Biden vows G7 response, ‘ironclad’ US support for Israel after Iran attacks

US President Joe Biden has condemned Iranian attacks on military facilities in Israel, pledging a coordinated Group of Seven (G7) diplomatic response while highlighting the United States’s help in taking down “nearly all” of the attacking drones and missiles.

Biden, who cut short a trip to Delaware and returned to Washington, DC to meet advisers over the late Saturday night attack, said in a statement released by the White House that the US forces and facilities had not been hit.

The US president said he reiterated the “ironclad” support for Israel’s security in a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom he has had strained relations over Israel’s handling of the war in Gaza.

“Tomorrow, I will convene my fellow G7 leaders to coordinate a united diplomatic response to Iran’s brazen attack,” he said.

“And while we have not seen attacks on our forces or facilities today, we will remain vigilant to all threats and will not hesitate to take all necessary action to protect our people,” he said.

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Cowbee, avatar

US Empire gotta Empire, even though Israel struck first.


Post on says hes not going to interfere with reprisals


Stop bailing Israel out. They literally bombed an embassy. They do not need the G7 to help them.


“All Joe Biden had to do was stay the fuck out of the middle east for a few months and the election was his…”


The US has been tied to Israel since its founding.

No matter who (or what party) was in the white house, the US would be propping up Isreal after the Hamas attack.

Just like it has done for decades.


Same as Israel was always going to move on Palestine, we were always going to unequivocally support it.


I hope this is true but I’m not confident voters care about the middle east.


You hope this is the point that costs Biden the election? So we can have another Trump presidency?


Maybe Biden should stop funding a Genocide if he doesn’t want Ttump to win. Stop blaming voters and blame Biden.


No, it’s your choice who you vote for, take some responsibility. The world isn’t black and white, genocide around the world is bad but a genocide at home sounds worse.


I wish people cared more about middle Eastern people getting genocided by their own country (or their country aiding said genocide)


Oh they do, and enough care that them not voting could cost Biden tons of close race states. Voters proved that in the Michigan primary.


Wow so glad this is the lesser evil I’ll have to vote for. Fuck this country man.


I left after Trump was elected. The downward spiral marches on it seems.


Plenty of 3rd party candidates to vote for. No one is forcing you to vote for Biden but every vote for Biden is telling him that it’s OK to keep doing what he’s doing. A vote for Biden is a vote for Genocide.


Voting for a 3rd party is a vote for Trump. If you think Trump is less genocidal I have some magic beans to sell you.


No, a vote for 3rd party is quite literally a vote for 3rd party. Stop shaming people because they don’t want to vote for your candidate. If Biden wants people to vote for him then he needs to earn it. Dems can’t just do nothing for anyone and fund a genocide and expect to win on being the lesser evil.


Sorry but that is not really how our system works. Feel free to advocate for changes to our voting like ranked choice but until then voting strategically is the only real way to go. Voting third party as a protest vote does not do shit. It does not get the Democratic party to change their platform. Vote for a progressive candidate in the primaries of you want something to actually change in the Democratic party. Neither major party actually cares about third parties. The last time a third party candidate got a large chunk of the vote was Perot and neither party changed positions afterwards.

You can vote for a super progressive third party candidate in the election but that helps out the candidate least like your position if you are in a swing state. If you are not in a swing state, vote however the fuck you want because your vote largely means nothing until we change how voting works.


Oh so you’re a fascist, I get it now.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Coming to terms with the realities of first past the post is far from fascism. I actively advocate for voting systems that would make third parties viable. Until then, vote progressive in the primaries and send money to progressive candidates in the Democratic party to get them to change their platform. Voting for a different party altogether is not going to change their platform.


Far left defending Genocide Biden is so funny.


Aiding and abetting criminals.


We’ve heard this all before, U.S. is now agreeing to supply an endless chain of terrorist engagements in surrounding areas of the states involved. Get ready to hear about rocket seiges and mid city suicide bombings. This is so stupid, worst diplomacy ever.

LordOfLocksley, (edited )

What’s crazy about this whole situation is Iran attacked Israel because Israel bombed Iran’s embassy in Syria killing a general and 6 others… and governments are telling Iran not to overreact.

