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jbzfn, to opensource
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I can't accept that this is where we're now, but at least you can learn a lot about opensource, community, bureaucracy, funding, boardroom drama, conflict of interests and bigtech shills just by reading this.

tl;dr: :AAAAAA:


nivrig, to random
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I'm going in. I have alcohol.


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@nivrig At 3x speed is gonna be a blast.

jbzfn, to Astro
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🌋 Io: New image of a lake of fire, signs of permanent volcanism
—Ars Technica

「 By combining the imaging power of lots of smaller telescopes scattered across a plateau, ALMA is able to spot regional differences in the presence of specific elements in Io's atmosphere, as well as identify different isotopes of those elements 」


jbzfn, to science
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☢️ What John von Neumann really did at Los Alamos
—3 Quarks Daily

「 Johnny von Neumann was the multifaceted intellectual diamond of the 20th century. He contributed so many seminal ideas to so many fields so quickly that it would be impossible for any one person to summarize, let alone understand them. He may have been the last universalist in mathematics, having almost complete command of both pure and applied mathematics 」


jbzfn, to Kia
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😹 It'll be cosmically hilarious if a Kia car ends up putting the final nail on Tesla

「 The timing of the sighting is particularly significant given recent news that Tesla may have canned its plans for a $25,000 mass-market “Model 2” vehicle. Elon Musk reportedly mothballed the affordable EV in favor of going all in on the company’s plans for a fully autonomous robotaxi 」


jbzfn, to linux
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🗓️ Wayland, where are we in 2024? Any good for being the default?


jbzfn, to opensource
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🎁 NetBSD turns 30 and releases version 10

「 Among the highlights are improved SMP performance, faster virtual memory, an improved scheduler, which is aware of performance and efficiency cores, much improved cryptography and security including WireGuard VPN support and support for ARMv8-A security features, and wide-ranging improvements to the system's code sanitizers, testing, and QA 」


#NetBSD #BSD #Opensource

jbzfn, to Aviation
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🛬 Boeing engineer Sam Salehpour tells senate hearing that company took 'manufacturing shortcuts'


jbzfn, to apple
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📱AltStore PAL is the first "Apple-approved" third-party app store for iOS (in Europe-only)

「 In addition to free apps, Testut expects the AltStore PAL to offer paid apps. But rather than billing users through the store, the app store features Patreon integration, allowing developers to restrict downloads of some or all apps to patrons or control which Patreon pledge-levels grant access to specific apps on a per-app basis 」


#AltStore #Apple #iOS #DMA

jbzfn, to SpaceForce
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🪖 The Space Force is planning what could be the first military exercise in orbit | Ars Technica

「 a spacecraft built and launched by Rocket Lab will chase down another satellite made by True Anomaly, a Colorado-based startup. "The vendors will exercise a realistic threat response scenario in an on-orbit space domain awareness demonstration called Victus Haze," the Space Force's Space Systems Command said in a statement 」


jbzfn, to rust
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⚙️ Servo Driving Modularity To Support Different JavaScript Engines | Phoronix

「 The Rust-based Servo web layout engine started by Mozilla that is now stewarded by the Linux Foundation and worked on by several different organizations is eyeing modularity support for its JavaScript integration. Currently Servo is closely tied to Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine but with a modularity push could see other options supported 」


jbzfn, to vim
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Vim Lands XDG Base Directory Specification Support | Phoronix

「 Rather than just dumping all configuration files / cache / data into the home directory folder, Vim can now respect the XDG Base Directory specification with regards to the directories such as for the XDG cache, configuration files, persistent data files, and state data files 」


jbzfn, to Nintendo
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🚫 Nintendo targets Switch-emulation chat servers, decryption tools with DMCA | Ars Technica

「 Nintendo continues to use DMCA requests to halt projects it says aid in the piracy of Switch content. Discord has shut down the discussion servers associated with two prominent Yuzu forks—Suyu and Sudachi—while Github has removed a couple of projects related to the decryption of Switch software for use with emulators or hacked consoles 」


jbzfn, to apple
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🫠 Apple Announces Half Measure to Make iPhones More Repairable Immediately After Law Banned Its Repair Practices | 404media

「 The current announcement will not allow for aftermarket parts to be used, which is a critical distinction. Aftermarket parts are widely used in other electronics, other companies’ smartphones, and they used to be widely used in iPhones prior to the parts pairing restrictions 」


jbzfn, to privacy
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「 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is proposing a $7 million fine against Cerebral, a mental telehealth firm that it says not only was careless with patients’ data but actively shared it with third parties for advertising purposes. The company and its CEO, Kyle Robertson, are also accused of lying to customers about how their data is shared and of having a misleading cancellation policy 」


#Privacy #Telehealth #MentalHealth

jbzfn, to random
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「 With BTFS, you can mount any .torrent file or magnet link and then use it as any read-only directory in your file tree. The contents of the files will be downloaded on-demand as they are read by applications. Tools like ls, cat and cp works as expected. Applications like vlc and mplayer can also work without changes 」


jbzfn, to ai
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🫧 From boom to burst, the AI bubble is only heading in one direction | John Naughton

「 At some stage a bubble gets punctured and a rapid downward curve begins as people frantically try to get out while they can. It’s not clear what will trigger this process in the AI case. It could be that governments eventually tire of having uncontrollable corporate behemoths running loose with investors’ money. Or that shareholders come to the same conclusion 」


#AI #AIBubble

jbzfn, to robotics
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🦾 NASA Quietly Training Robot Dog to Navigate Landscape of the Moon | @futurism

「 The project called Legged Autonomous Surface Science in Analog Environments (LASSIE) is designed to teach the robot to adapt to its varying environment in real-time, with the goal of eventually having it traverse the surface of the Moon and perhaps even other worlds in our solar system 」


jbzfn, to tesla
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🎈Tesla's top engineering exec resigns, adding to concerns about who will succeed Elon Musk | Fortune


jbzfn, to TeslaMotors
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📦 Cybertruck’s “Armor Glass” Cracks in Routine Hail Storm | @futurism

「 "CT [Cybertruck] windshield did not withstand a freak sudden hailstorm in Austin, rest of vehicle seems fine," writes Redditor xanderhud in r/cybertruck. "None of the other cars parked next to it had windshield damage but they had lots of dings in their body. Pretty disappointing, will let y’all know how much it costs to fix." 」


jbzfn, to node
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jbzfn, to twitter
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:birdsite: Molusko is gonna start charging new users. Charging old users for reach didn't stop the bot farms, it made it worse.

Bots are most of the premium users. And probably are the new "users" he's trying to milk.

The world's richest man is fighting over pennies, something is up.

That platform is dying. Genuine new users are fleeing anywhere

jbzfn, to physics
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⚛️ The Quest to Map the Inside of the Proton | WIRED

「 Physicists have begun to explore the proton as if it were a subatomic planet. Cutaway maps display newfound details of the particle’s interior. The proton’s core features pressures more intense than in any other known form of matter. Halfway to the surface, clashing vortices of force push against each other. And the “planet” as a whole is smaller than previous experiments had suggested 」


jbzfn, to Cosmology
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🌌 Top Astronomers Gather to Confront Possibility They Were Very Wrong About the Universe | Futurism

「 The team found that one hemisphere actually hosted slightly more of these quasars, suggesting one area of the night sky was more massive than the other, undermining our conception of dark energy, a hypothetical form of energy used to explain why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate 」


#Cosmology #Astronomy #Science #Space

jbzfn, to javascript
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The browser is just another operating system, frontend developers are the new low-level engineers.

Rust + WASM on the client side requires that mindset.

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