futurebird, (edited ) to Fashion
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I love love love this ultra light thermal pullover especially how it’s sort of translucent so you can see my “save the ant” tee through it. Some guy makes these in etsy and I might need to get another! It has light blue contrasting plastic snaps and pairs perfectly with my purple burberry scarf! To me? this is peak fashion THE look for “fall into winter casuals.” #fashion #ultralight #gear #style

ETA: the fabric is called "alpha direct" the store where I got it is now closed for now

mamsell, to ultralight German
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Heute letzte Chance auf Taschenbusiness, ab morgen ist zu! Alles was jetzt rausgeht, kann noch dazu beitragen, mir den wohlverdienten Spoonie-Ruhestand zu versüßen :)


Alles halber Preis, nur noch wenige Modelle verfügbar!

mamsell, to ultralight German
@mamsell@chaos.social avatar

So, da es so aussieht, dass ich mich womöglich über den Winter irgendwohin abseits der Zivilisation verkrieche, wird das Taschenbusiness wohl 6 Wochen früher in den Ruhestand geschickt.

Wenn ihr noch Sachen wollt, bis 15.11.2023 gibt es die Restbestände zum halben Preis!


jds, to diy
@jds@sfba.social avatar

Bivy material came. Looking forward to this build. Learned a lot last time. I’m simplifying this one, making it bigger, and experimenting on the upper.

While the bottom optimizes for protection and water proofing with 1 oz Dyneema, the top optimizes for breathability with dual layer 0.5 oz mesh inside and 0.5 oz 7D ripstop outside.

The mesh is meant to separate the outer material from the quilt inside making a micro air cushion to help moist air transfer out and reduce condensation. We’ll see!

Showing closeup of the ultralight mesh and nylon material
Close up of the mesh material
Closeup of the waterproof Dyneema material

Nagaram, to Futurology
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I think my most controversial #prepper opinion is you shouldn't #ruck you should #ultralight

Yes you should be prepared to carry a lot of weight for long distances, but if you have good cardio/running/long distance hiking training and do any amount of lifting. You'll be fine.

Build your bug out kit ultralight with a decently heavy duty pack and you'll have no problems.

SHTF is honestly unlikely, but permanent back and knee damage from prepping is VERY likely.

jds, to hiking
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Night hike to enjoy full moon and check trail conditions.

@jds@sfba.social avatar

Scrambled around freestyle off trail all night, bivied for a few hours in the morning. Heading for an easy summit now, all clear no snow.

All the gears...

I made this image a little while ago and (surprise!) it's already out of date in a few areas, but it was fun to lay out all the gear that makes up a normal short hike for me. I've tried to aim toward #ultralight but also not be dumb about, and I am kinda old so keeping some niceties like the chair make my. time out in the...

an overhead shot of a bunch of backpacking gear, all laid out on the ground. Many items such as a tent, quilt, backpack, electronics, clothing and more
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