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I’ve used chagpt and google’s new one, whose name eludes me.

In cases where I absolutely have to write in a language or structure I hate, I prototype in an A-I to speed up the experience so I can stop sooner. It saves me so much time doing something I hate.


Can I register an account without a phone number yet?

Because I don’t have one.


Except pip is a blight and a supply-chain risk.


Mandate density. Deprecate hoarded greenspace and bungalows and anything under 10 storeys (today’s magic number to eliminate mass homelessness caused by some idiot leaving his stove on) within 50km of a major center.

Transfer payment penalty for centers not served by mass transit above X people moved per hour where every station is within Y min walk of Z% of residences in buildings above 9 storey.

There’s your reform.


I’ve coded for 30 years and I’m proud of NONE of it. That is, except one ugly hack where I perverted a print spool as a scheduler, which isn’t even code.


It’s weird how people whose entire life has been lived with imax can’t fathom the millions of years the earth evolved without tiktok.


Here I was hoping you threw it into a river shouting ‘dam it’ for extra pun-ishment.


If they owned their own lines, they could legit start offering reliable, high-speed service.

If we owned the lines, you mean? Then we set the priority, and the maintenance and budget and operating history is all open; and more is spent keeping it running and less on CEO bonuses.

In which universe is cross-country daytime shipping truly the priority anyway? Only to the shipper’s bottom line.

We have transportation and highways; why is this ministry not in charge of rail and wires?


Or someone would nationalize it.

Oh, the anti-vax broflakes and maga cult will vacate that thing in droves. If the right country ‘owns’ it - thinking Jacinda Ardern’s government if we had a time machine, or just the UN now - then advertisers may come back. Or it may just exist as a cost-free platform for cat pics and tsunami/twister alerts.

Wait. Isn’t that what we want? No halfwit conspiracy fucknuts, and a still-usable platform? Where do the bots using it for C&C fit into this?


my application projects don’t include node versions

Well, that’s just a better security stance against supply-chain attack right there.


you never downloaded a program on GitHub

Precompiled binaries?!? Not even once. It’s a security risk akin to picking up gum on the sidewalk for a fun tasty treat.


Two jobs, both 100% remote (one of them for 22 years).

Try not to trip over the cat.


I also share the pics of my passes with my wife ever since I dropped my phone and smashed its face the day before coming home.

The Great Compression | Thanks to soaring housing prices, the era of the 400-square-foot subdivision house is upon us. (

These remind me of the post-1906 earthquake shacks. Better built attached housing would likely let people live better at a similar, if they could manage to agree on reasonable rules about living just a bit closer.


Enough fucking sprawl.

We don’t have enough surface for homes, hoarded greenspace lawns, all the roads, plus wild space plus farms plus plus plus…

Build up. Tax the hell out of anything single-family or single-storey.

Tax credits if density builders buy a home adjacent to wild space or farmland, and hold it through its rezoning back to something beneficial so it’s removed from the sprawl machine.


forced over a hundred thousand people to walk

I’m told that a hundred thousand people is [checks notes] less than hundreds of thousands. It’s a shock to me too, but the math does check out.


so it is on lemmy as well

Painting an entire federation with the actions of its worst is fun. It’s like how all americans are Ted Bundy.


Would you care to LINK TO the post in question, or just have us guess what was popular the minute you wrote your reply?


laws can be invalidated just because they’re unfair or arcane

The trending suggests that the laws these whackados are neither unfair nor arcane. We have custody rights, we have speed limits and loan payment and utility charges, insurance requirements and proof a driver can pass a basic proficiency test, and that seems to be the bulk of it.

Call it a bias, because it is, but I’m only seeing dirtbags shirking their responsibility as a member of society while still demanding its protections. But until we have a remote island to put all our non-society people where they can live out the short remainder of their anarchic lives in the environment they claim to want, without money and trust and standards and testing and trivial service to the society for the good of everyone through consolidation and specialization that allows, until we can give these people the daily fishing and water-toting grind they so desperately demand because the don’t understand the appendicitis is still a thing there too, we have to let them exist in our society.

Is that their leverage? We can’t give them what they demand so we have to let them re-create their more primitive way of life with all the benefits of modern society? They know hawaii makes new islands all the time, right?


Pierre is by current appearances more competent of

“Competent of” is a hat on a hat. Stop writing like an American.

a Leader than Trudeau,

Mr Polievre isn’t even as competent a leader as Mr o’Toole.

and Competent is what this country needs.

Agreed there. But cruelty and elitist conservatives has NEVER been the way. Not even once.


It’s a rare day when the opposition is just so objectively bad that you actually get to be worse than normal and not be anything close – and, of course, the reds don’t really start too far in our favour to begin with.

While our choice (during FPTP) is between ‘bad’ and ‘worse’, they have a lot of buffer space.


Why get body cameras when we have your eyewitness account?

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