jake4480, to Discord
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If you use Discord, you might wanna know this.

A service called Spy Pet is scraping Discord servers, archiving and tracking users' messages and activity, and then selling access to that data.

Spy Pet scrapes more than 10,000 Discord servers, and besides selling access to anyone with cryptocurrency, it offers the data for training AI models or to assist law enforcement agencies, according to its website.

Spy Pet claims to be tracking more than 14,000 servers, 600 million users, and includes a database of more than 3 billion messages.

(The article is paywalled probably, etc but it's here) https://www.404media.co/a-spy-site-is-scraping-discord-and-selling-users-messages

jon, to Vivaldi
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hosford42, to random
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I am so ready for this absurdly overblown LLM hype cycle to wrap up, so the adults can get back to the real work.

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wait... wait... hear me out:

#AI plus #Crypto !!!


schizanon, to Bitcoin
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> an intense competition is underway to mine the first block after the halving, which could contain a rare and collectible fragment of a bitcoin known as an "epic sat."

Fucking ordinals!


#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #halving #ordinals #btc #crypto #mining #bitcoinMining

schizanon, to Bitcoin
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You'll know that Bitcoin is mainstream when people just call them "scams" instead of "crypto scams"

#bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency

jon, to Bitcoin
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It is time to ban Bitcoin and other crypto mining In Iceland. It is a big scandal that Iceland is wasting scarce power resources on Bitcoin mining.


rvps2001, to Russia
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🇷🇺 For Putin’s war machine, Tether has become indispensable. Here’s how #Russian middlemen used it to avoid U.S. #sanctions and procure parts for drones and other high-tech equipment.


#russia #crypto #cryptocurrency

Snowshadow, to news
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Sam Bankman-Fried’s cellmate sentenced to 25 years stuck with guy who won’t shut up about crypto

#News #Crypto #Crime


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Ross Anderson was an awesome, incisive and wide-ranging brain.

Huge champion of privacy and security.

He was also graciously supportive when I first came to cybersecurity.

Can't believe I won't be seeing him again.

Rest in peace


Pic via Duncan Campbell

ajussak, to Meme French
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atoponce, to programming
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I had a dream last night about ChaCha20.

> "Here's your 512-bit state array."
> ...
> "Don't forget your quarter round."
> ...
> "Not 20 quarter rounds, 80 you nitwit!"
> ...
> "Yes, increment the counter."
> ...
> "Stop using the all-zero key."
> ...
> "An all-zero nonce isn't any better."

I've been putting it together in JavaScript, just because, so it is on my mind.

PeterSoukup, to Bitcoin Czech
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Well, I guess it's obvious what's gonna be the most trending hashtag on crypto socials for the next 48 to 72 hours (depending what crazy things bitcoin will do ) ... 😎

#sbf #ftx #bitcoin #crypto

PeterSoukup, to Bitcoin Czech
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Well, I guess some people were hoping for more, but I would say justice was served. SBF is a scumbag who has hurt crypto more than anyone else in history ...


soheb, to news
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Sam Bankman-Fried has been sentenced to 25 years after being found guilty of fraud and conspiracy charges


#news #bbc #bbcNews #SamFried #SamBankmanFried #BankmanFried #FTX #fraud #conspiracy #justice #court #crypto #cryptocurrency #SBF

molly0xfff, to random
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Sam Bankman-Fried has just been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

#SBF #SamBankmanFried #crypto #cryptocurrency

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He has already been preparing his appeal, though I doubt very much he will have any success with it.

#SBF #SamBankmanFried #crypto #cryptocurrency

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He has also been ordered to pay the $11 billion monetary judgment requested by the prosecution. This is on top of assets already seized by the government.

#SBF #SamBankmanFried #crypto #cryptocurrency

Portugal orders Worldcoin to stop collecting iris biometrics for 90 days (www.biometricupdate.com)

Portugal’s data regulator, the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (CNPD), has imposed a 90-day suspension on Worldcoin’s biometric data collection activities in the country, citing complaints about the unauthorized collection of data from minors, inadequate communications regarding their iris-scanning Orb program...

remixtures, to Bulgaria Portuguese
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: "- On the eve of Pertsev's trial in the Netherlands, prosecutors and privacy advocates square off.

PeterSoukup, to Bitcoin Czech
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I love it when Bitcoin does this! 😎

#bitcoin #crypto #2024 #cryptobullrun2024 #bullrun2024

kubikpixel, to internet German
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Welchen Browser ihr am besten für mehr Sicherheit und Privatsphäre nutzen solltet, könnt ihr auf @privacytests herausfinden. Geschmackssache und Argumente sind nicht das selbe und helfen selten für eine korrekte technische Entscheidung. Nicht nur Privat sondern hoffentlich auch innerhalb von Firmen.

🌐 https://privacytests.org

#internet #sicherheit #browser #privat #prifatsphäre #alternatieve #desktop #mobile #facebook #chrome #librewolf

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Stop using Brave Browser

The Brave web browser has carved out a niche over the past few years as an alternative to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other mainstream web browsers. Some of that has come from its marketing as a privacy-preserving web browser, and it has also been repeatedly evangelized by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

🌐 https://www.spacebar.news/stop-using-brave-browser/

schizanon, to gaming
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You Can Earn Bitcoin for Playing This Asteroid Mining Game

Tap asteroids, mine asteroids, and earn Bitcoin. It’s as simple as that in SpaceY for iOS and Android.


#videoGame #bitcoin #spaceY #crypto #cryptocurrency #btc #android #ios #game #gaming #videoGames

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