Platforms wonder why piracy is spiking

It’s not even surprising anymore platforms do this & act all Pikachu face why piracy is spiking

Netflix & all these streaming platforms have completely lost touch & they will lose more customers in the long run

To quote Gabe Newell on Piracy

“We think there is a fundamental misconception about piracy. Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem. If a pirate offers a product anywhere in the world, 24 x 7, purchasable from the convenience of your personal computer, and the legal provider says the product is region-locked, will come to your country 3 months after the US release, and can only be purchased at a brick and mortar store, then the pirate’s service is more valuable.”


The pikachu face is capitalism working as intended, instead of the corrupt capitalism they’re used to with regions of the world carved up/tariffs/government buying the product if you’re having a bad year.

beaxingu, avatar

invest in a nas instead of subscriptions.

beaxingu, avatar

they get everything they deserve.


I get Netflix for free from tmobile. But I use real-debrid and streamio to watch Netflix shows because the UI is better.


Can you give me a tldr or a source for a tldr of setting up real-debrid with stremio?


I highly recommend doing to on a PC or Mac. Doing this initially on a phone is buggy. Essentially Streamio is just a player like VLC, but has the ability to have add-ons. These add-on doesn’t need to be resetup on each device you install it on. Just sign in and it’s working.

As for real debrid, I would pay the 180 days one because they give you points that you can redeem for another month or so of days.

Good luck.

Stremio Setup Guide Part 1: Stremio

For Windows/Mac users - Go to and download the relevant client for your platform

For Android users - Install Stremio through the Google Play Store: Stremio - Apps on Google Play

Open Stremio and sign up with email or Facebook

Part 2: Real Debrid

Go to

Sign up

Go to Premium Offers

Choose a package and subscribe. I found that using Amazon Pay as the payment method is the most convenient (if you have an Amazon account)

Part 3: Torrentio

Go to Torrentio Lite - Stremio Addon

Towards the bottom of the page, select the “Debrid Provider” option and select “Real Debrid” from the drop-down menu. This will cause a new text box to appear underneath.

Copy the API key from this link and paste it into the “RealDebrid API Key**”** box

In the Debrid Options menu: Check the box “Don’t show download to debrid links” and leave the other boxes unchecked.

Click “Install” at the bottom. It should open the Stremio app and prompt you with an “Install Addon” window. Click the green install button at the bottom.

Optional but highly Recommended - In Stremio, click the puzzle piece in the top right to view your addons. Click “My Addons” and uninstall the “WatchHub” addon. It’s an eyesore and it clutters your streams list.

Now that you have completed the setup, you may install Stremio on any device of your choice (excluding IOS) and log in to your account to start streaming Movies/TV. Refer to the section below for Stremio installation on FireOS devices (Fire Stick, FireTV).


Exactly what I do… I keep thinking it’s too good to last. I still download things if I know I’m going to rewatch them a lot.


Me too. But make sure to log into real debrid and just download it from there.


I’m gonna be honest. I never have done that till today. Wow… So much easier. Incredible.


Sometimes I find the movie with the best subtitles and then play it in streamio. Pause and then go to real debrid to download it for when I’m going on a flight.

dumblederp, avatar

I was given a netflix login by a friend, I don’t use it.


Gee, we’ve tried taking content away, raising prices, injecting adverts and forcing them to use our crappy clients.

Why are people turning to piracy?

Advertising and lobbying are the only thing these people know how to do.


Not to mention removing features, like Netflix removing the ability to download media.


If only there was a way for media to exist as a file.

Alas, it’s just not possible.


Case in point

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Not available in Australia


yea that’s the majority reason why people do it /s


Reed Hastings: “But our stock price shows customers love enshittification?”


Infamous implies somebody is famous in a negative way. If anything, Gabe is a shining example that should be upheld.


“Infamous” - that means more than famous!


Found the El Guapo fan.


It’s infamous among big business execs. It’s famous for everyone else.

Kolanaki, avatar

I think in this example it could go either way, depending on who is viewing it.

Regular people would say he’s famous.

People running streaming platforms and other big corpos (especially Tim Sweeny) might say he’s infamous.


