What IT careers are related to ecological conservation, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief?

I've been creating a short-list of organizations I would love to work for, and I wanted to ask for suggestions here because many members of this community are technology professionals with a strong interest in social & ecological issues.

I recently graduated with a bachelors of science information technology degree, and I have the Comptia trifecta (A+, Net+, Sec+) as well as several other certifications. Ideally as soon as possible, but within the next 3-5 years I want to work in conservation/climate change mitigation, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, or another tangentally related field. I'm looking for recommendations for specific organizations I might want to work for, and needed skills that I can learn to be more useful to those organizations.

I have about 2 years experience in IT (enterprise helpdesk, SOHO networking, some enterprise networking) and I have about 3 months of volunteer field experience in disaster relief (mucking & gutting, organizational liason & team coordination). I am also interested in positions that require a similar skillset (like GIS), and I am open to 100% travel time because I prefer fieldwork to remote work.

I greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you for the help!


awesome focus! make a list of organizations that do these things and then reach out to their HR team directly.

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