jerome, in DeSantis says he would eliminate four federal agencies if elected president
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DeSantis is telling everyone that he's going to destroy the United States, and you're all just sitting there.


He's polling a distant 2nd to trump believe it or not. Twice impeached, twice indicted traitorous trump is polling highest among R in their primary.


He's polling worse than fucking RFK jr, he stands no chance. YoUr'Re AlL JuSt SiTtInG tHeRe! We're more than a year away from the general election, which he will never make it to because there are months of primaries before where Trump will assuredly win.


Most likely, but which of the two will still be ready for it in 2028?

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we are not just sitting here, we're posting it to kbin!


Relax, we're doing a sit in.

@solidgrue@lemmy.world avatar

I'm not gonna vote for him. He's not even a candidate yet. What should I be doing?

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

Laughing at Desantis’ ignorance or crying because republican voters are just as ignorant and eat that shit up.

Or my favorite… alternating between the two


Training and prepping. Historically, there's only been one way to stop fascist conservatism, and it's not something we are allowed to talk openly about until we're doing it.


Did the 6th of January insurrectionists do the right thing, given they believed they were fighting against an authoritarian government? Or should they have accepted the result of the democratic process even though they disagreed with it?


So when Hitler got voted in, the moral choice was to respect the democratic process and the completely legal murder of 12 million people. Got it


I agree in the event of a genocidal government, you throw them out, but obviously there needs to be a very high bar and a lot of safeguards to prevent partisan misuse. A losing Republican could claim a winning Democrat wants to conduct a genocide against unborn babies or something and the Jan6 insurrectionists would feel they were justified because of it.

What are the most damning pieces of evidence that Desantis will conduct a genocide if elected?

Should the 2016 election result have been overturned?

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Oh no. Is this the audience here?


Sorry if you wanted a fascist safe space, maybe try twitter,

sectorfour avatar



Making sure that all of the subhuman republicans around you are as uncomfortable as humanly possible. They live among us and far too many people tolerate them.


Not much can be done as of yet. The election season will really kick off in January, and short of hiring a hit squad, marching around with signs and getting screamed at/assaulted by rednecks doesn't really seem too effective. What would you propose?

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

Do the Florida sewer and septic sucking service workers have a union? Might be able to convince them to use their, ah “waste” from yet another school’s clogged septic tanks to, uh “fertilize” desantis’ yard.


I love comments like this for the blatant lack of self-awareness that you're doing exactly what everyone else is.

While somehow finding a way to feel like you're better than.

st3ph3n, in DeSantis says he would eliminate four federal agencies if elected president
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Fuck this fascist turd.

jordanlund, in News: Trump charged in probe of Jan. 6, efforts to overturn 2020 election
@jordanlund@lemmy.one avatar

This seemed to be popular information when I posted it (ahem) “elsewhere”. Thought it might be welcome to have here.

If you’re trying to keep track of where we’re at in the Trump prosecutions:

Updated 8/1/2023

Washington, D.C. - 4 felonies, January 6th Election Interference
Indictment <- You Are Here

Georgia - Election Interference
Investigation <- You Are Here
2 new grand juries impaneled 7/11/2023.
Indictment - July 11th to September 1st.
(Grand Jury work expected July 31 to Aug. 18)

New York State - 34 felonies, Stormy Daniels Payoff
Arrest <- You Are Here
Trial - March 25th, 2024

Florida - 40 felonies, Federal documents charges
Original indictment was for 37 felonies.
3 new felonies were added on July 27, 2023.
Arrest <- You Are Here
Trial - May 20, 2024

Other grand juries, such as for the documents at Bedminster, have not been announced.

The E. Jean Carroll trial for sexual assault and defamation where Trump was found liable and ordered to pay $5 million before immediately defaming her again resulting in a demand for $10 million is not listed as it’s a civil case and not a crimimal one.


Thanks for posting that list! There's so many crimes and trials, it's hard to keep track of all this 'winning'.

DarkGamer, in Trump Threatens Would Be ‘Very Dangerous’ If Jack Smith Sends Him To Jail In New Interview
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Now he's threatening terrorism if the rule of law applies to him. This fucker is a danger to society and we need to address it.

ForestOrca avatar

Naturally, as a trained professional, Jack Smith is making note.

StarServal avatar

It isn’t the first time.


