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Welp, TFX must be doing something extremely weird with the graphics - neither my GBS8200 nor my Extron IN1604hd scaler can get a stable lock on the output video. Every now and again the frame judders about half-way down the screen :(
#retrocomputing #retrogaming #DOSgaming

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This should be fun!

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Picked this up yesterday at the meetup. I guess it’s time to install Linux 😜


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How about an exploded PowerBook 1400?

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Check meinen Quellcode
(Seit dem klar ist das die Welt nicht mehr zu retten ist hat hat einen ganz schön faden Beigeschmack bekommen.)

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Looking through old files this weekend, stumbled across a flier for the 1990 introduction of the NeXTstation. Those were some great academic discounts ($2,000 discount from the $4,995 base model list price)!

Clearly enough to tempt, since I kept the flier. But not enough for me to pull the trigger: I stuck with a borrowed ‘030 NeXTcube for a while longer (until the 33MHz turbo models were introduced).


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I finally got the Power Macintosh 8100 and it's apparently its the more expensive 100/AV model, which allows you to connect to S-Video and input/output RCA Audio. _The computer is surprisingly in good condition and I didn’t pay too much for it (around $100 not including shipping). The only thing is the CD cover is loose, but I can probably 3D print a new one or if the plastic bits might be in the computer, glue it back.

I still need to open it up to remove the battery.

Can't do much with it since I don't have the BlueSCSI yet and I don't have any blank CD-Rs to reinstall the OS.

Need to get an AAUI Ethernet adapter and a few more things to make it operational.

CC: @yon

Back of the Power Macintosh 8100
Power Macintosh 8100/100AV tower. The CD panel is taped since it’s loose.

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Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer v3.00e for Windows 95. A 3D rendering engine.

Get it here:

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The PCB I designed for the 8-Bit Ethernet Project card using an board works!
I only forgot to connect 2 ground pins. 😁
Soon I will upload the fixed gerber files to


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Retro-computing / retro-gaming enthusiasts, in the last few sections of you can find a range of links related to Commodore 64, Amiga, arcade game and chiptune nostalgia.

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Why do people continue to talk about the “future of Amiga”? Like <insert random product here> is the future of Amiga. Would they also say something like the “C64OS is the future of C64”? Or ZX Spectrum Next is the future of ZX Spectrum?

I don’t get it. Can someone explain?

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Nice. Lots of new entries have been added to the Newton Glossary this past week.

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Anyone seen a free hardware design of a small PCB that adapts 50pin SCSI (host side) to 68 and 80pins (drive side), including termination of the upper 8 bits?

Without this termination, many drives run unreliable on older computers.

Yes, BlueSCSI, ZuluSCSI and RaSCSI exist. We do use these. But we have plenty of 80pin drives, and these are more appropriate for an SGI or HP 9000 – including the sound & feel (clickety-clack).

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So I had this PiStorm that I bought last year at 68k Inside in Finland 🇫🇮, if my memory serves, but I never built it up, because I did not feel like permanently putting a PiStorm in any of my OCS machines.

But watching @root42 videos is a bad, bad influence, when it comes to a spending spree, so now I bought a Lazarustorm. Still waiting for the Pi 3 A+ and a few other bits...

#amiga #pistorm #retrocomputing

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A question for and experts - how many transistors does a 74HCT00 quad NAND gate chip have? A trivial implementation should have four MOSFETs per NAND gate, but I guess there are some more transistors used as drivers etc.?

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Holy cheese, I've been writing this blog for ten years now, as of this week. That's both a really long time, and a short enough time that I started long after the point where blogs were notionally dead.

I suppose that's fitting for a retrocomputing blog. I'm celebrating with a tour of a bunch of cool stuff that is mostly not what I look at, because the world of retrocomputing is very wide.

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Released version 2.5.0 of HATARI, , TT and Falcon computers emulator

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Rooting around looking for something else I found this old Zip 250 drive, probably a bit more than 20 years old. Looks like it has a SCSI port 👀 in addition to the USB.

Might have to see if it still works, I have some disks. I also have some Syquest disks around here somewhere, but pretty sure I don't have the drive anymore.

The back of the Iomega Zip 250 drive with a power and USB cable attached. There's also what looks to be a SCSI port.

engarneering, to retrocomputing avatar

question about a classic mac (quadra? I think), i have a user who has their thesis stranded on a mid 90s mac like a quadra with what seems to be an ethernet port and likely scsi drive. Whats the best recovery plan? Ftp server software to move files off or some kind of scsi connector to clone the whole drive? Taking advice!, but i'll have to get more exact details and model numbers.

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As my machine didn't come with a manual I ordered a reprint & it has arrived.

Jupiter Ace Forth Programming, 40th Anniversary Edition

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It's been 50 years since Gary Kildall demonstrated the first working prototype of CP/M.

#cpm #retrocomputing

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If I had to choose a favorite arcade game soundtrack from the 1980s, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment. It would be "Magical Sound Shower" from Sega's classic 1986 Out Run driving game.

Composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi using FM synth tech, it's such an uplifting tune. I love it, and it brings back childhood memories of spending more cash than I should have in order to race around in a Ferrari with a blonde bombshell sitting next to me. 😎

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@ooRay_creation When it comes to computer music in general, my top picks would be:

● Monty on the Run, Commodore 64 (Rob Hubbard)
● Magical Sound Shower, Out Run, arcade
● Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, arcade and C64 / Amiga (arranged by Tim Follin).
● Rambo intro / title screen, C64 (Martin Galway).
● Streets of Rage, Megadrive.
● This #Amiga tune by our own game music composer Ramon Braumuller:

#chiptune #music #soundtrack #audio #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #synth #1980s #C64

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