernet (RJ45), Apple 30-Pin (Locking)
  • Best removal: Magsafe 3
    • Runner-ups: USB-C, USB-B 3.0
  • Best differential pair connector: Lightning (because it’s so consistent feeling)
    • Runner-up: USB-C
  • Best residential AC plug: British BS1363 (Type G)
  • Best lightbulb base: Bayonet B15s
    • Runner-ups: GU10, GU24, Fluorescent Bi-pin
  • Best audio port: 6.35mm TRRS (1/4")
    • Runner-ups: Banana Jacks, Neutrik SpeakON
  • Best video port: HDMI
    • Runner-ups: RCA Composite/Component, DVI, BNC, USB-C
  • Best device-internal connector: JST GH series
    • Runner-up: any miniature mezzanine connector

  • Worst differential connectors: USB micro B 3.0, any ethernet cable with a bubble boot or broken latch, mini-HDMI, micro-HDMI
  • Worst HF connectors: Coaxial, all miniature HF wire to board connectors (holy crap the naming is inconsistent) i.e. UFL, IPEX
  • Worst audio connectors: cheap 3.5mm, spring clip terminal, binding posts (especially plastic knob ones)
  • Worst residential AC plug: Europlug
  • worst device-internal connectors: wire soldered through-hole, any Molex connector or power connector inside a computer
hydro033, (edited )

Even after silicone lubing all my molex they still suck ass. Hate those things so much

leaskovski avatar

I have to agree on display ports. Best fit feedback ever.


Worst internal connector by far is dual USB3, the cable is so thick and unwieldly, I always feel like the pressure from trying to bend it is going to rip the header off the board

kenblu24, avatar

TRUE especially since the pins are tiny. I bent two of them inside the shroud somehow and they snapped, so now I only have one front USB 3.0 port.


Solid ranking, but on audio you’re neglecting XLR. Quarter inch jacks are indeed very satisfying, but XLR is so reassuring.

kenblu24, avatar

The few that I’ve used either require too much force to connect, or are just friction-fit only (like those Neutrik combo XLR + 1/4" receptacles you find on audio interfaces), but I’ll take your word for it. XLR looks like it should feel solid.


I use these Harting connectors at work, and the levers make such a satisfying THUNK since the connector body is solid steel.

SouthFresh, avatar

Had to go too far for BNC. You don’t often question of that’s seated properly… just if it’s terminated properly


BNC RG59 twist on locking coaxial connector is the superior locking cable form factor.


Really, inserting HDMI is more pleasurable than RCA/composite?


I dislike the US power plug way more than the Europlug (or compatible sockets like Schuko). It just slides in, only thing holding it in is friction. Also, there is a connection while the contacts are exposed, exposing the user to the risk of shock.

Also, I like DisplayPort more than HDMI, it clicks really nice on insertion and in my opinion pulling it out is also more satisfying.

PerogiBoi, avatar

Ethernet. Dat click and dat squishy release. Mmmmmmpppphhhhh

Cabrio, (edited )

BNC RG59 twist on, locking coaxial connector. The RG59 form factor is the pinnacle of locking cable connector form factors and should be implemented universally.


some connectors are designed to break easily. RG59 would not break, the device would break. Hence why one finds in middle connections.


Yes, some devices are not engineered or manufactured adequately to support the superior form factor that is RG59. Weakness is not permitted.

Nobsi, avatar

My first is RJ45, it’s so clicky.
After that is everything held together by magnets. I bought a cheap magnet microusb cable for charging my headphones. It’s like magsafe but way weaker.


Fuck a boot though. When trying to remove a bunch at once they just get in the way.


I’m glad that most of the older formats are gone. Screws are cumbersome, USB formats were intentionally varied for profit, and molex would break itself before you could seat it properly.

I love USB-C for its universality and SATA cables are a nice alternative to the old IDE. I wish they’d come up with a better solution to the plastic clips on my Ethernet and PSU cables.

As for my favorite… Maybe 3.5mm? I mean, it’s old as dirt but still super functional. Nice chunky clicks and usually a solid connection. I miss having a 3.5mm port on my phone. It obviously has some drawbacks, but it’s a solid contender.


Thumb screws are great for a secure connection that holds up, and can be undone at any time, and takes the stress away from the port itself, since the screws support the stress, so you cant screw up the port by accidentally yanking the cable out like you can with HDMI.

USB variants? You mean mini and micro? That was so products could be made smaller and smaller, cause no one wanted a phone that had a USB B slot on it, making the phone an inch thick.

Everyone has different experiences, but in all my years of PC building and repairs, I only ever had 1 problem with a molex connector, and it was cause the pins had corroded together (PC had water damage, was seeing if anything was salvageable.)

3.5mm its old as dirt and functional, but its also flimsy. a bad bump and you can break the connections inside it without breaking it externally… Which is what happened to my last pair of headphones…thankfully they had a replaceable cable.

USB-C is a major pain in the ass. You pick up a random USB-C cable. Okay… is it a charging cable, or does it have data? is it Slow speed or high speed? Does it support thunderbolt? Who knows! Hope you label them and keep them properly separated!


USB-A, USB-B, USB-B Superspeed, mini-USB, micro-USB, micro-USB-Super Speed. Some of those also presented the issue of not having a simple visual indication of whether it was USB 1, 2, or 3. At least with USB-C, the cables should all work, even if you get slower speeds, whereas a USB-B-3 connector wouldn’t fit a USB-B-2 port at all.

The solution to the USB-C mystery cable is to just get a pile of Thunderbolt cables and then you can be sure it’ll handle whatever the attached devices do.


XLR cable. Big, chunky, clicky lock.

mp3, avatar

I like Molex.

Said no one ever.


Beats the hell out of IDE.

mp3, avatar

Some will never know the pain of hitting the outside of their hand on a sharp corner inside a computer case while pulling on one of these.


The best thing about Molex is I haven’t had to touch it for a while.


38999, circ mil bayo mount connectors.




Standard usb connector because despite my having a 50% chance of having it right side up, the first attempt is always upside down.


So is the second attempt.

CeruleanRuin, avatar

I’m convinced that some USB plugs rotate through a fourth spatial dimension.

hsr, avatar

Could also be that they have a spin of ½ so you need to rotate them by 720° to get back to their original orientation.


I like USB-C especially when it clicks.


Love the NL4 connector’s locking system! Most things with a small twist to lock are nice…


FUCK yes, so satisfying


I love XLR and mini-XLR. Durable connector, nice locking mechanism, satisfying click. Also very easy to wire yourself.


Did you know that XLR is also something of a standard for interchangeable sex machine attachments?


BNC connector, such a satisfying screw and click into place mechanism.


Agree. Twist lock always feels easy to do and secure.

Slackwise, avatar

BNC is the one. No idea how this response is that far down and people are saying stuff like “USB-C”. I guess people have no experience with the wonder that is a BNC connector…


Garden hose. It has a satisfying click, and it stops water flow while disconnected 🤯

tomcatt360, avatar

Where are you from? Because here in the US, our garden hoses do neither of those things.


These bad boys are the best thing about gardening in Britain


This is what’s used in Australia also, but what do they use in the US then, if not the clicky boys?

Wahots, avatar

Nothing, just metal threading M-F connected to a tap usually. Not very satisfying!

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