This country will never heal unless he spends time behind bars.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

It won’t even if he does. Trump isn’t the cause, he’s a symptom. The US is probably not going to survive as a unified nation for very long, and honestly, it probably shouldn’t.

elscallr avatar

Making the United States a union of sovereign territories instead of a country with a powerful federal government sounds like a familiar idea.

DarkGamer avatar

One our national enemies would love.

elscallr avatar

They wouldn't be national enemies anymore


Yeah, at least a third of the states would immediately cozy up to them

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

You mean the ones that are also headed towards total societal collapse within the next decade? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll totally have plenty of resources to spare for a trans-pacific invasion when they can’t grow any crops.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

Who said anything about that? This country should be split up entirely. It’s already completely unable to function by any reasonable standards, and for decades the harm it’s caused its own people and the world at large has been increasingly outweighing any good it does. Empires are always negative forces and should always be dismantled.

Veraxus avatar

No, the nazis much not be allowed to establish their reich.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

That ship has fucking sailed, buddy.

Hellsadvocate avatar

Woah buddy That's a sharp edge


How would you split the country? There are heavily blue areas in red states and heavily red areas in blue states.

Or do you just want chaos?

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

I don’t have the solution, I just have the basic sense to see that what this country is is entirely unsustainable.

effingjoe avatar

Your solution ignores that all we really need to do (and I say that like it's easy but I acknowledge it's not) is remove the parts of our system that prevent an accurately representative government. Stuff like the electoral college, the cap on House seats, and the dominance of plurality voting. The root problem we see here is that a minority of people have more power over the government than the majority of people.

Like I said, this is much easier typed out than done, but it is not impossible, and is much more likely to succeed than "make a fascist country and give it a humongous border with the democratic country that it views as 'the enemy'" Even if there were a clean way to split it up (there isn't: cities are blue, rural areas are red), much of the red state's income comes from the federal taxes from blue states. Do you really think that's going to end well?

elscallr avatar

The person I replied to did:

The US is probably not going to survive as a unified nation for very long, and honestly, it probably shouldn’t.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

Nope, I didn’t say anything about a “union of sovereign territories.” That was just you.

elscallr avatar

Well it wasn't just me, it was the people that established the country.


This country should be split up entirely. It’s already completely unable to function by any reasonable standards, and for decades the harm it’s caused its own people

Weird that you start talking about Russia all of a sudden.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, Russia is significantly worse. We all know. That doesn’t change the fact that the US is sprinting head first into the woodchipper, too.


Do you think that Americans do not understand that it is precisely because the USA is the most successful country in the world that foreigners try to shit on us?

wagesj45 avatar

Sounds like copium to me. We have a few good things going for us, but to say we're far and above every other country is insanity.


Did not say the US is "far above every other country", only that we are the most successful country in the world, on average, and by multiple metrics, but not all metrics.

DarkGamer avatar

to say we're far and above every other country is insanity.

That depends on what domain and what metrics we're talking about. The US is by far objectively the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, which is nothing to scoff at. American military is far above and beyond the capability of other nations.

I wouldn't say we're a shining city on the hill that should be an example for everyone, we certainly have our issues, but we shouldn't overlook the domains where we are successful.

wagesj45 avatar

Like I said, there are some things we do extremely well. Sharing the wealth of the country amongst the citizens of the country is something we fail at miserably. My personal favorite thing is the first amendment to the constitution because I happen to value freedom of thought. Another thing we tend to do really well. Our culture also has a certain resilience that I appreciate. I only hate on America because I know what it could be if there was collective pushback on the oligarchy that seems to have so many of us in a trance.

MrJameGumb avatar

Splitting the US like that would be absolute chaos and probably result in several civil wars. This would also destroy all federal aid programs and I can guarantee no states are going to step in to fill that void. Dividing the country further than it already is will not solve anything.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

This country is going to implode one way or another. We can try to have it happen in a kinda sorta controlled way, or we can do your idea of sticking our fingers in our ears and just let the pressure build until it breaks in the most destructive way possible.

It’s going to hurt no matter what. Trying to avoid the pain will only end in worse pain.


This country is going to implode one way or another.

