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#Parkrun done, AND I hit 100km down for #TheMay50K... but I'm not done yet. Read the latest blog update as I sweat through the final week of fundraising for #MS and DONATE TODAY!!!

#Running #Australia #KissGoodbyeToMS

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Great letter.

  • methane up 150%
  • methane caused 30% of heating
  • reducing methane will quickly reduce emissions
  • can we listen to scientists, not CEOs of gas companies?

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In Australia, Students Are Standing in Solidarity With Gaza

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Today in scams, a dodgy MyGov email with a handy QR code to help you log in and claim an early tax refund!

Which is, of course, a SCAM. A total and absolute scam.

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Ex-NSW teacher has child sexual abuse conviction quashed because old law didn't cover women

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I don’t usually update my page twice in a day.. but it turns out today has been an AMAZING day for fundraising. Read the latest (astonishing!) blog now and donate TODAY!

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Australia news live: Queensland bans rent bidding; NSW flu warning as cases surge

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🇦🇺 Australia: COVID cases are rising across Australia. Here's what we know about the new variant: FLiRT |

🔹20,699 cases reported across the country between 1 April and 30 April.

🔹25,423 cases that have currently been reported up to 23 May.



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Archaeologists Unearth the Oldest Aboriginal Pottery in Australia
The find refutes long-held beliefs that the Aboriginals did not make pottery

According to the study, “The apparent absence of pottery in Australia, as noted by early and more recent European observers… both reflected and was used to support, racist social evolutionary hierarchies characterizing Aboriginal societies as lacking cultural complexity.”

In an area just 90 x 90 cm, archaeologists found 82 pottery shards that are 2,950 to 1,815 years old.

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New day, new goals, new blog post as my #TheMay50K fundraiser hits new heights and I go more than a little CRAZY by upping my limits.

I’m only going to make it with your help, so read the latest update and donate TODAY!

#Running #Australia #MultipleSclerosis #MS #KissGoodbyeToMS

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Japan's top power generator JERA has warned that it could consider fuel purchases and investments from elsewhere if Australia does not provide sufficient financial support.

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Slice of 1960s / 1970s culture in .

Broken car badge from an American company that pretended to be Australian.

Something about "Hemi" goes with the badge.

Can't exactly remember what. It seemed meaningful and exciting at the time.

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This is my shocked face.

Why shocked?

Because I just hit 100.9% of my donation total for (with thanks to Brodie F, Ray S and Chris B) -- and I have NO intention of stopping now! I'm going to keep running (tomorrow) but you can still donate TODAY!

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US military commander has 'no idea' how Australia's Aukus submarines would be used in any Taiwan Strait dispute

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Australia is looking to ban under-16s from social media, but will still charge a 10 year old child with a crime.

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NSW man jailed for six years after killing sister's abusive boyfriend who was attacking her

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"The head of the IPCC has compared the rollout of carbon capture and storage (#CCS) to "trying to push water uphill," questioning a technology that the oil and gas industry has long touted as integral to net-zero emission plans.

The International Energy Agency has previously called for the oil and gas industry to let go of the "illusion" that carbon capture is a solution to climate change, pushing instead for energy majors to ramp up investments in clean energy."

CelloMomOnCars, avatar

Lies, damn lies, and "carbon capture and sequestration"

"Projections of the size and scale of a future #CCS industry should come with heavy doses of scepticism."

"When the Australian reported that “#Australia could generate nearly $600bn in revenue”, what we are actually referring to is revenue for the organisations proposing #CarbonCapture and storage projects. Right now, that’s mostly oil and gas companies."

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