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The fediverse aquarium. A reflection on the Fediverse in the dual nature of ecosystem and social model.


«It is not just one of the famous social media bubbles, but a system of interconnected aquariums, each with different populations, temperatures, salinity and pH, and represents a model of socialization and global governance in which administrators have structured rules of coexistence that implement the ban on the intolerant theorized by Karl Popper»

By @informapirata

Here is the article in Italian and here is the automatic translation

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@enzoesco grazie! Gentilissimo


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Beautiful article. It is not surprising that it was published by one of the best Italian online newspapers

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Decent Decentralisation


Good counter to the focus on protocols.

> a protocol needs to achieve two things: it needs to prevent the accumulation of power imbalances between parties … and it needs to make it easy for users to cooperate in building the the rules they want for how the protocol's operation affects them … the success of decentralisation and … of a democratic digital world rides not only on liberation but also on organising.


By @robin

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@poVoq Agreed. It got me thinking. But feels almost entirely ideological, conflating social media (e.g. Twitter, Reddit) with “the digital world”.

Saying git is a “failed attempt at decentralisation” just because GitHub is popular misses that GitHub is less critical infrastructure than it would be if we only had CVS or Subversion.

I’m encouraged by incremental, practical decentralisation efforts outside of social media. It’s slow, kinda boring but it’s real and happening today.


alcinnz, (edited )
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@maegul @fediverse Thanks @robin for the term "Google Search Fallacy"! I've been seeing variations upon it everywhere ...

Love this article!

(I've toyed with decentralized search before & quickly came to the conclusion that the way we commonly think about it is thoroughly misguided)


@fediverse Let's face it. When talking about the Fediverse, it is very hard to sell interoperability between different types of instances as a major advantage.


@fediverse From my experience I am having two main issues when talking with people about the Fediverse:


@fediverse Again, maybe I was only very unlucky with the instances I chose to let my friends sign up for the Fediverse, but we really need to think on how to make this as effortless as possible for new users. Changing paradigm is not easy, making everyone grasp the underlying concepts of the Fediverse is not easy, increasing adoption is not easy. We can not rely on another Xpocalypse.

I'm interested in discussing more about this.

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Talk to your News Reporter with our Entirely Automated AI-Aggregated News Site

You can now ask our AI questions about the news article. The AI is given context from all the aggregated articles which include 2 left, 2 right, and 2 center. We do this by vectorizing each article and storing them in a *vector database called pinecone. You now have access to significantly more information for top news stories. This feature is currently in beta and may not function perfectly. We would love to hear your feedback

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testing one two i'll delete it shortly



i’ll delete it shortly

I’m not sure how many more of these lies I can take :'(

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@sab the deletion did not federate, I guess the fedi doesn't fully verse :<

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Entirely Automated AI-Powered Balanced News Site

For the last few months our team has been working on an entirely automated AI-powered news site. I am excited to announce that v1.0 is finally being released. This version includes full coverage with every article generated from 2 left leaning, 2 right leaning, and 2 neutral sources. We have also added an anonymous commenting system for people to share their opinions freely. Our servers are now running 24/7 so that new articles appear as they happen! Let me know what you guys think, as well as any comments/concerns/questions you have!

Here's the link: https://www.neuraltimes.org/

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@MediaActivist What would you classify it as?

@abraham_linksys @Chozo

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@neuraltimes MSNBC is definitely left of center, at least as far as US politics go. MediaActivist appears to be UK-based, so they might see it differently over there.

@abraham_linksys @MediaActivist

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Lemmy.world was hacked and most Lemmy servers are still vulnerable to the exploit:

posted also to [@fediverse]


Anyone knows what maintainers should do to patch the vulnerability?

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Been patched already in release 0.18.2-rc’s

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@feditips @fediverse Is there a Fedi version of something like Facebook Groups? Social circles for a specific topic? Calckey looks like it has something similar but they are currently not federated and also I've found the platform in general to be very unstable.

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@trashpanda_x/friendica @AudraTran

Friendica's groups are similar to Guppe or Chirp.

I think the comparison is because the Friendica interface resembles Facebook's older interface from about 5-10 years ago, and it has features like photo albums and calendars.