Like bruh, how would you react if your embassy was bombed in a 3rd country killing your general and 6 other nationals

krolden, avatar

And somehow the elected leader of our country is going against the will of the population by supporting israel and dragging us into another massive war.


The word “massive” is an understatement


There’s definitely something we ask don’t know about the US and Israel. There’s got to be some massive secret. Because there’s no other good explanation.


Prob this thinking full as good way to stay in power. That or Isreal got a pee pee tape on someone. You should watch Canadian Bacon.


Religion plain and simple.

Zuberi, avatar

OIL mate, OIL


Settler colonialism has nothing to do with religion.

Palestine is merely good place for a colony since it’s a bridge between Asia and Africa; israel’s formation used common british colonization tactics [III], with companies literally named “Colonization Commission”, “Jewish Colonial Trust” and the like.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of “zionism” was a racist who saw it as a rampart of the west in the region.

“We should there form a portion of a rampart of Europe against Asia, an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism. We should as a neutral State remain in contact with all Europe, which would have to guarantee our existence.” Source [II]

Only difference now is that the US has been the de facto leader of the imperial core since WW2, no longer UK in Europe. They are thus now israel’s main supporter.

krolden, avatar

Israel is basically where all of the NSA spyware gets developed.

queermunist, avatar

Also border technology.

queermunist, avatar

Israel is the US’s unsinkable aircraft carrier in the Middle East. It’s strategically priceless for US world domination.


Money and an influencial foothold in the Middle East. It’s a secret because power and money are withheld from you and all of us.


I’m not voting for Biden ever again.

1 mistake was enough. Independent or bust.


Have fun getting drafted for Trump then idiot.


Enjoy living under Trump, then


I mean we already lived under trump and know what it was like, its not the hellscape they keep pretending will happen.


Yeah, just a million preventable deaths, huge transfer of wealth to the upper classes, lots of children stolen from their families and caged, but my grocery bill wasn’t that high, so I don’t see the problem.


So since more people died under biden, is he worse then?


[citation needed]


This is not controversial, feel free to do a second of research. And Biden had the vaccine too, he really just killed so many.


Holy shit you’re bad at this. “Let me make a broad and extraordinary claim and it’s on you to prove it.”

Here’s why your rebuttal sucks and you’re bad at thinking:

  1. You have never heard of “burden of proof”.
  2. Biden wasn’t president when COVID was killing a million Americans, so your point is not just vague, it’s stupid.
  3. You ignored all my other points completely.
  4. Your only defense was completely unsourced whataboutism.
  5. You think claiming “it’s not controversial” is like a cheat code for arguments.
  6. Your fundamental “hellscape” argument relies on a definition of badness that is so impossibly narrow and dismissive that you’re basically claiming that Trump would only be a bad president if people were literally suffering and dying in the streets in such numbers that everyone had no excuse not to realize it, which utterly invalidates everything any human could do in a presidential term unless they literally went full Hitler.

Looking forward to your trenchant and scholarly “no u” rebuttal.


Obviously I am not going to read a long comment about how you dont want to google.


Nice non-defense.


Because if you dont want to do a basic google search I dont give a shit what you have to say because it will just be a unthinking waste of my time.


You read enough to get to the part where I pointed out “burden of proof” and ignored it completely. You’re a bad faith actor and an intellectually dishonest troll. I owe you nothing. It’s not on me to google shit, especially your insane and vague claim.




You too!


Biden making multiple mistakes right now. WTF, He's literally in bed with MIC

ganksy, avatar

That’s fine. Just save us your opinion about the alternative shit show that unveils when Trump’s in office. That guy hired John Bomb Iran Bolton as his national security advisor. Trump basically pushed the button himself to kill Qasem Soleimani when his advisors weren’t extreme enough.

If it’s only Palestinians you care about, remember who moved the US embassy in Israel to Tell Aviv. With trump back in office, Bibi could prop up his regime for another 4yrs.

RFK or bust but you won’t get to wash your hands of this going forward.


Just like people who do vote for Biden won’t be able to wash their hands of his genocide.

ganksy, avatar

Totally agree. I cannot wash my hands of my complicity in this genocide in my inability to help guide my country to ethical, consistent policies.

I admit, all I can do is try to keep the worst out of power.


