phranck, to Futurology German avatar

Ich bin so in -Stimmung. Hab wohl die letzte Zeit zu viel Film-Dystopie konsumiert… 🤪

kurtseifried, to Futurology

A reminder: it’s flu season. Go buy waterproof mattress covers and put them on your mattress if you haven’t already. You’ll be less upset if someone vomits in bed and there’s a waterproof mattress cover underneath of the sheets.

CharlieMcHenry, to Futurology avatar

Guys, I write about the future, specifically about future risks, headwinds and potential ‘black swan’ events. So if you’re an or a or you’re just interested in one person’s opinion of what’s coming down the road, I’d be in your debt and very grateful if you’d check out my latest essay for Green Econometrics. Be forewarned, it’s long… about a 16 minute read, 3,700 or so words. Lots of links to supporting evidence, studies and authoritative opinion. Took three weeks to research and write. tl;dr The financial outlook is not a rosy as some think.

M0CUV, to retrocomputing avatar

Working on my equipment - I have a proper RS232C port! And a CD-ROM and 1.44 Floppy drive! Hard disk still works; not sure if I could get a replacement or some kind of SSD. Plus I installed the last decent version of Windows! And Firefox v12. The legendary ThinkPad keyboard is incredible :)

michaelwong, to solar

About a year ago, the made a video about his relatively low cost preparation for a using , a and other items. Much better than any videos on the topic I've seen since he goes thru pros and cons. This guy is in and is into and . Seems relevant especially now due to all the and problems such as the which are leading to power outages last few years.

Nagaram, to Futurology avatar

I think my most controversial opinion is you shouldn't you should

Yes you should be prepared to carry a lot of weight for long distances, but if you have good cardio/running/long distance hiking training and do any amount of lifting. You'll be fine.

Build your bug out kit ultralight with a decently heavy duty pack and you'll have no problems.

SHTF is honestly unlikely, but permanent back and knee damage from prepping is VERY likely.

autonomysolidarity, to random German avatar

Zeug*innenvorladung im Einbruchsverfahren bei der Burschenschaft Germania

Auf diesem Blog informiert die Soligruppe des Beschuldigten
im Leipziger „Burschenschaften aufbrechen“-Verfahren.


Die 'er Burschenschaft Germania war übrigens eng verstrickt mit dem rechten -/Reservisten-Netzwerk "Zuflucht Beuden":

Auch deshalb gilt: ist kein Verbrechen! via @autonomysolidarity

arstechnica, to random avatar

OpenAI execs warn of “risk of extinction” from artificial intelligence in new open letter

Strategically vague statement on AI risk prompts critic response.


@arstechnica you do now that Sam Altman is a yes?

We’re doomed

stshank, to random avatar

In the house for testing: @UgreenOfficial PowerRoam 1200: 1200W & 1024Wh battery. (I'm trying with portable solar panels, too). My interest is high with 3 no-power days in March. $200 discount right now, plus $50 more with coupon 05UG1200 through May 21.

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