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#Mastodon started in 2016. 15 000 000 user since then.
Mastodon is probably the #Linux of the #social #networks.
This is the platform I #prefer.

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La tuile pour Macron et sa com’ autour du Débarquement: l’AFP vote la grève ce jeudi, à l'unanimité de plus de 300 votants, pour 24h. Les journalistes dénoncent un projet de la direction de créer un statut au rabais pour les collègues en poste à l’étranger. Le statut actuel qui offre un certains nombre de garanties (frais de logement, scolarité etc.) est devenu « trop coûteux », affirme la direction.

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Kbi.social has been down for so long that I am starting to question if it was ever real :anya_uhoh: #kbin #social #fediverse

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I really need to get back on reading Pluralistic. Been a while since I've seen writing so concise and well-sourced. Journalistic, if I might be so bold.

"Real innovation vs Silicon Valley nonsense" by @pluralistic


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If we want our tech companies to do good, we have to understand that their ground state is to create planet-wrecking nonsense, grifty scams, and planet-wrecking, nonsensical scams. We need to make these companies small enough to fail, small enough to jail, and small enough to care
#technology #Markets #corporatism #oligopoly #monopoly #capitalism #ClimateChange #sustainability #environment

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Listening recommendation for the morning:

There are a lot of companies and ideas competing for space on the post-Twitter internet, and Jay makes a convincing argument that decentralization — the idea that you should be able to take your username and following to different servers as you wish — is the future. It’s a powerful concept that’s been kicking around for a long time, but now it feels closer to reality than ever before. You’ve heard us talk about it a lot on Decoder: the core idea is that no single company — or individual billionaire — can amass too much power and control over our social networks and the conversations that happen on them.


There are quite some reasons that leave me very cautious about Bluesky, one being for sure the fact there's one commercial entity currently backing this service / protocol, especially one that has risen from the same ecosystem that caused a lot of the trouble we do experience with current social media platforms. But, I've then and now been at odds with ActivityPub as a protocol, which gets worse the more I dig into it, and from that perspective, it seems the AT crowd gets a lot of things right, considered a lot of things that don't just seem obvious at least in the 2010s but actually surprising to see them missing from ActivityPub, a spec that has been established at roughly the same time: Full account portability (the idea of comparing personal data, conversations, comments, posts, ... to a github repository which "of course" you want to easily be able to take, backup, move around, ... seems both stunning and painfully trivial), support of custom domains for users (which Tumblr has already been supporting for years now), distributed curation and moderation (because most obviously community structures will be different to server or domain structures and not necessarily live on one instance exclusively) - in a way I really do hope they "show don't tell" by submitting that protocol to some standardization body anytime soon. Maybe this, too, could provide a good option for the "open" fediverse to counter the problems that might arise the very moment platforms like Meta / Threads fully embrace ActivityPub. (I also found it rather interesting to listen to what she had to say about why Meta might be more into ActivityPub than AT - being "server-centric" rather than "user-centric" - but that might just be a loose end of things.)


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Here's another report that shows that heavy industry companies rank at the bottom for and indicators.

But good luck finding any critical campaigns against Chinese companies.


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If there was any area where we needed a lot of "innovation," it's in climate tech. We've already blown through numerous points-of-no-return for a habitable Earth, and the pace is accelerating.


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on pluralistic.net, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:



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Das die Dating-Apps hauptsächlich eine Datensammlung inkl. überhöten Gewinne sind, ist nicht neu aber leider glauben noch zu viele daran, hauptsächlich Männer – egal ob ernsthafte Beziehung oder nicht.

»Tschau, Tinder: Junge Frauen immer weniger an Datingapps interessiert:
In der Gen Z ist die Kluft zwischen den Geschlechtern auf den Verkupplungsportalen besonders groß«

💔 https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000221762/tschau-tinder-junge-frauen-immer-weniger-an-datingapps-interessiert

P.S. Danke @Rockndoll für den Hinweis.

#apps #tinder #genz #datenschutz #dating #datenschutz

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🧵 …das liegt nicht an deren Schattenseiten, sondern an deren Umgang mit privaten Daten und wie diese ausgenutzt werden. Darauf hat nun niemensch Lust dazu, wenn dann nur Töter*innen.

»Die Schattenseiten der Dating-Apps:
Dating-Apps verlieren nach und nach Nutzerinnen und Nutzer. Die Gründe sind aber nicht nur sexuelle Übergriffe oder Belästigungen, sondern auch Diskriminierung und Abwertung«

💔 https://www.derstandard.at/story/3000000222200/die-schattenseiten-der-dating-apps

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This article nicely sums up my suspicion about the state of 'Xwitter'…

"Twitter is now a siloed attention roulette machine just like TikTok. That was the plan when Elon took over and they succeeded. There's no going back."


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Imagine two identical #social #networks with mainstream users. Same number of users, same connectedness of the social graph, same demographics etc.

Social network A only has an algorithmic feed. Social network B only has a chronological people-I-follow feed.

What would the usage numbers look like in comparison? Numbers of posts, numbers of likes/replies/boosts, growth trajectory, etc?

I would expect somebody has done some research on this. Anybody know of any public results?

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Online discourse: "You have to convince me to vote for Joe #Biden"

Why? I don't like Joe Biden. The idea that anyone has to convince you to fall in love with Joe Biden is as absurd of a #political assertion as the #MAGA cult and #Trump, that #politics is about #passion

We don't view politics as a love affair. It's #tactics. And more importantly, it's your #social #responsibility to vote

#Abortion, #TransRights, the #ClimateCrisis, etc: issues you care about, or should care about

But #Gaza...

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🔴 À eux seuls, quatre dirigeants de la FNSEA, dont deux Bretons, cumulent 50 mandats. De l'Anses au Cese en passant par les innombrables instances agricoles, ces cumulards défendent partout la ligne du syndicat productiviste. Avec succès !

Une enquête menée dans le cadre d'une collaboration européenne avec Lighthouse Reports.

👉 Consultez l'enquête : https://splann.org/lobby-agricole-fnsea/

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#Tories #CONservatives #Tory #Sunak #GTTO #ToryCorruption #ToryScum #Brexit #Covid #Starmer #Labour

Austerity, Brexit, Covid Lockdown Parties, PPE Scandal, Raw Sewage in UK Waterways & Coastal Areas, Economic Crash, Record Inflation, Record Interest Rates, Cost of Living Crisis, Pensions Decimated, Mortgage Rises, NHS in Crisis, Schools Crumbling, Housing Crisis...

This is the choice. It's really that simple.

#GE2024 4th July

Vote #Labour 🌹 ❎️ 🗳

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@Wen @CloudyMrs @Theriac @soren

There's several reasons why this could happen, as with a recent case in , where the proposed candidate was an anti throwback to the 80s.

The local CLP were at war with each other, & almost fell apart until the PLP stepped in. The fella was a radical extremist, who was better suited to , the or 's Workers Party.

Today's is a party of doctrine.

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Tackling late-life homelessness in Canada
Jillian Alston, Stefan Baral, Aaron Orkin & Sharon Straus

Many experience in , yet current shelters & temporary are not designed or resourced for them. We outline the magnitude of this large & growing & challenge, describe the social & needs of older adults experiencing homelessness, and suggest potential solutions.


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