They have billions of dollars i have hundreds. I’m sure they’ll survive me not giving them any of my hard earned money

loutr, avatar

Yeah but for a publicly traded company, quarterly growth is the name of the game. If the numbers go down long enough, it’s game over for them.


it’s game over for them



then what’s the point of pirating if you want the company to fail?

ahriboy, avatar

Piracy saves money. Reboots are literally cringe.


Fuck em


…with a baseball bat covered in nails. Rusty nails.


I don’t know the context but I am aroused


I’m crying for them.

Snowpix, avatar

Won’t somebody please think about the shareholders?


I’ll dance for them as I prance around the fire of their failed BSD l business model. Stupid, selfish cunts…

vithigar, (edited )

They don’t even have to go down. Staying stable or even going up at a consistent rate are both considered failure states, or at least unfavorable. If the rate of growth is not itself growing then they start worrying.

It’s insane.


I just pay Netflix because of guilty conscience. There was nothing interesting to watch in the last months.

QuietCupcake, avatar

You have nothing to feel guilty about. Pirating is literally the more moral thing to do.


Cable TV exists

Customers hate it and people start pirating

Netflix comes around, other streaming services

People happy, piracy goes down

Streaming services go back to the way cable was, increased prices, reduced content, started bundling shit you don’t want.

Customers start pirating again

Surprised Pikachu face


Netflix comes around, other streaming services

The (admittedly inevitable) appearance of other streaming services was shit already since with it came exclusive content.


Maybe if we put ads in and take away the ability to download content foe offline use?

snownyte avatar

NO! I've got something better!

We make the ads guilt you into using ad blockers! Then we pepper your active streaming with ADs every 30 seconds! YOU WILL BUY! YOU WILL CONSOOME!

Nom, (edited )

Customers will notice the change on their next bill. Netflix has quietly put up its prices across each subscription tier in Australia.

Why is this even legal, oh who am I kidding lobbying most likely. They began notifying people on May 13. Thanks for the correction @blindsight.


They get 30 days notice of the price increase. That’s pretty reasonable and in compliance with the law, I would assume.


Now I remember why I don’t pay attention to 7 news. This article is an ad in itself.



Dear Netflix, I’ve been a loyal customer since 2013. I’ve been perfectly happy with our arrangement. YOU are the one terminating our contract, not me. It seems you’d prefer to get rid of a happy, paying customer in the hopes you can somehow persuade them to embrace a higher cost or shittier experience (ads). That’s a bold move Cotton. Buh-bye dons pirate hat



AOL still has 1.5 million active monthly subscribers. People forget to cancel subscriptions all the time.

Subscriptions are a great way to sell a service to someone who isn’t using it, and when they want to cancel it getting the spent money on something never used is generally impossible.

IMO for something like a streaming service… if you don’t stream a minute of video in a month you shouldn’t have to pay anything.

cerement, avatar

thing is, most of us should of known, they pulled this same crap back when they tried forcing everyone to drop the physical discs and switch to streaming only …


I despise ads. I can’t even bring myself to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. If there is advertising, it ain’t worth it, no matter how cheap.


There’s not enough of us, but I still don’t care. I refuse to pay to watch ads. Also, I had Prime and they wouldn’t let me watch high def with firefox on Linux, so even though I paid for it, I had to hit the high seas to watch content in high def.

businessfish, avatar

There’s not enough of us, but I still don’t care. I refuse to pay to watch ads.

i had this conversation with my dad recently about how shitty everything is now with ads etc, and his response boiled down to “i don’t care enough”. sucks to see people being complacent in being subject to greedy corporate whims. as much as i want people with that mindset to care, i have no idea how to effectively argue against “i don’t care”.


Relate it to something that they do care about and show how it negatively affects that.

darkphotonstudio, (edited )

Idk what age your dad is, but I’m 53 (gen-x) and my generation are notorious for being difficult to market to. Maybe he just blanks it out, like an automatic mute button. I used to do that but ads are far too mentally disruptive for me these days. I’ve had enough.

Tregetour, avatar

Mass market subscription services won’t offer ad-free precisely because of the mass market exposure available to advertisers. You need to look to niche services instead, where a critical proportion of subscribers (say 30%) won’t tolerate ads as opposed to 1%. Maintaining an ad-free option in such a case is basic business sense. Not only that, you’ll find the ads-on tiers are more respectful of people’s attention and intellect when it comes to ad content and presentation.

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