Yes. That's known as a kbench.

ConfusedLlama avatar

I like the kbinness of it, but I can't wrap my head around its real shape! It's really confusing.


I suspect it looks like this from the front:

rasterweb avatar

Am I the only one who likes it?

cloudless, avatar

Probably paid (unwillingly) by taxpayers.

Chozo avatar

That looks like a really uncomfortable bench.

kaupas24 avatar

Modern design


Sadly that may actually be intentionally

density avatar

Usually when you see an uncomfortable bench it is made like that so people dont sleep on it. What could be worse than someone sleeping on a bench. Its called hostil design or something.


Hostile architecture, yup. Nothing better than the one-two punch of poorly accommodating people's sitting needs while simultaneously ensuring the unhoused have to suffer even more!

Not to mention what all these "creative designs" do in terms of making some of these benches basically unusable to people with certain physical or sensory disabilities.

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