Why do they capitalize “Black” so many times in the article? I thought maybe I’m crazy and there’s some grammatical rule about it but “white” is never capitalized.

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This is so informative. In programming I’d know to search “style guide” but for some reason when it comes to real writing the search term didn’t come to mind. Thanks!

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  • DessertStorms,
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    This was the vibe I was getting but reading others’ comments sort of disproves that. I suppose that armed with new knowledge I don’t necessarily find it offensive nor inoffensive.

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    I just want to know how the fuck did you come to this conclusion.


    He's unintentionally micromarginalizing people of color looking for a shared identity and sense of community.

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    Different orgs use different style guides as some have already said. In almost all Black is capitalized, whereas white is rarely capitalized but you still see it occasionally.

    I’m torn on white/White personally. The reason given by most is that it falls in line with white supremacist rhetoric, and generally has been capitalized exclusively in that context. Totally valid argument to not use it for that reason.

    On the other hand I think leaving it lowercase risks making it an assumed default state, or makes it so that white people think of “racial” issues as something that does not include them. Plus allowing white supremacists to decide what is or isn’t whiteness and how we talk about it I think is a bad idea…

    More from the AP blog here on their use of Black/white.

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    Personally I think the only thing that makes sense is consistency, either White/Black or white/black, that way everyone's equal. To me it doesn't matter which, so long as it's consistent.


    Yeah, it seems like I stumbled upon a very complex issue. Now I suppose I don’t prefer any one writing style as they all seem to have pitfalls.


    Interesting that Meatball’s remarks only denounce the fact that the shooter killed himself. He didn’t mention anything about the innocent victims of this senseless violence. What a loser.


    The shooting happened one day before the 63rd anniversary of one of Jacksonville’s most notorious racist incidents, “Ax Handle Saturday.” A group of Black protesters were conducting a peaceful sit-in at a city park to protest the Jim Crow laws that kept them out of white-owned stores and restaurants. That's when they were attacked by 200 members of the Ku Klux Klan, who hit them with bats and ax handles as police stood by.

    Only when members of a Black street gang arrived to fight the Klansmen did the police intercede. Only Black people were arrested.


    I’m American but live outside of America with my wife who is not American. We live a really good life where we are. We are not millionaires, but we are not paycheck to paycheck either.

    People always wonder why we don’t want to live in America. Although they kind of stopped asking as much the past few years.

    @Scary_le_Poo@beehaw.org avatar

    What country do you live in now and was moving terribly expensive? Did you have trouble finding work?

    Asking for a friend.


    It’s kind of a long story. But I while I worked hard at whatever I did. I also got super lucky.

    It was the right time right place kind of stuff.

    It was not a family connection kinda thing, but rather just dumb luck.

    What I will say is that when I first moved I was single and had 0 debt. No home loans or anything.


    What country are you in?


    Wow for once a headline

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    Watch the right try to spin this somehow as a regular crime with no racial context.

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    How could he be racist if the gun he carved a swastika into was black?

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