Then it is a good thing America is the most successful country in the entire world, Ivan. So that we don't have to worry about Russia's imminent implosion. I guess that is why Russians are fleeing their country in droves.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar

The Roman empire was still the most successful empire in the world at the time it collapsed. So was the British empire. And the Spanish empire. And the Mongol empire. And the Abassid Caliphate. Should I go on, or do you get the fucking point yet?

Yeah, Russia is one of the worst, most worthless shitholes in the world, far worse than the US. That doesn’t nullify the situation the US is in, nor the sitiation it’s headed towards. This country cannot and will not survive the already inevitable famines of the 2030’s.


The Roman empire was still the most successful empire in the world at the time it collapsed.

Nope. Constantople was a tiny city state in 1453. Italy was controlled by barbiarians in 476. Also, the Roman Empire lasted 2000 years. None of those empires were anywhere near the "most successful" when they collapse.

This country cannot and will not survive the already inevitable famines of the 2030’s.

LOL. So Russia is not going to survive another 10 years even? Wow, I suspected as much, Ivan. Good thing my country is the most successful country in the world. We'll try to help you guys over there after Putin in put in prison.

@MostlyBirds@lemmy.world avatar


Fuck off, jackass. Being anti-American doesn’t mean pro-Russian, and anyone with even a single brain cell rattling around in their skull knows they’re both trash.


Damn your huge envy of Americans for creating the most successful country in the world has caused you some serious personal issues. Nobody ever thought you were American like you kept pretending to be, because everything you posted sounded like obvious cringy propaganda to actual Americans LMFAO. You stay in your country of Bumfuckistan or Russia, and work on your huge personal jealousy issues that made you try to impersonate one of us. While our country is busy being the leader of the Free World.

wagesj45 avatar

No one said balkanization was a good thing. Just that it happens, and is currently happening, being driven by multi-billion dollar media corporations trying to inflame a culture war to keep the lower classes occupied. They were too successful, and the wheels are starting to come off.

We might be able to fix it, but the current trajectory is pretty clear.

snooggums avatar

When you have an illness you still treat the symptoms while you address the cause so the symptoms don't make things worse.


He is a cause and a symptom. Trying, convicting, and imprisoning his would go a long way, but would not stop the problem from growing.

DarkGamer avatar

We're better off with systemic incentives in place to dissuade the next person considering Trump-like criminal behaviors.


Our very first mistake was not sending Nixon to prison. Set a bad precedent.


Our very first mistake was not sending Nixon to prison. Set a bad precedent president.

It was right there.

DarkGamer, (edited )
DarkGamer avatar

Our very first mistake was not sending Nixon to prison. Set a bad precedent.

I agree with you in principle, however I don't know how we could have accomplished that without preventing Ford from using his pardon, causing a constitutional crisis.


Our first mistake was not stomping out the confederacy hard enough.

DarkGamer, (edited )
DarkGamer avatar

Our first mistake was not stomping out the confederacy hard enough.

That was a huge mistake. We are still dealing with the consequences of the failure of reconstruction. (Article is a few years old but still very relevant.) archival link

Racism was the primary motivator for Trump votes in 2016.

Jaysyn avatar

This country will never heal unless he spends time dies behind bars.


Hairyblue, in Fraud justice: Decision based on a fake case showcases the Supreme Court's illegitimacy
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The right/bigots is always talking about the gay agenda. We don't have one. We just want to live our lives. Its the right who has an agenda. They worked hard to rig the court and are now making up lies to take to the court so the LGBTQ rights can be taken away. They want us back in the closet. And it's not just the LGBTQ community that they are looking to strip rights from. Non-christians, women, minorities, and workers to name a few.

Stop voting for Repulicans.


the only ones shoving any agenda down anyone elses throats are the gop.


There is and only ever has been a straight agenda.

No one tries to force people to be gay. But there's a concerted effort of trying to force people and society to be more straight.


Every accusation seems to be a projection from the right wing. They claim an agenda from their targets so that when they are accused of an agenda they can point to their own claims and say “We are just responding”
It also seems that their imagination is so limited; that when they are pressed to create something their opponents would do, they use one of their own actions or desires.

Also if their own actions or desires are so awful when projected onto their opponents; what does that say about them.


The right/bigots is always talking about the gay agenda. We don't have one.

Okay, but you can tell me what the gay agenda really is. Is it like the Jew agenda? Seems like that one came up a lot before people switched to talking about the gay agenda.

