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thats all. seems low. is it just the cost to repair?

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The article does say "and possible jail time" but from the ending paragraphs it sounds like the other tourists that carved their initials years ago just got a similar fine and a mark on their records.

It does seem low and I wonder if it scales at all or is a standard fine? At that rate, Jeff Bezos could go carve an entire autobiography into the place for an amount of money he wouldn't even notice losing.

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oh I forgot about the countries that scale fines with income. Sort wish mine did.


That is disgusting and there should be a bigger fine. Some people did this to an Aboriginal rock painting in Australia and it made me so angry to think of the disrespect they display.


Che cazzo


Sharing articles from profits fear-mongering Rupert Murdoch.

Install the Bye Rupert extension to deprive the fetid turd of income.

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Ooo thanks for the heads up. I was somehow unaware it was part of his spiders web.

stopthatgirl7 avatar

I swear, too many folks go on vacation and leave their brains at home.


That would mean you had a brain to being with

supermurs avatar

Do idiot things, win idiot prizes.

pragma avatar

That seems like a low price to pay to have your name immortalized in a monument.

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I genuinely and unironically think vandalism like this should be grounds for cancellation of your passport for a while in addition to all other penalties (say, for 5 years). If you can't play nice, you're grounded and you don't get to visit other countries until you grow up.

Ronno avatar

For countries needing a passport, this might work, but in the EU? This won't make much difference.


You still need your passport to fly or travel outside the EU so it would have some affect.

Ronno avatar

Yes, but wat less. Most people don’t travel outside of the EU often

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

It's the Collosseum. They should make them participate in gladiatorial games for tourists.

Eggyhead avatar

I think this is a reasonable idea. They’d need to find the guy first to figure out his passport details, but after that, fine him, deport him, then flag him against entry into the the EU for a designated amount of time.


He’s made it easier by filming himself.


This is a shitshow. Colloseum is being eroded by environmental effects day by day. You know hat the correct answer is? Maintainence. Its solves the issue of tuourists being morons too

Saganastic, (edited )

The colosseum is almost 2000 years old, it's not getting eroded. At least not on a human time scale. Most of the damage present occurred during the Renaissance when people harvested marble from it for other stonework.

ripcord avatar

Also earthquakes.


What do you mean “not on a human scale”? In your lifetime? Arguably not, on a human scale, absolutely yes.

ArugulaZ avatar

As penance for their crime, they must battle IN the Colosseum! A fight with gladiators, and lions, and various monsters of Greek mythology which are just two or three different animals smashed together! If they can survive the cattle man and the chicken lizard and whatever the heck a manticore is, they will be set free and given a ticket to New Zealand, where all shows set in Greece are filmed.


The colosseum is Roman though, not greek

ArugulaZ avatar

Eh, it's not all that different. Hercules, Heracles, let's call the whole thing off!


Tomatus, tomatos.

Shift_ avatar

Your comment made me giggle more than it should have. Good work.

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

manticore were in fact persian, and known to the romans all the same. (and ArugalaZ, it was a monster with a human head, body of a lion, and a tail either like a venomous porcupine or that of a scorpion.)

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If I had a nickel for every time some shithead tourist carved a name into an ancient site, I'd have like three nickels, which isn't a lot but it's infuriating it's happened three times.

In the interests of prevention, should there be heightened security? It's a shame there's probably little funding for it.


This is why we can't have nice things.

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

it's happened waaaayyyy more than three times. happens all the freaking time. and it's always happened.

Actually, studies done of graffiti found in pompei's baths suggest that drawing dicks on the wall is something "we've" always done.


Funnily enough I caught a guy in Pompei touching the frescos. I’m a mild guy but I couldn’t help but think that, as far as mankind is involved, killing that idiot on the spot would have have a net positive impact on the world.

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Just wait for the next volcano... that'll take care of 'em. That'll take care of a whole lot of 'em.

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I think you'd have a lot more than three nickels.

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