@feditips Yea. Pretty much this is how it looks. An arguably better interface than the current one. There are also servers that have better looking themes, such as social.trom.tf/

Is also able to create groups?

@trashpanda_x/friendica @AudraTran

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@fediverse @fediverse Test post to MULTIPLE groups from mastodon, please ignore

I already tested posting to one group and (with a slight issue with replies) it seems to work fine. Now I'm interested to know what happens if I try to post to MULTIPLE groups at the same time, what happens then?

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Oh, interesting! I haven’t gotten my head around Mastodon. It just seems like a huge mess, to me. Like, Twitter was a big enough mess on its own, and then Mastodon had to take Twitter and make it like 10x more complicated.

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Yeah Mastadon feels like a monolithic mess to me, but probably I just don't understand how the tags work. Never used Twitter for that reason. In any case, Lemmy is a lot more in tune to my needs. Kbin might be good for me too and I looked at it a bit, but Lemmy seems to work better for me.

maegul, (edited )
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So startrek.website have cleaned out their spam bots. Looking at the graph of their user counts on gives a sense of the time course of the spam bot problem.


If you presume the same time course for lemmy as a whole (which fits, see here: https://fedidb.org/current-events/threadiverse), lemmy’s true user count is somewhere between its June 18 and 19 numbers … ~200k, somewhere around Pixelfed/peertube territory.
Bigger instances might grow faster.

@fediverse @fediversenews

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The developer of Sync, a popular Reddit app for Android, has confirmed that they're building 'Sync for Lemmy'.

The developer confirmed it on Reddit here: https://old.reddit.com/r/SyncforLemmy/comments/14ee1ul/sync_for_lemmy_is_happening/

You can track it in the new Lemmy community here: https://lemmy.world/c/syncforlemmy

@fediversenews @fediverse ]

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@Bigou @fediversenews The devs response to that question:

"I'm literally brand new to this all so I've got some serious catching up to do. Fun times ahead though!"



@fediversereport @fediversenews @fediverse Awesome for Android users and Lemmy!
For iOS users, Memmy is great and evolving fast (it’s in beta so only available through TestFlight for now).

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There are now multiple browser extensions to redirect outgoing links to subs in the threadiverse to your local instance of choice

Kbin Linker Extension

Lemmy Linker Extension

This is a major downside to how federation works currently and something we shouldn't need extensions for, but as a stopgap solution I am glad they exist.

@fediverse ]

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@liaizon @tchambers @fediverse Hundred percent agree we shouldn’t need these work arounds. However, it’s amazing the pace of change and how fast these issues are being resolved. Think about how long some of the issues continue to plague us on various platforms and tools from Apple Microsoft google and others.

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@amart @tchambers @fediverse oh yeah I am super excited people are making these tools and working on ways to fix these problems. If we came together and worked collectively on some of these underlying issues it would be even more powerful.

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This happened quickly…Lemmy is now the second biggest platform next to mastodon!?!




@maegul @fediverse @fediversenews Wow, that's some rapid growth! 🚀 Looks like the is on fire. 🔥 Just shows how much we all crave more control over our digital lives. Kudos to @dessalines and @nutomic and the whole Lemmy team, from underdogs to top dogs in no time! 🐕 @fediverse @fediversenews

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@AskThinkingTim A few days ago, kbin wasn't on that list at all :) It's a huge honor for me, and I'm glad people are enjoying being here. Currently, my main goal is to prepare the infrastructure and sort out the basics. The real fun will start when migratories between platforms are established. This is the fediverse, and a lot can change here ;)

@fediverse @fediversenews @maegul

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"My long-term vision for RedReader is to restructure the app to more easily support other sites, including Lemmy" -RedReader

RedReader is a Reddit app with over 100k downloads on the Google Play store

"I think it would be cool to work with some kind of "open forum protocol" which would allow a variety of websites and apps to interoperate with each other through a uniform API."


[ @fediverse]

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I feel bad for the people who rely on accessibility features like those in r/blind. It feels like they don't have much choice and pretty limited in terms of options. I don't think lemmy/kbin has enough to offer them from an accessibility standpoint yet (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I hope RedReader supports the Fediverse soon for that, if nothing else.


I was a long time RedReader user before the API shenanigans. Honestly surprised to see it mentioned here, it’d be awesome to see Lemmy compatibility.

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