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I am here to talk about Computers, Metal and anything.
Software developper. #SFCC for a living.
Show me memes.
#freesoftware #freeculture #morocco #privacy #selfhosting #birds #metal

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baldur, to random
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Made the mistake of reading through a discussion between publishing types on an “AI”-adjacent topic (rumours about tech cos contemplating buying Simon & Schuster). I’ve rarely seen so much concentrated ignorance on so many topics bundled together in a single thread 🙄

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@baldur stop reading whatever grinds your gears. Unless your contribution may have tangible added value, just ignore it.

aral, to SmallWeb
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Coming soon: it’s going to be trivial to deploy a different app on your Small Web server. Useful if you’re a dev and you’re playing around with different apps.


(Also, notice the speed at which deployment happens. I’m one step away from implementing this in Domain using pre-warmed Kitten instances – called toasty kittens – thereby bringing the time it takes to deploy your own Small Web place down to a handful of seconds.)

:kitten: 💕

#Kitten #SmallWeb #deployment

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@aral can you explain, even broadly, how do you deploy a space, please?

feld, to random
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Microsoft is paying people to replace master/slave terminology in the Linux kernel


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@feld I never understood how master/slave terminology is racist or such. It is an analogy or a principle that applies to objects. Its not like a master in a database cluster would abuse people and slave replicas have been kidnapped and are exploited and have their human rights stripped away. The intention is very good and if someone provides a patch to improve wording it would be nice. But this effort is better spent fixing actual slavery.

liaizon, to random
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good morning keyboards!

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@liaizon good luck! Nice seeing you contribute to MNT.

purplepadma, to random
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I love my bestie so much but her voice notes are so long. I’m tired and full of cold and confused by the clock change and I’ve had to text her to say that I just don’t have the capacity to listen to an 8 and a half minute message. Am I an awful person?

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@purplepadma 8 minutes is way too long. A bit hard but not wrong of you to tell her you cannot listen to that much.

aral, to hosting
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Right, I’m back to focussing on Domain* now that another round of dev is complete on Kitten** and, two years after I originally asked the question: does anyone know of a comparable service to Hetzner Cloud (API, affordable, very quick server setup, VPS) that supports CoreOS?

I still can’t find any. And my attempts to get Hetzner to support it have failed (mostly due to lack of interest on Fedora’s side) 🤷‍♂️


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@dragnucs@touha.me avatar

@aral I see. Then after creating the server you may want to take a snapshot of it and remove the VPS. You can use this fresh snapshot to create new VPS. However I haven't figured out a way to re run cloud init on servers started that eau from the snapshot. My solution was to hop to Debian.

kaia, to random
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I'm suprised that shitposter.club decided to switch to Mastodon, but thinking about it more, it really makes sense. Mastodon just works better for more users.

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@Moon @kaia whaloaat, is not pleroma a lighter implementation than Mastodon?

metin, to DigitalNomadHub
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Jobs in the 2000s:

"Here's an article and a nice budget, please illustrate it, thanks."

Jobs in the 2020s:

"We're launching a new Gen Y concept in market. It's a fresh approach to Platform X, and we're working with TikTok influencers on unique NFTs. We need you to create 120 generative AI style characters in two weeks. We don't have a high budget, but you'll get lots of exposure. Someone on Fiverr offered to do it for $ 75."

#job #jobs #client #commission #commissions #freelance #work #labor

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@metin The right answer is "then go with that one from fiverr".

chrisg, to Redis
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There goes Redis:


This is such a mess, it is hard not to feel angry.

Briefly - the cloud providers are definitely a huge issue. They are the vampires of the software community and the root cause of many of our problems.

But redis didn't go against them. They went against the community that made them grow. Same like Mongo, Neo4j.

And as @jenniferplusplus said - don't sign CLAs. They are a big part that let moves like these happen.

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@chrisg @jenniferplusplus what are viable redis alternatives?

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18+ ButterflyOfFire, to random
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I love it.
Good morning.

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@ButterflyOfFire Lets not talk about how your monitor is all messed up and would cause you eye strain.

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@ButterflyOfFire tu utilize ton informatique en quel langues ?

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@ButterflyOfFire intéressant. Il y a quoi comme alternative ? Par contre pourquoi es-ce qu'ils ont viré le kabyl ? Décision délibéré ou simple soucis technique ou truc genre "pas suffisamment traduit" ?

juliank, to random
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Not sure why apple cider vinegar is called that, in German we just skip the cider bit and call it Apfelessig. I mean are there other common kinds of apple vinegars?

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@juliank un french it is called vinaigre de cidre. (Vider vinaigre). So maybe there are many kinds of cider vinaigres.

mekkaokereke, to random
@mekkaokereke@hachyderm.io avatar

Me, reporting bugs to small devs vs giant devs:
"I love your app! But when I click on "share" links, it sends folks to the Apple App store, even if the user is on Android. This might be sending a lot of users to the wrong place. Browser detection before routing would help!

Small dev:
Meh. We'll get to it.

Giant Dev:
On it today! Fixed! But... 🤔why are you even looking at this? And why now? Is this for I/O?! It's for I/O isn't it? Ha! Deny it, but you can't fool me! Do you need assets?

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@bynkii @mekkaokereke I am a small Dev. I would love if you report bugs to me. Sure I might not fix them right I away but it let's me know my software is being used.

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@bynkii @mekkaokereke who's lecturing you?

animeirl, to random
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i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetesi hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes i hate kubernetes

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@animeirl This is hate speech.

sebsauvage, to random French
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Ce matin je fais un speed-dating de chaussettes, mais on ne peut pas dire que ça soit un franc succès.

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@sebsauvage tu peu matcher les deux bleu a droite.

dragnucs, to ChatGPT
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I have been testing for real tasks I need with my work. It performs really well for simple tasks. For example, improving crappy code. Are reminding you what to check during debugging. Provides really good results.

However, if you have advanced issues you are trying to solve, then good luck.

dragnucs, to postgresql
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Is it possible to upgrade PostreSQL from 14 to 16 directly when using containers?

18+ lednabwm, to random

The kids are alright 👍

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@lin11c @lednabwm what you describe exists in every country but they call them something different than religion; sects. Given a sect can have a religious basis. They exist in my country as well. But they are the exception not the rule.

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@QueerInTheCountry @lednabwm @lin11c not opresdion bit control. We are a religious country. Our king is the prince of believers. People here cannot and refuse to imagine living without religion. So government use it to its advantage. However the good side is it well governed so extremist and charlatons are punished by law.

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@lin11c @lednabwm sects are dangerous.

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@lin11c @lednabwm That would be reconginzing a criminal activity in most cases. I don't know what you have in USA.

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