It is appreciated.



queermunist, avatar

Will you vote for Biden if he gets us into WW3?

ganksy, avatar

Would you vote for Trump to get us out of WW3 if we’re in it?

queermunist, avatar

I’m going to write in Aaron Bushnell’s name, who already cast the only vote that matters.

ganksy, avatar

A brave soul but not the only person that will suffer.

queermunist, (edited ) avatar

I’m trans in a red state. If Trump wins I might die.

I’m still not voting for Biden.

Not like it fucking matters, if my state passes a “kill all the trans people” law Biden wouldn’t stop them.

ganksy, avatar

So you’re arguing that both sides are the same? You could argue that he may not stop states from archaic legislation but he’s not going to help them. Every one of the supreme justices that have refused to conserve your rights has been designed in their position by the right. I say live to fight another day. We haven’t come far enough but it’s still far from how things were 50yrs ago. Ever heard the saying don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good? Well, don’t let the epically flawed be the enemy of the tyrant.

queermunist, avatar

No. I’m arguing that both sides are bad in different ways.

I voted for Biden in 2020 and Democrats in 2022 because I believed they were the lesser of two evils.

Then the genocide in Gaza accelerated and I’m realizing there are no lesser evils in this country. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good? My dude, America is the enemy of the good! And as those protesters in Michigan said, Death to America

ganksy, avatar

Yes but you are also taking one issue, the genocide, and using it as proxy for all the issues. They are not the same on most of the issues. One is significantly better on most. I just don’t see the equivocation.


genocide is a pretty big issue.


You'd think a guy with a lifetime in politics would understand optics better than this.


What do you mean? He knows young democrats will just fall in line no matter what he does because he’s not trump.


Ah, yes, the Harris tactic. Works 100% of the time 0% of the time.

queermunist, avatar

>looks at the uncommitted movement

Yeah I don’t think it’s going to work this time.


Sure but that movement is full of shortsighted morons.

queermunist, avatar

They’re very clearly pushing Democrats and especially Biden on this issue.

If it weren’t for the uncommitted movement I have no doubt that the US would have responded to Iran striking back at Israel.


Young democrats are probably the ones least likely to fall in line.


And if they don’t, he can count on other Democrats to try and browbeat them and shame them into voting for him no matter what he does, screeching, “But Trump!” as loud as they can.

He sure is trying his best to make his actions indefensible to as wide a swath of the Democratic electorate as he can, now, and just banking on “Hey, I tossed you a few crumbs, and have you seen the other guy?”


“World’s biggest terrorist organisation supports genocidal sky-fairy worshippers”

Oh, quelle surprise

SteefLem, avatar

Ah… election year isnt it?

Zehzin, avatar

The man really wants his reelection to die on this hill


Honestly at this point anybody who needs Trump not to win should be organising their life as if he already has and will come into office next January.


I always say the Berlin wall went up overnight, don't wait for things to get worse before planing your escape.


I’m not voting for Biden.

Fuck the lesser evil.

If this upsets any of you, get mad at the democrats who keep nominating these shit candidates.

Give me someone like Bernie or I will not vote democrat. I will not fall in line. If that means a Trump victory, then so be it.

You’ll only have yourselves to blame just like when you nominated Hillary.

krolden, avatar

Its likely Bernie would be doing the same as biden here. His foreign policy is basically party line


What? Bernie has been an outspoken critic during and even before this "war", though he was late in calling for a ceasefire. He also condemns things like the Cuba embargo. I don't see how any of that is party line.

TheAnonymouseJoker, avatar

He supported Yugoslavia carpet bombing. He is just another Biden.

davel, avatar
TheAnonymouseJoker, avatar

I remember. It was a good maskoff moment for Bozo Sanders.


Tf you on about? Bernie was on PSA a few days ago trying to talk to wayward leftists asking them not throw out decades of progress and to do anything in their power to prevent a Trump win.




Independent progressive leadership (the guy we’d like to be president) is saying staying home, or voting third party this time is a terrible shortsighted move that will usher in more global suffering?

It all comes down to power. Progressives will have more room to work with if Biden is president. Think of the down ballot races. Voting D is complacency and complicity if the grand sum of your political action only takes place on a Tuesday in November.


Nah can definitely blame idiots like you quite a lot regardless of how much Biden is fucking up lol

queermunist, avatar

Fuck off Brandon

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