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The Kh-101 is made entirely of Western components. The USA and other Western countries find themselves unable to stop the supply of their microelectronics to Russia, yet they forbid hitting Russia with Western weapons

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"The inhuman tragedy" of what is happening in #Ukraine "brings to mind the tragedies and devastation" that occurred in the Second World War and "call us to a renewed commitment against dictatorships.

From all this comes support for Ukraine".

#Russia #EU

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Red fire #ants invade #Italy: Are they a #threat in Europe? | Focus on Europe

Dozens of red fire ant nests have been discovered in #Sicily. #Scientists are now battling the highly aggressive #insect from South #america

#nature #news #tv #Europe

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In German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's SPD party, voices began to be heard for Western troops to take part in the defense against Russian airstrikes in Ukraine.

"In the current military situation, I consider it necessary and responsible to deploy German anti-aircraft missile forces on NATO territory on the border with Ukraine in order to protect the airspace over Western Ukraine - for example, with the help of Patriot systems," SPD defense expert Joe Weingarten said.

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did you know that the Italian Army has a /T battery in🇰🇼 ?

I didn't until recently.

Kuwait is not a or country, still 🇮🇹 is protecting its skies.

Why is it impossibile to do the same and protect the sky over 🇺🇦 ?

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@pepe @noelreports

#France sent the missiles for the SAMP/T battery provided by #Italy.

Anyway I was thinking why Ukraine can't have an air defense managed by NATO, like #Kuwait or #Israel, as you said.

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Fermo 🇮🇹

ph © Biancavela Press / g_nativo + salvomic

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A pigeon's eye view of St. Peter's Square....


@photography @travel

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Once again a very good morning from the green heart of Italy

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A series of floods hit northern Italy

Heavy rains flooded Lombardy, in particular the fashion capital Milan. Other northern regions - Veneto and Piedmont - were also affected. Over the past 24 hours, more than a thousand rescue operations have been carried out here, the Italian fire and rescue service reported.

Also, due to the rains, the Retrone River overflowed its banks.


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at night

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Planning a summer city break in ? I can highly recommend based on my personal experience if you want to eat your way through ...

Posted into The Travel Exchange @the

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I hope it’ll stop raining eventually but everything is so green, it’s kinda nice

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While touring in , I spotted a gleaming tower. Intrigued, I looked it up and found out it was the Thermosolar Plant which can supply power to 27,500 homes and uses molten salt heat storage technology to keep generating power when there's no sun. More info here: - Perhaps could do with a few similar plants.

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Wow! is no slouch in the solar generation department: - Sunny , on the other hand, is nowhere to be seen. Too busy wasting money on thinking about building a to , alas.

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This is my most viewed image on Fickr. A pov shot looking up towards the dome in the sanctuary of San Vitale in . Gives a good sense of the mosaic program. Over 11K views!


@photography @humanities @visualarts @theology

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Saint Mark's Basilica, Basilica di San Marco

#Venice #Italy
#photography #fotographie #travel

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"in cambio dei suoi favori, l’alto dirigente della Regione prendeva, secondo l’accusa, tangenti sotto forma di forniture di mozzarelle e altri formaggi, carni, lattine d’olio, vino"

Ridateci il PSI ve prego

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Piazza del Popolo, Blick in die Via del Corso

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