Unaware7013, in NEWS: Patriot Front sues left-wing activist who infiltrated the hate group and named members

The funny thing about free speech is that naming who is part of a hate group can likely be argued as free speech moreso than "whaaah, we got fired for the awful shit we said", given that it's called freedom of speech and not freedom from the consequences of my speech. Doubly so when you're talking about consequences brought about by a private organization/not the government. After all, their place of employment has freedom of speech rights too, as well as the ability to choose who they associate with.


It’s always projection.

cultsuperstar, (edited ) in New, Conservative Push To Weaken Child Labor Protections Is Gaining Steam

They want more people in the work force. I've been working since I was 16. They just want to squeeze as much labor out of us as they can. Lower the age to 12 and that's 4 more years. Raise the retirement age couple of years, and put people in a position where they can't really retire (hence getting rid of student loan debt forgiveness). Hell, a lot of people already can't retire. We're born, basically have about 4 years off, then it's school, maybe college. Most people are already in the work force in some capacity by high school. And that's basically it. Work til we die. That's our life lol. Oh, except for the ultra rich. They don't have to do shit.


I honestly wonder why we expect ourselves to work so much. Spoiler: rich people work significantly less.

Poggervania avatar

It’s because the system is designed in such a way in the US that it conditions us to think like that. The US modern school system is literally based off working in factories, so it’s no surprise that we’ve been conditioned that we need to work to work so much because we’ve been raised in an environment that mimics a work environment for around 14+ years of our lives. It’s kinda fucked up.

Lemmylefty, in NEWS: Patriot Front sues left-wing activist who infiltrated the hate group and named members
@Lemmylefty@lemmy.world avatar
Chetzemoka avatar

There are reasons why I love Boston

@Late2TheParty@lemmy.world avatar

Bwa-hahahaha I love it! Thank you!

Gradually_Adjusting, in Donald Trump brands US a ‘third -world hellhole’ run by ‘perverts’ and ‘thugs’
@Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

This level of projection usually requires lasers and a special backdrop screen.

sparseMatrix avatar



I just came here to say 'Fuck Donald Drumpf'

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

So much projection it's a damn Pink Floyd show. Complete with pig.

@baronvonj@lemmy.world avatar

Enigma Dubious?

Hairyblue avatar

Haha, charade you are!

ivanafterall avatar

He concluded with, "Worthless orange lumps can't even score with their own gorgeous daughters!"

Col3814444, in Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces amendment directing Biden to withdraw from Nato

Russian asset and traitor says what?

admiralteal, in Trump Threatens to Appoint ‘Maybe Even Nine’ Supreme Court Justices if Elected

Progressives need to stop pretending that packing the court would open the door for conservatives to do the same.

At this point, conservatives will simply do the same if they lose control of it. They do not care about law and order and they do not care about mores. They only care about oppressing the weak and solidifying their power. The SCOTUS is a political institution that needs immediate reform.

We're racing to doomsday and they're leaning on the accelerator while progressives argue about whether it's safe to turn off the ignition.


"needs immediate reform" is an understatement. The corruption thats coming to light is a literal threat to our democracy


Progressives know damn well that Republicans have already stacked the court. It's the establishment Democrats that are whining about an imaginary retaliation. You know, the centrists who are basically Republican lite, the assholes who whine about how extreme the Left-most parts of the party are, while ignoring how extreme the entire right-wing has always been.

We've seen this shit play out dozens of times in the past, the centrists say we progressives need to moderate ourselves to appeal more broadly, that we need to compromise or lose support. The reality plays out that any compromise we make is what loses us our support, and the centrists then side with the extremists on the right to hurt us more.

This is a great write-up of what it looks like in practice.


we shouldve been packing the court already. but nope democrats dont wanna rock the boat. something about when they go low we get high. no sorry, when they go low kick em in the fucking mouth.

snooggums avatar

Like how the Dems won't get rid of the filibuster, while the Reps got rid of it to push through the judicial nominees. Or how the Dems did absolutely nothing about the Rep Senate ignoring Obamas nominee and then rushing through their own at the last minute to stack SCOTUS.

Dems just can't admit that they need to play on the Reps level because the other team openly cheating while you take the high ground just tolerating the intolerant.


There's never been a filibuster in the House.

