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BBC5Live, to formula1
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Has a single driver ever been more dominant in F1 history? 👀

Sam Bird compares Max Verstappen's extraordinary record with other periods from F1 history, after another race win for the World Champion at the #ChineseGP

Listen to the F1: Chequered Flag podcast on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3xOupen

#BBCF1 #Formula1 #FIAF1 #sport #MotorSport #MotorRacing

Vertical video that combines stills from Formula 1 racing with film of a commentator with headphones on talking

BBC5Live, to premierleague
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BBC5Live, to martialartsmemes
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"It means I've reached my goal." 🥊🏆👑

World champion Dmitry Bivol is ready for the undisputed light-heavyweight clash with Artur Beterbiev in June. 😤

Listen to 5 Live Boxing with Steve Bunce on BBC Sounds


Vertical split-screen video - in the bottom half a montage of still images of boxers at a launch event and in the top half a head-and-shoulders video of boxer Dmitry Bivol

BBC5Live, to Arsenal
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🔴 👀 Cesc Fabregas reacts to THAT Bukayo Saka penalty incident. Listen to Planet Premier League wherever you get your podcasts or if you’re in the UK, listen on BBC Sounds 📱 https://bbc.in/3UegNBH

short vertical video - at the top Cesc Fabregas in headphones with big microphone, in the bottom half, stills from a football match

BBC5Live, to sport
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Ever worried you look bored when you're in a meeting? John has some new faces for you to try out 😁

Listen to the latest episode of the podcast on BBC Sounds 🎙️ https://bbc.in/3PYWZ2C

Three comedians in a studio, camera switches between them

BBC5Live, to premierleague
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We're LIVE for Premier League Sunday! 🚨

2pm - 🔴 Liverpool v Brighton 🔵⚪️

4:30pm - 🔷 Man City v Arsenal 🔴

Join Steve Crossman, Nedum Onuoha, Julien Laurens and Karen Bardsley NOW! https://bbc.in/48r4q9I

BBC5Live, to sport
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France overpowered winless Wales in an eight-try Six Nations thriller in Cardiff 🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Listen to the Rugby Union Daily on BBC Sounds ⤵️ https://bbc.in/43fF65o

BBC5Live, (edited ) to premierleague
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"I thought Foden should've gone out on loan"

🌟 Rory Smith says Pep Guardiola has handled the Phil Foden situation perfectly.

📲 https://bbc.in/3FUodSK

BBC5Live, (edited ) to Football
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"Today is the best day of my life" 🗣️

🪄 18 year old lifelong Liverpool fan Jayden Danns, scored twice at the Kop end against Southampton

📲 The Football Daily podcast on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3FUodSK

BBC5Live, to RugbyUnion
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🤔 Does Twickenham have the worst atmosphere of the home nations?

🎙 Ugo Monye wants England's home to be more like Murrayfield!

The Rugby Union podcast on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3OZCK4G

Ugo Monye, rugby layer and pundit, wearing dark-rimmed glasses and a blue hoodie, sits behind a blue BBC microphone. Stills from Scottish rugby matches are intercut.

BBC5Live, to WomensFootball
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A fascinating insight into managing female footballers and developing a club culture.

⚒️ West Ham manager Rehanne Skinner joins Ellen White and Ben Haines on the latest Women's Football Weekly pod.

Listen on BBC Sounds now 📲 https://bbc.in/3T6ny8a

#BBCFootball #WSL #WomensFootball #FootballManager #football #sport

Three contributors to an online video call talk directly to the cameras in their computers. Still photos of footballers are included

BBC5Live, (edited ) to Spurs
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🍴 "What do you mean he brought his own cutlery?"

Jermain Defoe remembers the magic of Dimitar Berbatov 😅

🎧 What it's like to play with an eccentric genius? The Players Channel on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3uHqvmd

BBC5Live, to sport
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Ever had a really bad day at the office?

"We sat in silence." Andros Townsend recalls how Sam Allardyce reacted to a heavy defeat back in 2017 🫣

Football Daily podcast: https://bbc.in/4bETUxZ

Young man with full beard in big close-up wearing a headset speaks directly to his laptop camera

BBC5Live, (edited ) to worldwithoutus
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🇨🇮 Meanwhile, in Abidjan…

The Côte d'Ivoire men's National team, 'Les Éléphants', parade through the streets after victory over Nigeria - in the city's national stadium - in the Africa Cup of Nations final.

More about the match from BBC Sport https://bbc.in/49cg4pT

BBC5Live, to formula1
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Silverstone has signed a new 10-year deal with Formula 1 ✍

More about this deal and about the history of Formula 1 on British circuits from BBC Sport https://bbc.in/42zkWTn

BBC5Live, (edited ) to rangers
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The draw for the quarter-finals of the Women's has been made

@BBC5Live@social.bbc avatar

The draw for the semi-finals of the Women's could prove tasty for side Chelsea

BBC5Live, to sport
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Chelsea return to the top of the Women's Super League table with a 3-0 win over Everton ⚽️

"Everton were unlucky for the scoreline to end more than just 1-0." 🗣️

A day that could prove to be pivotal in the title race.

Listen to Women's Super League matches live on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/4bqZYKA

BBC5Live, (edited ) to Rugby
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The Scotland team that will face Wales in their Six Nations opener on Saturday 🏉 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Details from BBC Sport https://bbc.in/3vXcPnn

#BBCRugby #SixNations2024 #rugby #SCOWAL #Scotland #FinnRussell #squad #team

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🏉 Daily coverage of the tournament on the BBC Rugby Union Daily podcast.


#BBCRugby #SixNations2024 #rugby #ENG #WAL #ITA #IRL #SCO #FRA #RugbyUnion

BBC5Live, to juve
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Nedum Onuoha reflects on Mike Maignan and his AC Milan teammates walking off the pitch after alleged racist abuse was directed towards the goalkeeper.

The Serie A match against Udinese was restarted after about 10 minutes.

Football Daily on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3OOea6R

Vertical video clip from BBC Radio 5 live studio interview

BBC5Live, to France
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Why does Paris produce more footballers than any other city? 🇫🇷

Listen to Paris: football’s greatest talent factory, a fascinating documentary from BBC World Service on BBC Sounds 🎧


#BBCFootball #France #Paris #football #LeFootball #sport #IleDeFrance #documentary #podcast

BBC5Live, to mcfc
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Is Erling Haaland undroppable? 🤔

Patrick Bamford explains to Joe Wilkinson why the striker is indispensable even when he's not scoring.

Funny AND informative. My Mate's a Footballer, a podcast on BBC Sounds.

Short vertical split-screen social video. One contributor at the top, one at the bottom

BBC5Live, (edited ) to premierleague
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"The Premier League need to enforce the rules in real time" 💸

🗣️ Chris Sutton and Shay Given react to Everton and Forest being charged with financial breaches

Listen to the Monday Night Club on BBC Sounds ⤵️


BBC5Live, to random
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🤔 Hannah Montana?!

🇬🇧 Paris 2024 hopeful and Team GB sprinter Imani-Lara Lansiquot reveals to Felicity Hannah how she gets ready to race.

Short video of athlete Imani-Lara Lansiquot talking to presenter Felicity Hannah over Zoom - with pictures and captions overlaid

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