I miss people looking like humans.

Everywhere online now, every movie, every home video, has been passed through so many filters that people don’t look human any more. Nobody has any lines in their face, their teeth are florescent white, their eyes are filled in and have no veins. Nobody ever looks tired, or natural. Add to the mix the fact that everyone is getting lip implants to look like a blowfish, and I’m just tired of it. I miss seeing real human beings.


watch some local theater, although the actors are always done up in stage makeup, it usually is a good down to earth experience

especially local civic theater, maybe you could volunteer your time with a local theater and then come back and remind yourself why the medium was cherished.


Agree, and it does seem like it’s an unpopular opinion. I was just talking with someone the other day that I miss people looking like human beings in movies and TV. I forget what we were watching but it was something from the 80s and we remarked how the entire fantastic cast could not get hired today.


Yes it is


I agree.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the modern, absurd extension of the stage makeup concept, taken to the extreme.

My ex-wife was a professional dancer, and her stage makeup made her look absolutely insane in person. But under stage lighting, it looked amazing.

Sometimes I wonder if cosmetic surgery was initially incorporated as something that would bring more popularity or work to an actor, because it would make them look more striking under the absurd, unreal lighting conditions of tv and film.

And that this has gotten completely carried away. Especially now, since nearly all cinema is greenscreen with scenery digitally added later. Which brings a tremendous amount of lighting incongruity, so we end up needing block-like, exaggerated, un-contoured faces, slathered in 42 layers of stage makeup, to look “proper” under these conditions.

I don’t know if this is totally out to lunch or not.


nobody ever looks tired



This is the future of humanity. It is only going to get worse. Look at everthing technology has touched- there’s little realism left in anything anymore. Artists will be replaced by AI, musicians will be replace by AI, and there will be next to no depth left in anything.

Bleak as fuck. Glad i at least remember before things became……

… this.


Humans must look perfect to hide the effects of slavery (paid work)


Paid work is not slavery.


Yes it is


The fact that you could suggest something so ignorant and thoughtless gives me all the reason I need to block your ignorance from my feed.

Go read a book about slavery, how it’s defined, and how it has affected the culture of entire races of people.

Then come back and delete your comments in shame.


Why would I read a rich man’s book on slavery?

Working for money is slavery, because if you stop working you’ll die on the street. They use money like a carrot


So… you’re one of those people that want things handed to you. I get it.

We’re done talking now.



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  • Mastengwe,

    Pardon me?


    Or…read legal definitions instead of some random book.

    Slavery has nothing to do with money, it’s the practice of forced labor and restricted liberty. It is also a regime where one class of people - the slave owners - could force another - the slaves - to work and limit their liberty.

    You can 100% give a pittance to a slave in the form of currency and have it still be considered forced labor. You should block yourself for being so arrogant and short sighted to think that slavery has anything to do with money.

    Slavery is about limited/restricted or no liberty and forced labor.

    Do you seriously think, that is some company forced you at gunpoint to work for them while giving you $0.01 a day means it’s not slavery?

    Get over yourself…


    It’s not slavery if you have a choice. So no, I’m not going to “get over myself.”

    Maybe you should learn what nuance is and stop polarizing every issue you come across.


    TIL FORCED labor is a choice…

    Try reading


    So…. People should just give you things for free???

    ROFL. Communism is hilarious.

    Blocking you now. I have that freedom because I’m not a slave.



    Good, saves me from having to block you. Glad you’re open to any form of discussion instead of dismissing the world because ‘only your views are accurate’

    Go touch grass kid.


    When HD first came out people marveled at how you could see folks pores on TV and every minute flaw became visible. I wonder if they’re connected


    I know pornstars and porn makeup and porn production changed. Many women left the industry in response, directly/indirectly. I read it in a really fascinating article from way back, so it’s kinda fuzzy but that was the gist. Then we got Sasha Grey (⁠。⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠。⁠) I wonder if those are connected.

    Pornstars are younger and more beautiful than they were in the SD era, but look more “normal” and less like brokendown strippers. But things like lip injections and Botox play well on camera, but look fucking awful in person. I feel like I’m honing in on some thesis statement but I’m on the toilet so whatever.


    Had a nice poop?


    Not really. I have IBS so it was… Unpleasant.


    I’m convinced that part of the reason of this over processing is because of streaming. You can compress a movie or show far FAR more when colors are smooth and uniform (I know this from compressing multiple hundreds of movies and TV shows). So now that everyone is “streaming all the things” they have to look for ways to get 4k out the door and to the normal consumer who might only have 100mb internet.

