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Not much mystery in why it is called jewelweed!

#photography #wildflowers #plants #nature

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The natural greenery surrounding us during springtime is remarkably soothing whenever the bluebells blossom, and it is genuinely refreshing.

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There's so much to love about the little streams and falls that cross so many PNW trails—from the impressive roar of cascading water to the refreshing aromas stirred up in the churn—but I think my favorite thing is the noticeable dip in temperature as I approach the stream. It always feels like the air on the trail is at least a degree or two cooler at the water, and that's a welcome shift on a strenuous hike or trail run.

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I am afraid to put the kumquat plant outside because of the stormy weather. But it already has a lot of flowers.

So a bit of hand work is needed. I pretended to be a bee and went from flower to flower with a sweb.

I hope it helps. Fingers crossed.

#Pollination #Kumquat #IndoorGardening #Plants #Gardening


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Wild mushrooms I saw on a hike back in the summer of 2011. Too much green and lack of variety to make it an art print (for me, at least) so it's been gathering dust on my hard drives over the past thirteen years.

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Lettuce and mustard already sprouting. Not pictured: other lettuce, mizuna. #plants #gardening


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Researchers have built a family tree for the world’s most popular type of coffee, known to scientists as Coffea arabica and to coffee lovers simply as “arabica.” Turns out your morning coffee may have been 600,000 years old. The AP tells us how a study aimed at protecting these coffee plants from climate change and pests also revealed more about how and when they came to be. #Science #Coffee #Plants #History

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Moongate Sanctuary built by Chuck Eblacker.
Credit: Shanna Murray

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Adrenochrome, to Plants German avatar
Adrenochrome, to Plants German avatar
Adrenochrome, to Plants German avatar
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Lin cultivé - Linum usitatissimum L.

Cliché du 11 avril 2024 - Mes autres photos :

Plante herbacée cultivée essentiellement pour ses fibres dont on fait du textile, ses graines ou son huile aux multiples bienfaits. Quant à la fleur du lin, elle est également comestible et jolie pour décorer vos salades.

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How are you all?

Take care of yourselves!

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Einheimische Gehölze für etwa ein Drittel der Insekten in Deutschland unverzichtbar |

Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

Bitte keinen Flieder, Forsythien, Sommerflieder, Lorbeerkirsche und Wisterien...

Pflanzt Linguster, Kreuzdorn, Berberize, Hasel, Kornelkirschen, Weissdorn, Holunder, Salweide und Faulbaum...
#biodiversität #futterpflanze #artenschutz #Artenvielfalt #pflanzen #plants #blumen #Insekten #Bienen #Wildbienen #Raupen #schmetterlinge

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#Plantstodon #Plants #xeriscape #squirrels #gardening We have (had) climbing roses that have been stripped bare by rock squirrels looking for water. Is there a climbing plant that is squirrel resistant? We replaced the annual flowering plants with catmint or baby rita, which the rock squirrels don't bother at all.

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