It didn't originally exist in the Senate either, but the worse Vice President we ever had, decided that the Senate had too many rules and got rid of most of them. One of those original rules allowed any senator to call for a vote, even when someone was on the floor speaking.

This rule, called the previous question for some reason, still exists in the House, along with the Hour Rule which limits the time a Representative can spend holding the floor.

So we already have the framework to end the filibuster, but conservatives on both sides of the aisle like it because it means that they can thwart progress.

Of course, when it gets in the way, Republicans quickly carve out an exception for themselves, like they did with Judicial appointments.


The Senate is a useless and bad institution anyway. It's the US House of Lords, where land is being given rights to vote over people.

If we're swinging magic wands anyway, just get rid of it and give its duties to the House. Or maybe return it to being a governor-appointed advisory board that only has proforma powers over legislation that the House can override.

At a minimum, make it so Senators can cast as many votes as they have constituents. Do the same thing for reps in the House.

Overzeetop avatar

Yeah, with what majority? There are only 47 Democrats and 2 independents who are interested in any politics left of center. Manchin, techincally a Democrat, will only vote for his personal, center-right beliefs, and Sinema, the only remaining independent has shown she's in it solely for personal financial gain. There was no time in which there were enough Democrats, excepting the two aforementioned posers, to add seats to the court or confirm any justice without some money changing hands. If it weren't about power or money we could have had 52 states (DC and PR) and at least 3 more truly democratic senators (considering the outside chance of a 50/50 split in PR). But that was impossible because it would have reduced the power of Manchin and Sinema, and that's the only reason for them to exist.


This is the correct response. Expanding the court has been impossible, and will remain impossible, until there is a large enough majority. Until that time, arguing that Dems should “pack the court” is delusional.

Purebred_BeefMaster, (edited ) in The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care That the Gay Wedding Website Case Is Based on Fiction
Purebred_BeefMaster avatar

Precedent set, no injured party required. I look forward to all the future cases. Good job Roberts. /s


Can we call them Prima Farcie cases?

gravitas_deficiency, in [News] Senator Calls For Return of Old Mississippi Flag: ‘Our People Died Under That Flag’

Your people died under that flag while engaging in armed action against the Union, fighting for the side that wanted to preserve and enshrine slavery. You know, just in case anyone was misled by your bullshit, Chism.


And she didn’t even get that part right.

From the article:

The state did not adopt the flag—…—until 1894

Haus avatar

Southern education strikes again!

Itty53 avatar

Yup yup.The Rebel Flag is a modern invention of racists, it was never officially flown in battle or otherwise. The one it was based on was square, making it a different flag, and only flew over one company in the Confederacy. Most Confederate soldiers wouldn't have even recognized it. Didn't have to, there were many Confederate flags but only one union flag. They only needed to recognize the one.


They fought against the USA not the Union. Fighting the Union makes it sound like they were not traitors


That’s a bit pedantic. The Union was synonymous with the USA (even at the time); the Confederates or “rebels” were and are synonymous with the CSA.


Nah it is not because it reminds those that celebrate the traitors that they were traitors.

euj2EUVtuwrch4edp avatar

Yeah, those fuckers killed men in the US Army. To preserve slavery. And then the officer corps and political leaders weren't executed at the end of the war like they should have been. John Brown got it worse for being a hero.

norbert avatar

IMO (most of) the land should've been taken and given to the freed people, reconstruction failed.

euj2EUVtuwrch4edp avatar

Absolutely. 40 acres and a mule. Along with the vote. During reconstruction many people in government were freedmen. Can you imagine what our country would be like now if that continued?

These racist fascists really have fucked things over

Col3814444, in Investigation Uncovers More of Clarence Thomas’ Undisclosed Freebies from Wealthy Pals

No, not a repost. This is EVEN MORE corruption.

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

"It wouldn't be a problem if people just stopped looking!"
-Roberts, probably


Stop the count?

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

To be fair? I don’t think I can count that high… neither can kavenaugh unless he lays off the beer


Maybe stop the crime would be easier

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

habits are a bitch to change. Might in fact be easier to convince all the little peons from looking into things.


"But wait, there's more!"

binaryphile, in Ron DeSantis’ pastor says gay people should be “put to death”

Fuck this guy.

I_Miss_Daniel avatar

Would that render him gay? (He might be already, but can't cope with it.)

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