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Neural Times is an AI-powered news site that autonomously selects topics, researches, writes, and publishes news. Drawing equal amounts of information from left, right, and center sources in each story, we aim to counteract political bias and polarization.

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Former Redditor looking for something better.

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Hi! I'm new here! 👋

Mastodon: @narF


I'm also new on Calckey: @narF

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I write a newsletter about establishing healthy boundaries with the digital world.

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The Nexus Of Privacy looks at the connections between technology, policy, strategy, and justice. We're also on the fediverse at @thenexusofprivacy

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the internet is an ocean
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A little bit of computing and a little bit of neuroscience.

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I believe in bodily autonomy, equity, and laws that advance and protect both.
Mostly retired. Mostly living the dream. Beware. Known to swear. I ignore DMs.

#gardening #photography #reading #science #LGBTQIA #BLM #politics #MentalHealth #autism #GreenEnergy #dogs #NoAltNoBoost #equity #architecture avatar


Casual and professional autistic programmer cisbi homoromantic guy. Yes, I'm a furry, and a big dogcat, while we're at it. Certified red fash tankie. Mostly writes in English. Czasem po polsku. Deutschsprache Student. Quadruple stabbed. Average EAS enjoyer. Amateur radio operator. Losowy lewag spoza fapcyrkla. Always stay silly. He/him/his. pfp by avatar


Likes Linux,
Forced to repair Windows PC's at work.

Верну описание как более менее вернусь в феди движуху

Чисто об увлечениях - без политоты, ибо нафиг надо. avatar


I am here to talk about Computers, Metal and anything.
Software developper. #SFCC for a living.
Show me memes.
#freesoftware #freeculture #morocco #privacy #selfhosting #birds #metal


User:JackFromWisconsin on Wikimedia wikis.

Regular contributor and supporter of the Wikimedia movement. Science, Math, and Technology enthusiast. Believer in free and open-source software and technologies.


Analog learner, tireless optimist, professional curious, #selfhosting enthusiast, hacktivist + feminist, methodical explorer, inventor of evocative pairs of words

I believe in a future where communities, individuals, and critical voices are empowered to improve the world through knowledge and technology

> I 🏴 #hackmeeting
> ~ byte::a ~
> Internet Society Youth Ambassador 2023
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The Fediverse Report is a curated blog, giving you links and context to all the news that is happening in the fediverse.

Every week you get 'Last Week in the Fediverse', with a summary of the relevant news of the week.

Feel free to follow my personal account as well.

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Software Engineer by day

Things I like:

Things I've Built:

“Egyptians are twisted and bitter people with a sense of humor"

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Reversing (malware and otherwise); appsec and websec; embedded security; exploit dev; software preservationist; knows how not to use cryptography.

Currently finding bugs in Windows bootloaders.

You may also know me from capcom.sys.


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