So don’t buy it. If you buy it, you’re telling the store you’re willing to pay that price. Go somewhere else or buy something else. Don’t encourage them.


Or make your own iced tea for even cheaper than the cheapest bottled one and save the plastic waste.


That isnt a drink, its flavoured sugar water with some nasty chemicals hidden in there


Seems about right for this kind of product in Brazil

realitista, avatar

Make your own. Only takes a minute and once you find the right formula, will taste much better than this garbage.


And you know what? It’s kinda a good thing that this disposable stuff is more expensive. A tiny tea bag is way more sustainable and makes better iced tea for a fraction of the cost with no plastic.


Eww. The only thing worse than bottled Lipton is Brisk.


I don’t understand this comment. Brisk is Lipton.

klemptor, avatar

“Ice” tea drives me nuts - it’s iced!

Wizard_Pope, avatar

It’s not though is it? Can you really consider this product tea? And it definitely does not contain any ice. Therefore the product is named ice tea. If you make tea at home and put ice inside? Voila you got yourself some iced tea.


Honestly I’m surprised the EU even lets this be called tea. It really should be “tea flavoured beverage” at best in the same way they won’t let “American cheese” (the Kraft singles stuff) be called cheese, no?


Iced Tea is only really a thing in this context in the EU. Most of the people I know (myself included) never really made the connection and were surprised to find out it’s supposed to be real tea on ice, hence the name. We call it ice tea without really thinking about it, just like no one ever thought “I bet they call this coca-cola because it used to be made with cocaine”.

Honestly don’t even think it tastes like tea. To me it just tastes like “Ice Tea”.


No, no. This is literally steeped ice cubes.

SVcross, avatar

Please tell me that was at the airport


That was my thought. I spent the last 48 hours in various airports, and this briefly looked normal to me.

1984, avatar

Will they ever stop doing their stupid 4.95 or 4.99 as if people don’t understand it’s like 5 euro …


no, it works. so they’ll do it forever.


It’s scientifically proven that it’s works. So, never.


People will fall for this. Everyone reads its like 4 and even if you know it you can be mislead


It’s like a dollar here in Brazil.

Hamartiogonic, avatar

Alternatively, you can walk to the coca cola shelf, pick up a 250 ml glass bottle and pay about 6.3 €/l. You know, there are really expensive specialty coffee beans that produce a drinkable liquid that costs less than that.


checked the math, fresh small roaster beans cost about 60€/kg these days, with 1 1.25dl cup taking about 7g of beans the cost of that coffee would be about 3.5€/l

Hamartiogonic, avatar

Yep. That’s about the usual price range I was thinking of. However, you can easily go over that with Jamaica Blue mountain (190 €/kg) and a high dose (70 g/l). The price of that liquid would be about 15 €/l, which is incidentally in the wine territory.

Kolanaki, avatar

Is it me, or are those only about half full? I can’t tell if the label is transparent or opaque. 😳


Looks more half empty to me


The labels are like a shrink wrap, it makes it look lighter or empty starting at the bottom of the wrap in this picture.


It’s 2.90 in Tesco or SuperValu op, that’s centra screwing you over. 2.90 is still a lot for a 1.25l from the supermarket tho.


They’re all screwing you over so bad, it’s 1,20€ in my country


We don’t even have to use euros in my country


Us neither, I just converted


There’s a secret trick: don’t buy this kind of crap.


Water is the best


💦 💦


Good news! This drink is mostly water by volume!


Gom Syrup 50/50 mix sugar (caster is easiest) or honey (don’t hate me France) & boiling water Black tea 2 grams per 8oz water at 70c increase tea a little more if adding ice right away Fruit juice or purée to taste or go Eurobeat and not bother

Put in a reusable container, stop supporting nonsense things you can do yourself


Do the French dislike honey?


I refered to it as gom syrup

Wizard_Pope, avatar

Least incomprehensible recipe

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