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Most company leaders also believe pay and promotions could become linked to workplace attendance

Gee, I wonder who makes the decisions about linking those things, and why they might do that? It wouldn’t be to force the issue, now would it?

No shit you “believe” they’ll become linked because as the “company leader” you’re the one writing the fucking policy linking them. So much talking out their ass like they’re not the ones making this decision.

Jesus Christ these chucklefucks really want people to break out the guillotines, don’t they? They’re practically begging for it.

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Jesus Christ these chucklefucks really want people to break out the guillotines, don’t they? They’re practically begging for it.

Hard to disagree


After seeing the world work perfectly fine without people having to suffer for their jobs... it's hard to unsee the purposeful pain and suffering they inflict on us

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Some of us saw it the whole time, but it had been so normalized there was hardly any pushback.

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CEOs probably felt useless during COVID and realized the company doesn’t need them, so they want to exercise their power to necessitate their position.

Sort of like how some celebrities couldn’t cope with COVID because everybody was doing their own thing and paparazzi couldn’t report on them as much.


Man, being a celebrity in Hollywood took a HUGE hit in Covid... they are borderline irrelevant at best and thought of as unintelligent, entitled clowns at worst.


"Imagine all the people....." Gah..

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CEOs probably felt useless during COVID and realized the company doesn’t need them

Probably more that they’ve always been keenly aware how they’re just vampires sitting on the labor of everyone below them, and COVID scared the bejeesus out of them, because suddenly other people could see that, too. It did more to show lowly workers this was always the case than it spurred any self-reflection in CEOs.

COVID showed the Emperor had no clothes, and this is simply the Emperor scrambling to find anything to cover up with.


This push for full return to the office is a stealth layoff.


It's ACTUALLY a very obvious power exercise.

You either get filtered out via said "layoff" or wanting to quit, or you're desperate enough to work for much, much less.

In the balance of flow of power, the workers were getting too much, so the people in power plus stock market are "abstracting" that whip crack.

They will remain in power unless a unified front is achieved. Now that I think about this explicitly, I think the solution is actually unionization. Weirdly.

Just imagine this exact same thing, but imagine if it were factory workers instead: the workers start being happy and comfortable, then a worldwide event makes some really obvious breakthrough that their lives should be even better, and they start ACTUALLY demanding 50% more money, which means your labor is now 90% of your cost rather than 60% - WHERE'S THAT MONEY GONNA COME FROM?? The CEO's pocket? Not if they can help it. And, there's pressure from above that 60% labor was already too much, and to get it to 55% by the end of the year because the stock market and the board demand it. So, you need to put those workers in their place; it's not about one single thing, but your CEO groupchat says that if you claim this and that, and make the workers unhappy again, unify your CEO friends' front and lay people off, they'll be desperate and submissive again.

It's literally a buyout from above. The CEOs are like the bigger business, making it shitty for everybody, but knowing they can afford to weather it better than the workers, and that it'll result in a swing of power.

And... They're right.

What do you even do about this? You either organize militaristically and take on a TON of risks, or submit like the greedy, selfish, rat-scab coward you know you are. And that's what we're all gonna do until a leader appears, myself included.

I don't like it, but I see it for what it is. Widespread ignorance and misplaced ire are against us. This is the American way.


Wow, so like, what would happen if an engineering staff… unionized… and made that a sticking point in negotiations?

Just saying… because an absolute fuckton of people are watching the UAW bend the Big Three over a barrel, and it’s looking like a pretty goddamn good strategy to the rest of us.


At this point not being in a union is dangerous


It is.

As a software engineer, I’m continually frustrated that the vast majority of the people in my profession still don’t get it.


My union put remote-first language into the contract.

It’s awesome.


Sounds like a dope-ass union. Congrats!

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Two-thirds of CEOs are completely delusional, survey finds

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CEOs are known to be aspirational.

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Well given my company let the leases expire on most of the offices and is global I am not concerned.


Pay is a lot of the reason people work. CEOs want people back at the office a lot usually.


If they want to link pay to attendance then they should also compensate the employee for the time he/she takes to get to and from the work place.

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Nah, if they want to link pay to attendance then they should pound sand.

The only thing they should be linking pay to is whether the work gets done well. The rest is irrelevant busybodying.

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This will probably work itself out. Companies that can cut out unnecessary building costs will always have an advantage over the ones that won't or can't.

CEOs that don't understand capitalism or economics generally don't remain CEOs.

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Hard pass


I would say this is true. I work in sales and I see more and more people back in the office.

People think they have the power until their paycheck is cut.

I’m more indifferent. I’ve worked from home for over twenty years. I did a year in an office and it was ok. Just too much bullshit vs work.

Employers will have to figure it out.


lmao, employers think they have the power until they lose talent. Trust me, the brain drain for any company requiring attendance will be immense.


People make that claim but I haven’t seen it. I have seen them do more hybrid than I was expecting. That seems to be how they are combating it.

Right now the job market is strange. It is taking longer to find jobs but there is a huge shortage of jobs.

Only time will tell how this will play out. I still think the motivating factor is power. They just want to be able to watch their people and build their empires.


there is a shortage of jobs because wages are still historically low.

funny thing is companies that pay higher wages don't have trouble hiring people.

my company pre pandemic had 5+ employees turn over every month. post pandemic we have like 1 a month or less. why? our wages went up 40% across the board from 2020-2023. our starting wage used to be 35K in 2019. that's barely livable in in my city. now it's closer to 50K. benefits have also increased substantially, but we did drop the commuting benefits because we are hybrid.

turns out people will work for you if you pay them a fair wage and offer them opportunity to increase their wages.


I wouldn’t say wages are historically low as much as inflation is historically high. We have a weird moment in time where things are rapidly increasing in cost.

Even with fair wages, it’s hard to find workers. I will clear over 300K this year. Yet, we still have a shortage of applicants.

My friend will clear over 750K this year. Yet, they have been looking for an additional person for 6 months.

This are just strange times.


I worry about this, as moving away from the remote opportunity that was provided by Covid would positively destroy mine and my family's life. There really needs to be much more consideration on the impact to their value producers.

Teppic, (edited )
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A few things to remember here:

CEOs aren't daft, they will respond to manipulate the survey results to show what they want it to show. Through no fault by the survey this is likely not what CEOs really think.

Stated preference surveys are often undertaken to support investment decisions, but it is well known that 'stated preference' and 'realised preference' are often different things.

...also for many jobs better candidates will seek out more flexible employers. These same better team members will also more on if there is any suggestion they are being unfavorably treated due to flexible working arrangements. My point is, for many (not all) the employment market will force employers to accept more remote working than happened before the pandemic. There was a trend in this direction even before the pandemic, there is a perspective to say COVID was a catalyst for more remote working, and the return will never be complete.


Great reply! Thank you for your post!



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