    Edit: not defending it, just sharing my observations as a media enthusiast.


    That’s interesting and seems plausible. Thanks for sharing.


    they have to look for ways to get 4k out the door and to the normal consumer who might only have 100mb internet

    They do this like YouTube does by scaling the resolution based on your connection speed.

    Though they do compress all resolutions to a fraction of their full bitrate regardless of the service or speed because ISPs are greedy fucks.


    I’m mean, they are both methods to do the same thing (get smaller sized videos) and it doesn’t have to be one of the other, both can be used. With better compression you can stream higher resolution.

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  • arin,

    Ugh there are actually people who put on an anime head suit and it’s creepy as fuck. But the makeup style is not as bad, still off (over sized eye makeup and circle lenses). Then there are creepy ai face/head filters that can make them look like a cartoon(often Disney style)


    I agree. Now Imagine trying to wade through the online dating scene… it ain’t no pic-a-nik, Yogi.


    That sounds really difficult. It was already hard back in the MySpace days just because of what people could do with camera angles, lighting, and makeup. Catfishing is probably a whole different league now.

    @Dozzi92@lemmy.world avatar

    I remember meeting a girl on Myspace and she ended up taller than me and … portly. I almost wanted to suggest a career behind the camera because of the shit she pulled off.

    We remained friends afterwards though.


    Tall seems an odd complaint, but yeah angles and poses can make people look a different shape even without the editing software. And people can look very different at the same height and weight. That was the initial impetus for the Normal Nudes subreddit - post your height and weight and a set of unposed pictures facing front, side, back. It really showed how differently we carry weight and also showed how much work the poses and editing were doing on the other nudes threads.


    I don’t understand the endgame with posting fake pictures if you are actually looking for dates. I mean, presumably you will see each other in real life, wouldn’t the look of disappointment be kinda soul crushing? I don’t photograph well and honestly the only time I was glad about that was the brief foray into the world of meeting guys online. It was kinda nice to be able to show up looking better than the pictures.

    Also, OP - I don’t think yours is an unpopular opinion - I thought you were going to be complaining about the more extreme styles we see around now. Online photo editing I thought was pretty universally held in disdain. It’s harmful in so many ways. People editing themselves then wishing they looked like the edited pictures. People seeing pictures they think are real but have been nipped and tucked with Photoshop, then being upset they can’t have those proportions at any weight (because most of us have ribs!).

    Though to be fair, the push for unnatural proportions predates the editing software, I remember my mom telling me that in “her day” girls had smaller waists and bigger hips, and I was skeptical because evolution doesn’t work that fast, both me & my sister are built more straight up and down, were skinny. When I asked for clarification she said it was foam rubber and girdles, it was a style they achieved by padding out the butt and hips. So smaller waist yes, smaller all around, but not somehow magically all curvy. Regular skinny with foam padding.


    You need to get off social media. Humans still look like humans IRL.


    I specified in my post where it is a problem, and real life wasn’t one of the places.

    @deafboy@lemmy.world avatar

    The only thing worse than not being able to see people for what they are? Being able to see people for what they are!


    The Uncanny Valley has you, Neo.

    @jordanlund@lemmy.world avatar

    People apparently did not like 80 year old Indiana Jones though… I thought it was inspired…


    I can’t speak to the new Indiana Jones as I haven’t seen it, but the issue people generally have with aging action movie stars is how unrealistic it is. See, Liam Neeson in his recent films, Robert De Niro in The Irishman, Steven Seagal, etc.

    Trying to convince the audience that a 75 year old can sprint for 100m after dispatching a gang of thugs, and suffering a gunshot wound is as hard to believe as a 65 year old woman having the body and skin of a woman half her age. People value authenticity and realistic standards to some degree.

    @jordanlund@lemmy.world avatar

    After the opening flashback, the film shows 80 year old Indy shuffling around his apartment in his underwear looking every minute of his 80 years on earth.

    seaQueue, (edited )
    @seaQueue@lemmy.world avatar

    I watch a lot of German and Scandinavian (and other European) TV series, their actors still look like people rather than Hollywood Barbie dolls.

    If you’re looking for recommendations Dark was good, as were Deadwind and Dark Spot.


    Definitely. Outside the US tv or films tend to spend far less effort/budget on effects, and that particularly includes how much “correction” is applied to how the people look. Like people having shiny skin or wrinkles. People look like people.

    @Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

    As a furry: People don’t look non-human enough.

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