Inside ICE’s Database for Finding ‘Derogatory’ Online Speech

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has used a system called Giant Oak Search Technology (GOST) to help the agency scrutinize social media posts, determine if they are “derogatory” to the U.S., and then use that information as part of immigration enforcement, according to a new cache of documents reviewed by 404 Media.

The documents peel back the curtain on a powerful system, both in a technological and a policy sense—how information is processed and used to decide who is allowed to remain in the country and who is not.

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abolish ICE

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This is why I can’t travel to China

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This is happening in the United States.



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  • phillaholic,

    These are indexing publicly available social media posts aren’t they? It’s not a policy matter if you’re voluntarily offering it to everyone.


    This is the country where free speech is something the government is supposed to not retaliate against right?


    This is Immigration. People are voluntarily applying to come to the US. Their public social media posts being reviewed isn’t a privacy violation. Even if it’s done on US citizens, it’s public information. Regardless on whether it’s a good idea or not, it’s not a privacy issue. You’re voluntarily giving up the privacy of the information you do and say in public. If they utilize non-public information then you have an argument.



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  • phillaholic,

    Keep in mind private companies are doing this, because again, you are voluntarily giving this information up publicly. The solution to it is to stop.

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    fuck off.

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