I used to. I inherited generations’ worth of photo albums.

Then in a bout of homeless poverty I lost everything I owned when I failed to pay the bill on a storage unit. All those photos are gone now.


My mother used to regularly do photo albums with family photos before we all went digital so I’ve been looking for a solution for years. Nextcloud has been decent with a few apps installed. Only done a couple small albums & worked for my needs. The face detection is alright but cheap cameras, blurry photos, and random mix of internet saved photos doesn’t help, lol. The map view works really well for photos with GPS data. I have my phone setup to automatically upload all new photos to Nextcloud too. Lately been working on plans to share access with my family over zerotier so they can view and upload their own to share back with me.


once a year I make each of my kids a Google photo book of their year in highlights. They love those books, more meaningful & special than seeing pictures on a screen.


I don’t keep any albums, but my parents do have a lot of them from the film era. I only take digital photos, but some particularly nice pictures were printed and framed.

davefischer, avatar

Some old ones from my grandparents / great grandparents. Mostly from the 20s & 30s, but a few photos go back to the 1890s.

ianovic69, avatar

Lots of very old ones, mostly with film prints. Now I prefer photo books.

We do have some framed prints around the house as well, but I really like photo books.


My wife has about 40. Really fun to get drunk and browse through them every now and then


Yes, I have physical photo albums simply in order to have failsafes. Already lost a few digital photos due to hard drives and DVDs breaking. Therefore I now order printed albums every now and then.

win95, avatar

Yes. My husband made me a small photo album in November 2021, a year after my dad died before Christmas 2020. That’s my dearest one, with pictures of me and my dad.

Helped me so much more than the digital copies I have somewhere.


Do I… do photo albums?


Do you do photo albums / do you have photo albums?

Took me a minute


36 here, I obsessed over my albums throughout my teens and 20s, thinking that they would be an important artifact. I still have them, but haven’t contributed to them with prints since maybe 2008. I keep saying I’m going to print pictures from my phone though…


Yes. I have some albums gifted to me by my grandmother. I have my wedding photo book. And we also have some instax polaroid albums we have been making.

Then again, I also have some tintype portraits of us as well. I guess I like physical photos.


Ne me, cuz I’m only 18, but my grandparents do still have them. Only for really old photos tho, even they are only using their phone and tablet now.

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