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Onboard the ISS: "Please do not turn off the coffee maker. It also operates the CO2 scrubbers."


If I saw this, I would have no faith in the elevator and would just hoof it up however many flights. Not fair to the disabled though…

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I love how Loki Season 02 introduced me to the wonderful word or phrase “hoof it” and now when I inevitably see it online its Mobius voice in my head saying it.


Haha. It’s a cowboy term, as far as I’m aware…

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Yeah its probably a prank or nonsense, but Im still taking the stairs.


You could not entice a teenaged me more.


Teenager, nothing, Im in my 40’s and I’d turn it off.

Maybe they will learn about what should be paired on what circuit if it gets turned off enough.


That is actually a great idea for a fake sign to put up… 🥸


Feels like a 200 level college psychology experiment.


Probably to get people to turn off the light when they leave. Kind of genius.

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That’s some dwarf fortress level shit


C/funny would be so much more active if this stuff was posted there instead of dumped here as more no-effort crap.

Quit with the shitty non-meme posts.


c/lostLemming needs to happen if it hasn’t already.


Does c/funny exist? What’s the syntax for mentioning a community again? !funny ?


That works on jerboa


Yep you got it. Thank you for covering the link.


This doesn’t seem like a good solution to me. Like, even just superglueing the switch on and then covering it with duct tape would seem safer to me.


I wouldn’t want to switch off the elevator anyway

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Comments in my code be like:


Just don’t comment your code. Problem solved.

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Coincidentally today I am wearing my /* No Comment */ shirt xD


#The following code does nothing, but if removed the whole program crashes

-Me, circa 2011

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Have you found what it does?


Absolutely not. I left that job not long after. It officially became someone else’s problem.

I assume they’re not using it anymore. The company was purchased last year so I have to think that they have problems with other code that makes no sense.


Legacy spaghetti code gets used for too often in my experience.



Theoretically they could still be using it, but it’s pretty doubtful. It was just a GUI to run a set of scripts for an old set of programs that should have been retired before XP came out.

I was at an MSP at the time. One of our customers had stuff that wouldn’t install on anything after Win98, was looking for a bunch of hardware that no longer exists, and all the associated DLLs had to be registered manually. I created it because I was tired of doing it all by hand.

My assumption would be the guys who were there at the same time as me used it (I know they did actually), but a year after I left the whole bullpen turned over and I doubt they used it after that. They lost a pile of clients. Even if that hadn’t happened, if they’re still supporting 25 year old software with 15 year old scripts run by a 12 year old and poorly hacked together front end by a guy who was definitely not a programmer at the time (and barely is now) then they get whatever they deserve.


More magic


That has been my favorite hacker lore story since I first heard it decades ago.


May aswell be a big red button saying “DO NOT PRESS”

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If you’re going to make “as well” into one word, why not add “may”, too? Mayaswell!

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May Aswell, who is she?


May Asswell, best anal in town.


All you fuckers who press big red buttons in weird places need to stop. They’re usually emergency shutoffs for gas powered appliances. Maintenance and logistics people everywhere thank you for your service lol.


*candy apple red button


But now all I want to do is turn off the light switch.

I crave the chaos.

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I’ve seen this kind of fuckery at my workplace. Scary.

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If this is in the US, I feel like it would be a violation of OSHA. Or maybe it’s something so stupid that OSHA never thought to make it a rule.


Has to be a country where 3 phase AC is uncommon. So US.


That switch probably controls a contactor. I din’t think that switch could take all the current for the elevator


Or something like it controls the lights in the elevator cab (but not the elevator itself).

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Oh I’m positive its an OSHA violation,but it got fixed after a while. A stopgap till the right switch/part arrived. In recent times,at least. In the past however,this would stay till safety came through and made them do it right. And this is a billion dollar company too. Blows my mind.

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Or building codes, something.

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We’ve got an elevator at work that is… less than reliable. To reset the elevator is a giant breaker BUT sometimes it’s not the mechanics in the elevator but the control board. To reset that board is just a GFI. Also the lights in the elevator are a different light switch in the same closet.

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